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Richard and Smith
The Richard S. Burkes' home in Wayne may be the setting for the wedding reception for their daughter, Helen Lambert, and the young Italian she met last year while studying in Florence during her junior year at Smith college.
Members of the committee include Mrs. Milton Bernet, Mrs. J. Clinton Bowman, Mrs. Rollie W. Bradford, Mrs. Samuel Butler Jr., Mrs. Donald Carr Campbell, Mrs. Douglas Carruthers, Mrs. John C. Davis 3,, Mrs. Cris Dobbins, Mrs. William E. Glass, Mrs. Alfred Hicks 2,, Mrs. Donald Magarrell, Mrs. Willett Moore, Mrs. Myron Neusteter, Mrs. Richard Gibson Smith, Mrs. James S. Sudier 2, and Mrs. Thomas Welborn.
The Scoville Memorial Libraries collection began in 1771, when Richard Smith, owner of a local blast furnace, used community contributions to buy 200 books in London.
Several liberals, including Adam Smith and Richard Cobden, argued that the free exchange of goods between nations could lead to world peace, a view recognised by such modern American political scientists as Dahl, Doyle, Russet, and O ' Neil.
Dr. Gartzke, of Columbia University states, " Scholars like Montesquieu, Adam Smith, Richard Cobden, Norman Angell, and Richard Rosecrance have long speculated that free markets have the potential to free states from the looming prospect of recurrent warfare.
Classical liberals generally opposed colonialism ( as opposed to colonization ) and imperialism, including Adam Smith, Frédéric Bastiat, Richard Cobden, John Bright, Henry Richard, Herbert Spencer, H. R. Fox Bourne, Edward Morel, Josephine Butler, W. J.
* Smith, Richard Hewlett.
In American cinema, directors Kevin Smith, Richard Linklater and Todd Solondz have been called Generation X filmmakers.
* Richard Norton Smith
In 1877, several McGill students, including Creighton, Henry Joseph, Richard F. Smith, W. F. Robertson, and W. L. Murray codified seven hockey rules, based on the rules of field hockey.
* Smith, Richard.
Those who did were generally working within the continental European traditions ( as Dobzhansky, Ernst Mayr, Bernhard Rensch, Richard Goldschmidt, and Otto Schindewolf were ) and those who didn't were generally working within the Anglo-American tradition ( such as John Maynard Smith and Richard Dawkins ).
Among the irregular contributors with just a single Mad byline to their credit are Charles M. Schulz, Chevy Chase, " Weird Al " Yankovic, Andy Griffith, Will Eisner, Kevin Smith, J. Fred Muggs, Boris Vallejo, Sir John Tenniel, Jean Shepherd, Winona Ryder, Jimmy Kimmel, Jason Alexander, Walt Kelly, Rep. Barney Frank, Tom Wolfe, Steve Allen, Jim Lee, Jules Feiffer, Donald Knuth and Richard Nixon, who remains the only President credited with " writing " a Mad article.
* Smith, Richard Harris.
In 2009, Mike Richard John Smith filed a Canadian Patent application ( Canadian Patent number: 2675044 ) indicating the screw type propeller is inefficient due to the screw type blade orientation of the propeller which when in operation for forward movement substantially moves the fluid ( for a boat the fluid is water ) sidewardly, rotationally, and rearwardly wherein moving the fluid sidewardly does not move the boat forward, thus contibuting to the inefficiency of the screw type propeller.
Examples of punk poets include: Richard Hell, Jim Carroll, Patti Smith, John Cooper Clarke, Seething Wells, Raegan Butcher, and Attila the Stockbroker.
* Smith, J. Richard, Eddie J. Creek and Peter Petrick.
* The Baudrillard Dictionary edited by Richard G Smith
* Smith, Richard Joseph.
Other attributions include Edward P. Hingston, George Macfarren and Albert Richard Smith.
These have included: Hugh Pelham, Director of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology ; Daniel St. Johnston, Chairman of the Gurdon Institute ; Jim Smith, Director of the MRC National Institute for Medical Research ; Richard Treisman, Director of CRUK London Research Institute and Peter Lachmann, Founding President of The Academy of Medical Sciences.
