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Serge and Vaudenay
In 1996, Serge Vaudenay found a known-plaintext attack requiring 2 < sup > 8r + 1 </ sup > known plaintexts to break, where r is the number of rounds.
Serge Vaudenay
In cryptography, the IDEA NXT algorithm ( previously known as FOX ) is a block cipher designed by Pascal Junod and Serge Vaudenay of EPFL ( Lausanne, Switzerland ).
In 2004, Yi Lu and Serge Vaudenay published a statistical attack requiring the 24 first bits of 2 < sup > 35 </ sup > Bluetooth frames ( a frame is 2745 bits long ).
Serge Vaudenay ( 5 April 1968 -) is a well-known French cryptographer.
Serge Vaudenay entered the École Normale Supérieure in Paris as a normalien student in 1989.
fr: Serge Vaudenay
In cryptography, CS-Cipher ( for Chiffrement Symétrique ) is a block cipher invented by Jacques Stern and Serge Vaudenay in 1998.

Serge and On
She participated in various musical shows and recorded many popular songs in the 1960s and 1970s, mostly in collaboration with Serge Gainsbourg, Bob Zagury and Sacha Distel, including " Harley Davidson "; " Je Me Donne A Qui Me Plaît "; " Bubble gum "; " Contact "; " Je Reviendrais Toujours Vers Toi "; " L ' Appareil À Sous "; " La Madrague "; " On Déménage "; " Sidonie "; " Tu Veux, Ou Tu Veux Pas?
* Christian Passage On St. Serge & St. Bacchus
On 24 November 2000, then Foreign affairs minister Serge Vohor announced that Vanuatu suspended that recognition and established ambassadorial level relations with Morocco.
On 17 June 2005, Greenaway appeared for his first VJ performance during an art club evening in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with music by DJ Serge Dodwell ( aka Radar ), as a backdrop, ‘ VJ ’ Greenaway used for his set a special system consisting of a large plasma screen with laser controlled touchscreen to project the ninety-two Tulse Luper stories on the twelve screens of " Club 11 ", mixing the images live.
On 13 June 2006, Serge July told the editorial staff that Édouard de Rothschild was refusing to invest more money in the paper unless Louis Dreyfus ( directeur général ) and himself left the paper.
On November 29, 2010 it was announced that guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay was leaving the band citing " emotional, human and musical differences " with lead singer Cantat.
On June 26, Parliament elected Sato Kilman to the premiership, with 29 votes to Serge Vohor's 23, ending Natapei's interim duties.
On February 15, 2007 the RCMP announced the conclusion of the income trust investigation and laid a charge of ' Breach of Trust ' against Serge Nadeau, an official in the Department of Finance.
On July 7, 2010, Serge Klarsfeld was awarded the title of commandeur de la Légion d ' honneur by Prime Minister François Fillon at Hôtel Matignon, the official residence of France's Prime Minister.
They became instantly extremely popular for their humoristic / parodic songs like " Ce Monde Existe ", " Si tu ne veux pas payer d ' impôts ", " Merci Patron ", " On n ' est Pas là Pour se Faire Engueuler ", " Ballade à Luis Rego, prisonnier politique ", " Paulette la Reine des Paupiettes ", " Berrystock ", " Sois Erotique " ( a parody of Serge Gainsbourg's " Je t ' aime Moi Non Plus "), " Je Suis Trop Beau " ( a parody of Jacques Dutronc ), " Berry Blues ", " Albert le Contractuel ",, " Cet été c ' était toi ", " Ouvre la Fenêtre ", " Pétronille Tu Sens la Menthe ", " Elle Avait du Poil au Ventre ", " Hey Max " ( a parody of Jimi Hendrix's " Hey Joe "), " Elle a Gagné le Yoyo en Bois du Japon ( avec la Ficelle du Même Métal )", " Le Trou de Mon Quai ", " La Biguine au Biniou ", " Le Chou Farci ", " Histoire Merveilleuse ", " Chagrin d ' labour ", " C ' est trop, c ' est trop ", " Ah Viens!
On Guestroom, the band moves easily between decades and countries, jumping from 80 ’ s classics like The Cure's " Let's Go to Bed " and the House Of Love's " I Don't Know Why I Love You " to Steely Dan's " Only a Fool Would Say That " and then over to Serge Gainsbourg's " L ' Anamour " ( which previously could be found as a b-side on " I've Got a Feeling " single ); from The Ronettes ' early 1960s classic " Be My Baby " to Papas Fritas ' late 1990s gem " Say Goodbye ".
On February 15, 2007, the RCMP announced the conclusion of the income trust investigation and laid a charge of ' Breach of Trust ' against Serge Nadeau, an official in the Department of Finance.
On 20 September 2006, Georges Eo replaced Serge Le Dizet as club manager.
On 26 June, Kilman stood for the premiership, and was elected by Parliament, with 29 votes to Serge Vohor's 23.
On February 15, 2007 the RCMP announced the conclusion of the income trust investigation and laid a charge of ' Breach of Trust ' against Serge Nadeau, an official in the Department of Finance.
* Christian Passage On St. Serge & St. Bacchus
* Alexandra Boldyreva and Serge Fehr and Adam O ' Neill, On Notions of Security for Deterministic Encryption, and Efficient Constructions without Random Oracles, CRYPTO 2008

