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Roslyn and
* Old City Hall & Library The City of Roslyn and the Friends of the Roslyn Library are working together to bring new life to the community ’ s most important public building.
* Roslyn Museum Located on Pennsylvania Avenue, the museum includes an excellent display of artifacts from Roslyn's glory days as a coal mining town.
* Historic Coal Mines Visitors can go to the Roslyn municipal offices, located on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and First Street, for information on tours of the historic coal mines.
* Immaculate Conception Church Located on Idaho and " B " Streets on a residential hill overlooking Roslyn, the spire of this Roman Catholic church is a notable landmark in the town.
* Storefront Studio This yearly project is a collaboration between the Roslyn Downtown Association and the University of Washington's architectural department.
* Coal Miner Trail Originating in nearby Cle Elum, Washington, this hiking and recreational trail passes through Roslyn before ending in the town of Ronald.
* Roslyn Cemetery Segmented by lodge ( Knights of Labor, Elks, IOOF, Red Men etc.
* Nearby town of Ronald Approximately 2 miles west of Roslyn, this town was built over Mine No. 3, the location where black miners were brought in to break the Knights of Labor Strike.
* Roslyn Roslyn Road south of Barnyard Lane
He toured America with the Australian Ballet in 1970 1971 and created his first ballet, Ecco le Diavole ( Ecco ), to music by Nino Rota, presented at Melbourne's Princess Theatre in July 1971, featuring Roslyn Anderson, Roma Egan, Janet Vernon, and Wendy Walker.
* Roslyn " Rose " Bygrave vocals, piano, synthesizer, ( 1980 85, 1998 )
* Roslyn Bygrave synthesiser ( tracks 2, 4, 10 ), electric piano ( tracks 1, 3, 10 ), acoustic piano ( tracks 1, 4, 7 ), keyboards ( track 8 ), lead vocals ( track 5 ), backing vocals ( tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 )
Robert D ' Onston StephensonRobert Donston Stephenson ( alias Roslyn D ' Onston Stephenson ) ( 20 April 1841 9 October 1916 ) was a journalist and writer interested in the occult and black magic.
On 22 May 2008, the opening night of Bill Henson's 2007 2008 exhibition at the Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery in Paddington, Sydney, was cancelled after eight individual complaints were made to Police voicing concerns about an email invitation from the Gallery to a " Private View " that depicted photographs of a nude 13-year old girl.

Roslyn and from
Death by drowning, as in water escapes pioneered by Houdini ; Death by falling ; as a straitjacket escape hanging from a burning rope hundreds of feet in the air, as created by UK escape artist Alan Alan and in the US by Dorothy Dietrich ; Buried Alive, as done by Dean Gunnarson and others ; being Burned Alive or suffocated in the Chrysalis Escape both performed by Roslyn Walker.
The images, scanned from photographic prints, glass negatives and rare publications, visually document the communities of Cle Elum, Roslyn and other towns and villages in western Kittitas County.
Although the town of Cicely from the television series Northern Exposure is widely thought to be patterned after Talkeetna, filming actually took place in Roslyn, Washington.
Though most of Roslyn Heights belongs to the Roslyn School District, portions of the school-aged population are enrolled in the East Williston school district, and attend The Wheatley School from eighth through twelfth grades.
Roslyn received its name from Old Roslyn, which was a post office and trading point established in 1882.
Russell, the first postmaster, took the name Roslyn from his native city in Scotland ,” although a Norwegian name would have been more appropriate as most of the European settlers in the area were from Norway.
The Northern Pacific began building across Stampede Pass just west of Roslyn, approaching from Wallula in the east and Tacoma in the west.
Although the local coal mines were far from played out ( approximately 80 % of the coal in the Roslyn mines remains unextracted ) the last mine in the area closed in 1963 as business became unprofitable and an exodus of residents ensued.
The following day, several men from the group were seen at the Northern Pacific Railway depot in Cle Elum where the money to meet the payroll for the Roslyn miners was transferred to the train to Roslyn.
The growing attention from outsiders and development of expensive residential communities continues to spark intense interest and debate among members of the Roslyn community.
* CWU Library's Roslyn's Black History collection A collection of 84 historic photographs dating from the late 19th century to the 1960s of African-American miners, settlers and residents of the coal mining community of Roslyn, Washington.
* Roslyn Heritage A collection of historic photos and lectures from the Roslyn Public Library.
* On March 6th 2011 Roslyn Walker became the first person to escape from a regulation Posey straitjacket complete with front and side loops and have his arms secured behind his back during the Secret Escape Challenge meeting in Essex.
* Richard Nettleton, a 24-year-old college student from Roslyn Heights, New York
Judith Steinberg grew up on Long Island in the town of Roslyn outside New York City, and graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor's degree and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine.
Water was diverted from the Little Sandy River to Roslyn Lake through a wood box flume.
He graduated from Roslyn High School in 1971, where he had been active in student politics and served as class president.

Roslyn and June
* Jillian Harvey < ref name =" Mae L. Wien Awards 2010 "> NY Times, Scènes de ballet, Roslyn Sulcas, June 10 < sup > th </ sub >, 2010 </ ref >
* NY Times, Scènes de ballet, Roslyn Sulcas, June 10 < sup > th </ sub >, 2010
On 5 June 2008, the former director of the National Gallery of Australia Betty Churcher said it was " not surprising " that the New South Wales Department of Public Prosecutions ( DPP ) would announce its official recommendation that no charges be laid regarding the Sydney Roslyn Oxley9 gallery's collection of photographs by artist Bill Henson.

Roslyn and through
* The Coal Mines Trail-Following an abandoned mining railway easement, this spectacular trail passes several historic mining sites, beginning at Cle Elum as it makes its way along Crystal Creek, through Roslyn and up to Ronald.
From 1990 through 1995, the exterior scenes for the hit CBS television series Northern Exposure were filmed in Roslyn and the surrounding area.
The remnants of these gardens helped give the area its leafy character, and many of the mansions are commemorated through street names such as Roslyn, Orwell and Kellett.
The route is known for its scenic path through decidedly lesser-developed areas such as Brookville, Fort Salonga, Centerport, and the Roslyn Viaduct.
Old Northern Boulevard, which once carried the NY 25A designation, is the old route which passes through the village of Roslyn while Northern Boulevard itself bypasses the village and carries NY 25A over the Roslyn Viaduct.
The Microsoft Roslyn CTP contains a C # REPL which can be accessed through Visual Studio ( View > Other Windows > C # Interactive Window ).

Roslyn and September
On September 24, 1892 a group of six bandits known as the McCarty Gang held up the Roslyn branch of the Ben Snipes Bank of Ellensburg.
* Roslyn Bernstein & Shael Shapiro, Illegal Living: 80 Wooster Street and the Evolution of SoHo ( Jonas Mekas Foundation ), September 2010. www. illegalliving. com ISBN 978-609-95172-0-9
Hechler was born in Roslyn, New York on September 20, 1914.
* Roslyn Atkinson ( 3 September 1998 )
Roslyn was once called Hempstead Harbor, but its named changed to Roslyn on September 7, 1844 due to postal confusion regarding all the other " Hempsteads " in Long Island and their distance from each other.

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