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Review and Statutes
* Thaddeus Mason Pope, Medical Futility Statutes: No Safe Harbor to Unilaterally Refuse Life-Sustaining Treatment, 75 Tennessee Law Review 1-81 ( 2007 ).

Review and which
Then followed a period in which he wrote reviews for The New York Times Book Review, The Commonweal, Commentary, had a small piece in Partisan Review, and moved on to Hudson, The Village Voice, and Exodus.
For example Darrell Schweitzer writing to the New York Review of Science Fiction in 1999 quoted a passage from the original van Vogt novelette “ The Mixed Men ”, which he was then reading, and remarked:
The Bronx has several local newspapers, including The Bronx News, Parkchester News, City News, The Riverdale Press, Riverdale Review, The Bronx Times Reporter, Inner City Press ( which now has more of a focus on national issues ) and Co-Op City Times.
" This is enforced by a Board of Control, which consists of undergraduate students, and by a similar body at the graduate level, called the Graduate Review Board.
Knuth was one of the founding editors of the Engineering and Science Review, which won a national award as best technical magazine in 1959.
In the same year he set up his periodical A Review of the Affairs of France which supported the Harley Ministry, chronicling the events of the War of the Spanish Succession ( 1702 – 1714 ).
He immediately published The Review, which appeared weekly, then three times a week, written mostly by himself.
Notable student groups include the nation's largest and oldest collegiate outdoors club, the Dartmouth Outing Club, which includes the nationally recognized Big Green Bus, the controversial conservative newspaper The Dartmouth Review, and The Dartmouth, arguably the nation's oldest university newspaper.
Lutz was also the former editor of the now defunct Quarterly Review of Doublespeak, which examines ways that jargon has polluted the public vocabulary with phrases, words and usages of words designed to obscure the meaning of plain English.
The spectacular unauthorized demonstration of the turbine powered Turbinia at the 1897 Spithead Navy Review, which, significantly, was of torpedo boat size, prompted the Royal Navy to order a prototype turbine powered destroyer, HMS Viper of 1899.
In 1978 he published The Poverty of Theory which attacked the structuralist Marxism of Louis Althusser and his followers in Britain on New Left Review, ( famously saying "... all of them are Geschichtenscheissenschlopff, unhistorical shit.
The main journals which publish work in econometrics are Econometrica, the Journal of Econometrics, the Review of Economics and Statistics, Econometric Theory, the Journal of Applied Econometrics, Econometric Reviews, the Econometrics Journal, Applied Econometrics and International Development, the Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, and the Journal of Economic and Social Measurement.
They started a student publication, The New Individualist Review, which was the outstanding libertarian journal of opinion for some years.
" Orwell was a proponent of a federal socialist Europe, a position outlined in his 1947 essay " Toward European Unity ," which first appeared in Partisan Review.
The IAEA has established programs to help developing countries in planning to build systematically the capability to manage a nuclear power program, including the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Group, which has carried out Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review missions in Indonesia, Jordan, Thailand and Vietnam.
" The reason why Taylor believes this, is that " a friend of Kosinski's wrote a letter to the Times, which was published in the Book Review, describing the detailed plans he and Jerzy had made to meet that weekend at Polanski's house on Cielo Drive.
" The NYM article does not contain the name of this friend, nor the particular issue of the Book Review in which this letter is supposed to have been published, nor names of the ' few ' who may have read the letter.
In Dewey's article " The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology " which appeared in Psychological Review in 1896, he reasons against the traditional stimulus-response understanding of the reflex arc in favor of a " circular " account in which what serves as " stimulus " and what as " response " depends on how one considers the situation, and defends the unitary nature of the sensory motor circuit.
When it finished in 1798, John Gifford began The Anti-Jacobin Review and Magazine, or, Monthly Political and Literary Censor, which ran until 1821.
It is the aim of the Mawlana Rumi Review to redress this carelessly inattentive approach to world literature, which is something far more serious than a minor faux pas committed by the Western literary imagination.
Neither the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network nor the FBI's Financial Review Group, which have access to credit card and other private financial records, were notified about Mihdhar prior to September 11.
Philby's Russian was never good and he soon took a job at a monthly magazine, the World Review of Reviews, for which he wrote articles and letters ( sometimes under pseudonyms ) and occasionally served as acting editor.
William Roberts's review, for the August 1816 British Review, was more positive than previous analysis but with no detail about the work: " passing over the two other poems which are bound together with ' Christabel ', called ' The Fragment of Kubla Khan ', and ' The Pains of Sleep '; in which, however, there are some playful thoughts and fanciful imagery, which we would gladly have extracted if our room would have allowed it.

