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Robyn and Lambley
Robyn Lambley, a former deputy mayor of Alice Springs was elected in her place in a by-election.

Robyn and born
Robin Miriam Carlsson ( born 12 June 1979 ), better known by her stage name Robyn, is a Swedish recording artist.
Thiessen was born in Long Beach, California, the daughter of Robyn Ernest, a homemaker, and Frank Thiessen, a park designer and landscape architect.
* Robyn Kenney ( born 1979 ), field hockey player.
On June 24, 1980, he was married again, to Robyn Smith ( born August 14, 1944 ), a jockey 45 years his junior, who rode for Alfred G. Vanderbilt II and was herself, on the cover of Sports Illustrated on July 31, 1972.
* Robyn Kenney ( born 1979 ), field hockey player.
* Robyn Kenney ( born 1979 ), field hockey player.
* Robyn Hitchcock ( born 1953 ), English singer / songwriter
Robyn Regehr ( born April 19, 1980 ) is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman for the Buffalo Sabres of the National Hockey League ( NHL ).
Rand Miller ( born January 17, 1959 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U. S .) co-founded Cyan ( now Cyan Worlds ) with brother Robyn Miller and became famous from the unexpected success of their computer game Myst, which remained the number one-selling game for the remainder of the 1990s.
Ryan Miller ( born 1974 in Albuquerque, New Mexico ) is a writer who worked as a design director for the computer game company Cyan Worlds, founded by his brothers Rand and Robyn Miller.
Robyn Williams AM ( born 1944, Buckinghamshire, England ) is a science journalist and broadcaster resident in Australia who has hosted the Science Show on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation since 1975, Ockham's Razor ( created 1984 ) and In Conversation ( created 1997 ).
Robyn Williams was born in Buckinghamshire, England, and educated in Vienna and London.
He and his wife Jessi have six children, Bekette Joseph born May 21, 1999, Kayla Robyn born October 2, 2001, and Shayne Kelly born December 12, 2004, Haylee Jessica born September 30, 2006, and twins born about 2 months ahead of time on October 6, 2009.
Robyn Rowan Hitchcock ( born 3 March 1953 ) is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist.
Robyn Hitchcock was born 3 March 1953 in London, England to novelist Raymond Hitchcock ( writer of Percy ), and educated at Winchester College.
* Robyn Woodhouse ( born 1943 ), Australian high jumper
Rachel Lindsay Rene Bush and Sidney Robyn Danae Bush ( born May 25, 1970 in Hollywood, California )-former child actresses.
* Robyn Ochs ( born 1958 ), bisexual and marriage equality activist
Robyn Charles Miller ( born August 6, 1966, in Dallas, Texas ) co-founded Cyan Worlds ( originally Cyan ) with brother Rand Miller.
* Robyn Blackman ( born 1959 ), New Zealander field hockey player, Olympian

Robyn and 1965
He married Robyn Patterson in 1965, and the couple have four children.