Serge and ,"
Serge King named the three selves " Ku ," " Lono ," and " Kane ," and articulated seven principles of Huna:
Arriving in the middle of the Britpop boom, the album contained a cover of the Serge Gainsbourg-penned and France Gall-performed " Nous ne sommes pas des anges ," sung entirely in French by Amelia.
* Serge Goriainov, " The End of the Alliance of the Emperors ," The American Historical Review, 23 no.
D ' Indy ( 1903, p. 117 ), who analyses the chord as on IV after Riemann's transcendent principle ( as phrased by Serge Gut: " the most classic succession in the world: Tonic, Subdominant, Dominant " ( 1981, p. 150 )) and rejects the idea of an added " lowered seventh ", eliminates, " all artificial, dissonant notes, arising solely from the melodic motion of the voices, and therefore foreign to the chord ," finding that the Tristan chord is " no more than a subdominant in the key of A, collapsed in upon itself melodically, the harmonic progression represented thus:
* " Chatterton ," a song released in 1967 by French singer, songwriter, actor and director Serge Gainsbourg

Serge and 96
Current / recent studio equipment: Dave Smith Instruments Mopho, Roland System 700, Roland 100M, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland Jupiter-4, Roland MKS-80, Roland SH-1, Roland VP-330, Roland JP-8000, Roland Juno-60, Roland Juno-106, Roland Super JX, Roland D-550, ARP 2500 Modular, ARP 2600, PPG Wave 2. 2, Waldorf Microwave, Waldorf Pulse, Moog Modular, Minimoog, Moog Source, E-Mu Modular System, Buchla 100 series Modular, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar, Synton Syrinx, Korg MS-20, Korg MS-10, Korg 700, Korg M1, Korg DVP, Serge Modular, Polyfusion Modular, Oberheim Xpander, Oberheim SEM System, RSF Kobol, Electronic Music Studios VCS 3, Matten and Wiechers x2 48 track sequencers total 96 track., Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201, Apple iPad 2, Apple Power Mac G5, Apple MacBook Pro.
* Serge Weinberg ( 1990 96 )

Serge and ),
Paul I was particularly proud to be great-grandson of the illustrious Russian monarch, although his German-born mother, Catherine II ( of the House of Anhalt-Zerbst ), insinuated in her memoirs that Paul's natural father had been her lover Serge Saltykov.
Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev (;, Sergei Pavlovich Dyagilev, ; 19 August 1929 ), usually referred to outside of Russia as Serge, was a Russian art critic, patron, ballet impresario and founder of the Ballets Russes, from which many famous dancers and choreographers would arise.
In 1877, the Russian chemist Serge Kern reported discovering the missing element in platinum ore. Kern named what he thought was the new element davyum ( after the noted English chemist Sir Humphry Davy ), but it was eventually determined to be a mixture of iridium, rhodium and iron.
Amélie meets her reclusive neighbour, Raymond Dufayel ( Serge Merlin ), a painter who continually repaints Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
It was important to Zola that no character should appear larger than life ; but the criticism that Zola ’ s characters are cardboard, is a substantially more damaging one which in view of the characterization of Gervaise Macquart ( L ' Assommoir ), Nana Coupeau ( Nana ), Jacques Lantier ( La Bête humaine ), Serge Mouret ( La Faute de l ' Abbé Mouret ), Jean Macquart ( La Terre ) and Pascal Rougon ( Le Docteur Pascal ), may seriously be doubted.
In fact, when Serge Danot was interviewed by Joan Bakewell on Late Night Line-Up in 1968 his associate ( perhaps Jean Biard ) said that in France it was thought at first that the UK version of Pollux had been renamed De Gaulle, mishearing the name Dougal ( as seen in the Channel 4 documentary The Return Of The Magic Roundabout ( broadcast 08: 50 on December 25, 1991 and 18: 00 on January 5, 1992 ), and in the BBC4 documentary The Magic Roundabout Story ( 2003 )).
Collaborators were hatefully presented as a rare minority, as played by Pierre Brewer in Jéricho ( 1946 ) or Serge Reggiani in Les Portes de la nuit ( 1946 ), and movements such as the Milice were rarely evoked.
* Serge Zwikker ( born 1973 ), basketball player
* Serge Jaroff ( 1896 1985 ), conductor, composer and founder of the Don Cossack Chorus.
Their three children include the eldest son Octave, an intelligent but feckless ladies ' man ( featured as the principal character of two later novels in the cycle, Pot-Bouille ( 1882 ) and Au Bonheur des Dames ( 1883 ), but here little more than a footnote ), as well as the quiet and introverted younger son Serge and the mentally-handicapped daughter Desirée.
The couple had two daughters: Marie-Alexandrine-Henriette Dumas, born 20 November 1860, who married Maurice Lippmann and was the mother of Serge Napoléon Lippmann ( 1886 1975 ) and Auguste Alexandre Lippmann ( 1881 1960 ); and Jeanine Dumas ( 3 May 1867 1943 ), who married Ernest d ' Hauterive ( 1864 1957 ), son of George Lecourt d ' Hauterive and his wife Léontine de Leusse.
Before that she played herself in Jean-Luc Godard's film Made in U. S. A .. Faithfull has also appeared in the 1967 film I'll Never Forget What's ' isname alongside Orson Welles ( where she notedly became the first person to say " fuck " in a mainstream studio picture ), in the French television film Anna, starring Anna Karina ( in which Faithfull sang Serge Gainsbourg's " Hier ou Demain "), as a leather-clad motorcyclist in the 1968 French film La Motocyclette ( English titles: Girl on a Motorcycle and Naked Under Leather ) opposite Alain Delon, and in Kenneth Anger's 1969 film Lucifer Rising, in which she played Lilith.
Many early synthesizer modules had modules with height in integer inches: 11 " ( e. g., Roland 100 ), 10 " ( e. g., Wavemakers ), 9 " ( e. g., Aries ), 8 " ( e. g., ARP 2500 ), 7 " ( e. g., Polyfusion, Buchla, Serge ), 6 " ( e. g., Emu ) and width in 1 / 4 " inch multiples.

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