Review and have
A Yale historian, writing a few years ago in The Yale Review, said: `` We in New England have long since segregated our children ''.
`` It might well start a craze like swallowing goldfish or pee-wee golf '', wrote Kenneth Rexroth in an explanatory note in the Evergreen Review, and he may have been right.
Rosicrucians, in the same way of those who have had near-death experiences, speak of a life review period occurring immediately after death and before entering the afterlife's planes of existence ( before the silver cord is broken ), followed by a judgment, more akin to a Final Review or End Report over one's life.
" Some alumni and students, as well as the conservative student newspaper, The Dartmouth Review, have sought to return the Indian symbol to prominence, but no team has worn the symbol on its uniform in decades.
The Dragon debuted in June 1976, and Gygax commented on its success years later: " When I decided that The Strategic Review was not the right vehicle, hired Tim Kask as a magazine editor for Tactical Studies Rules, and named the new publication he was to produce The Dragon, I thought we would eventually have a great periodical to serve gaming enthusiasts worldwide ... At no time did I ever contemplate so great a success or so long a lifespan.
Proposals for Jersey independence have subsequently been discussed at an international conference held in Jersey, organised by the Jersey and Guernsey Law Review.
" Another July 1816 anonymous review, in the Augustan Review, claimed that the poem's descriptions " have much of the Oriental richness and harmony " but also said, in response to the preface, " There seems to be no great harm in dreaming while one sleeps ; but an author really should not thus dream while he is awake, and writing too.
In June 2007, the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission decided that there may have been a miscarriage of justice and referred Megrahi's case back to Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh for a second appeal.
Later, Art Spiegelman wrote in The New York Times Book Review, that Feininger's comics have “ achieved a breathtaking formal grace unsurpassed in the history of the medium .”
These buildings have not always been well received ; in 2010, The Princeton Review included MIT in a list of twenty schools whose campuses are " tiny, unsightly, or both ".
His second wife is Judith Anne Shulevitz, who was a columnist for Slate and The New York Times Book Review ; married on November 7, 1999, they have a son and a daughter.
However, that this wall even existed was found by the Federal Surveillance Court of Review to have actually been a long-held misinterpretation by government agencies.
Knowledge of the North American Medieval Warm Period has been useful in dating occupancy periods of certain Native American habitation sites, especially in arid parts of the western U. S. Review of more recent archaeological research shows that as the search for signs of unusual cultural changes during the MWP has broadened, some of these early patterns ( for example, violence and health problems ) have been found to be more complicated and regionally varied than previously thought while others ( for example, settlement disruption, deterioration of long distance trade, and population movements ) have been further corroborated.
Some journals, such as Nature, Science, PNAS, and Physical Review Letters, have a reputation of publishing articles that mark a fundamental breakthrough in their respective fields.
Albert Shaw, editor of The Review of Reviews, stated that after Bryan's nomination, many easterners professed not to have heard of him but: " If, indeed, they had not heard of Mr. Bryan before, they had failed to follow closely the course of American politics in the past eight years.
According to one report, no operations have been carried out since 2000, although the Victorian Psychosurgery Review Board dealt with 3 applications between 2006 and 2008.
" The three lead actresses were castigated in numerous publications, including The Saturday Review, which wrote, " Ten years ago ... Parkins, Duke and Tate would more likely have been playing the hat check girls than movie-queens ; they are totally lacking in style, authority or charm.
He is also a member of the UK Poetry Society, and his poems have appeared in Poetry Review.
By 2025, according to the Far Eastern Economic Review, Asia alone will have at least 10 megacities, including Mumbai, India ( 33 million ), Shanghai, China ( 27 million ), Karachi, Pakistan ( 26. 5 million ), Dhaka, Bangladesh ( 26 million ) and Jakarta, Indonesia ( 24. 9 million people ).

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