Robyn and ),
* " Show Me Love " ( title track ), composition by Max Martin, lyrics by Robyn, performed by Robyn
Sampling influences from electronica, rap, R & B and new age, Robyn received rave reviews, and gained the singer three Swedish Grammy Awards in 2006 for " Årets Album " ( Best Album ), " Årets Kompositör " ( Best Writer, alongside Klas Åhlund ) and " Årets Pop Kvinnlig " ( Best Pop Female ).
A difficulty with any such historical search is that " Robert " was in medieval England a very common given name, and " Robin " ( or Robyn ), especially in the 13th century, was its very common diminutive.
The first printed version is A Gest of Robyn Hode ( c. 1475 ), a collection of separate stories which attempts to unite the episodes into a single continuous narrative.
* " Caesar " ( song ), the debut single from I Blame Coco featuring Robyn
* Robin Carlsson ( Robyn ), Swedish singer
* Eye ( album ), by Robyn Hitchcock
The film is based on a novel of the same name by Raymond Hitchcock ( father of musician Robyn Hitchcock ), and is today remembered for its soundtrack by The Kinks.
The work was first performed by Robyn Lyn ( tenor ), Royal Harpist Claire Jones, Cor Seingar and the Burry Port Town Band, was conducted by Craig Roberts and presented by science author Mark Brake.
* 2010: Co-production with Sydney Theatre & Artists Repertory Theatre, Sydney Theatre Company ; with William Hurt ( James ), Luke Mullins ( Edmund ), Robyn Nevin ( Mary ), Emily Russell ( Cathleen ) and Todd Van Voris ( Jamie ), directed by Andrew Upton.
Some of the most successful post-ABBA popular music artists from Sweden are Europe, Roxette, Secret_Service_ ( band ), Agnes, The Wannadies, Ace of Base, Kent, Carola Häggkvist, Army of Lovers, Neneh and Eagle-Eye Cherry, Leila K, Robyn, A * Teens, Nanne Grönvall, The Cardigans, Bodies Without Organs, Andreas Johnson, Alcazar and Play.
Morris Zapp makes a cameo appearance in the last part of Nice Work, to add a plot twist where he tries to arrange for Robyn to have a job interview at his American university, Euphoric State ( a fictionalized UC Berkeley ), in order to stop his ex-wife from being a candidate for an open faculty position.
The band formed in 1976 in Cambridge, England as Dennis and the Experts comprising Robyn Hitchcock ( guitar ), Rob Lamb-half brother of Charlie Gillett-( guitar ), Andy Metcalfe ( bass ), and Morris Windsor ( drums ).

Robyn and politician
Hon Robyn McDonald is a former New Zealand politician.
* Robyn McSweeney, politician

Lambley and ),
Calverton is one of a number of settlements in the area ( with Oxton, Bulcote and Lambley ), which contain animal place name elements ; this has inevitably led to speculation about some undiscovered ancient functional connection between the places.

born and 1965
* Adrian Pasdar ( born 1965 ), American actor and film director
* Mathieu Amalric, French actor and director born in 1965
* Alexandra Lencastre ( born 1965 ), Portuguese actress
This is when he met his first girlfriend Christina Grönvall, with whom he had two children: Peter ( born 1963 ) and Helen ( born 1965 ).
* Sylvain Luc ( born 1965 ), jazz guitarist
Bjørn Lomborg (; born 6 January 1965 ) is a Danish author, academic, and environmental writer.
Until the birth of Prince Hisahito, son of Prince Akishino, on September 6, 2006, there was a potential succession problem, since Prince Akishino was the only male child to be born into the imperial family since 1965.
In December 1965, The New York Times reported on a conference Singer hosted in Miami Beach during which five groups of scientists, working independently, presented research identifying what they believed was the remains of a primordial flash that occurred when the universe was born.
Gheorghe Hagi (; born 5 February 1965 in Săcele ) is a former Romanian footballer of Aromanian descent.
* Hex Hector ( born 1965 ), American dance remixer.
* Ericca Kern ( born 1965 ), American bodybuilder
* Dmitri Kuznetsov ( born 1965 ), Russian former footballer and he has served famous club RCD Espanyol in Spain.
* Daniela Mercury ( born 1965 ), Brazilian singer
T. S. Eliot published two plays in the 1950s, while Basil Bunting, born in 1901, published his most important modernist poem Briggflatts in 1965.
There were also three other siblings: Margaret Elizabeth Foot ( 1911 – 1965 ), Jennifer Mackintosh Highet ( born 1916 ) and Christopher Isaac Foot ( born 1917 ).
Mixmaster Morris ( born Morris Gould, 1965 ) is an English ambient DJ and underground musician.
* Flavio Manzoni ( born 1965 ), car designer
* Robert Tappan Morris ( born 1965 ), creator of the first Internet worm and son of the cryptographer Robert H. Morris
* Ralph Rhein ( born 1965 ), a Swiss slalom canoer
* Robert David Stevens ( born 1965 ), British computer science lecturer at the University of Manchester
His youngest son with Claudette ( Wesley, born 1965 ) was raised by Orbison's parents ; Orbison and Barbara had a son ( Roy Kelton ) in 1970 and another ( Alexander ) in 1974.
In 1965, he married Carla Elvira Dall ' Oglio, and they had two children: Maria Elvira, better known as Marina ( born 1966 ), and Pier Silvio ( b. 1969 ).
* Mario Lemieux ( born 1965 ), Canadian ice hockey player

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