* April 14 In Cold Blood killers Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, convicted of murdering 4 members of the Herbert Clutter family of Holcomb, Kansas, are executed by hanging at the Kansas State Penitentiary for Men in Lansing, Kansas.

Richard and silent
Both Richard Schickel and Andrew Sarris have also written that many of the gags in his silent films needed the " intimacy of the camera " to work and could not have been performed on the stage to the same effect.
Actor Richard Dix's best-remembered early role was in the silent version of DeMille's The Ten Commandments.
* 1969 Vietnam War: U. S. President Richard M. Nixon addresses the nation on television and radio, asking the " silent majority " to join him in solidarity on the Vietnam War effort and to support his policies.
** Richard III ( 1912 film ), a silent film starring Frederick Warde
* The Running, Jumping and Standing Still Film ( 1960 ), a silent comedy, Richard Lester's debut film.
** Vietnam War: U. S. President Richard M. Nixon addresses the nation on television and radio, asking the " silent majority " to join him in solidarity with the Vietnam War effort, and to support his policies.
Richard Semler " Dick " Barthelmess ( May 9, 1895 August 17, 1963 ) was an Oscar-nominated silent film star.
The term was popularized ( though not first used ) by U. S. President Richard Nixon in a November 3, 1969, speech in which he said, " And so tonight — to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans — I ask for your support.
Wallace Beery's notable silent films include Arthur Conan Doyle's dinosaur epic The Lost World ( 1925 ; as Professor Challenger ), Robin Hood with Douglas Fairbanks ( Beery played King Richard the Lionheart in this film and a sequel the following year called Richard the Lion-Hearted ), Last of the Mohicans ( 1920 ), The Round-Up ( 1920 ; with Roscoe Arbuckle ), Old Ironsides ( 1926 ), Now We're in the Air ( 1927 ), The Usual Way ( 1913 ), Casey at the Bat ( 1927 ), and Beggars of Life ( 1928 ) with Louise Brooks.
Richard Dix ( July 18, 1893 September 20, 1949 ) was an American motion picture actor who achieved popularity in both silent and sound film.
The novel was adapted into a silent movie directed by Richard Garrick in 1920.
** Hans Stüwe ( Cagliostro, 1929, silent movie directed by Richard Oswald )
The first such adaptation was 1911 twenty-two minute silent version of Richard III, directed by and starring F. R.
* A 1921 silent German film Lady Hamilton directed by Richard Oswald with Liane Haid as Hamilton and Conrad Veidt as Nelson
Like the North American cowboys, as discussed in Richard W. Slatta, Cowboys of the Americas, gauchos were generally reputed to be strong, honest, silent types, but proud and capable of violence when provoked.
The episode also has a similar plot and structure to Richard Matheson's classic 1961 episode of The Twilight Zone, " The Invaders " which presents a similar sort of battle between a silent protagonist and miniature attackers.
Just as the play was about to be forgotten — a silent film The White Horse Inn directed by Richard Oswald and starring Liane Haid had been made in Germany in 1926 — it was revived, again in Berlin, and this time as a musical comedy.
On a whim, friends encouraged Roy to audition in 1930 for the remake of the Richard Barthelmess silent: Tol ' able David ( 1930 ).
The funeral was attended by co-workers and friends, including Donna Douglas, Harriet MacGibbon, Louis Nye, Richard Deacon, Mr. Blackwell and longtime friend / silent film star Viola Dana.
* Richard Daniels in various rolls in the silent films
In recognition of its centenary in December 2009, local MPs Tom Watson, Khalid Mahmood and Richard Burden raised a motion in the House of Commons stating that the House " recognises the value of independent cinemas to the cultural and social life of local communities ; celebrates the continued success of Britain's oldest working cinema, The Electric in Birmingham ; notes that on 2 December 2009 a centenary celebration is taking place for the cinema that started life as a silent movie theatre, became a news theatre during the Second World War and succumbed to dereliction in 2003 ".
* Fury ( 1923 film ), a 1923 silent film starring Richard Barthelmess

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