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Skansen and is
Skansen is the first open air museum and zoo in Sweden and is located on the island Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden.
Its first urban areas were planned and built in the mid 17th century, comprising a mixture of working class housing, such as the little red cottages of which a few can still be seen in northeastern Södermalm, and the summer houses and pavilions of wealthier families, such as Emanuel Swedenborg's pavilion, which is now in the outdoor museum Skansen.
Most structures re-erected in Skansen were built of wood and are thus easily taken apart and reassembled, but a comparable museum in Wales was naturally going to be more ambitious as much of the vernacular architecture of Wales is made of masonry.
Allsång på Skansen ( Sing-along at Skansen ) is a Swedish show held at Skansen, Stockholm, every summer on Tuesdays between 8pm and 9pm.
Piquantique was recorded at Solliden, Skansen, Stockholm on August 21, 1973, with the exception of track 4, which is taken from a concert at the Roxy, December 1973.

Skansen and established
A European bison at Skansen, a herd established in the 1890s.
In 1891 he established the open-air museum Skansen, which became the model for other open-air museums in Northern Europe.
When Hazelius established the open-air museum Skansen in 1891, it was the second such museum in the world.

Skansen and first
The first 5. 1-show was Allsång på Skansen.
The first sing-along at Skansen was held in 1935.
In 2003, Allsång på Skansen was the first SVT programme that was broadcast with 5. 1 multichannel sound.

Skansen and open
1992-1994 Hans Alfredson was head of the open air museum Skansen in Stockholm.
He cut classes, often going to Skansen, an open air museum and zoo, favouring their monkey house.

Skansen and air
File: Skansen Dobczyce. JPG | Open air museum

Skansen and museum
The beginnings of the living history museum can be traced back to 1873 with the opening of the Skansen Museum near Stockholm, Sweden.
In 1891, inspired by a visit to the open-air museum in Oslo, Artur Hazelius founded the Skansen in Stockholm, which became the model for subsequent open-air museums in Northern and Eastern Europe, and eventually in other parts of the world.
* Skansen Parowozownia Kościerzyna ( railway museum ) located at Towarowa 7 Street.
* Open-air folk museum ( Skansen )-with original huts, windmills and wells
Artur Immanuel Hazelius ( 30 November 1833 – 27 May 1901 ), Swedish teacher, scholar and folklorist, founder of the Nordic Museum and the open-air museum Skansen in Stockholm.
Influenced by a visit to the Norwegian open-air museum, Artur Hazelius in 1891 founded the famous Skansen in Stockholm, which became the model for subsequent open-air museums in Northern and Eastern Europe, and eventually in other parts of the world.
Summerhouse of the Swedish scientist, philosopher, and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg in the open-air museum Skansen in Stockholm, Sweden.
The brainchild of Iorwerth Peate, the museum was modelled on Skansen, the outdoor museum of vernacular Swedish architecture in Stockholm.
The museum was founded in the late 19th century by Artur Hazelius, who also founded the open-air museum Skansen, long part of the museum, until the institutions were made independent of each other in 1963.

Skansen and by
On 26 September 1967, Frida won the Swedish national talent competition, " New Faces ", arranged by record company EMI and held at Skansen, Stockholm.
Despite this, many old schlager tunes are still popular ; they are performed by many artists and at the Allsång på Skansen.
Since 1897, Skansen has been served by the Skansens Bergbana, a funicular railway on the northwest side of the Skansen hill.
Trondheim was traditionally protected with fortifications by the river Nidelven and Skansen, but the city was vulnerable to attack from the east.

Skansen and Artur
The stone was sold for 50 Swedish kronor in 1896 to the founder of Skansen, Artur Hazelius, where it was moved.

Skansen and Hazelius
During the last few years of his life, Hazelius lived in one of the old buildings on Skansen.
His only son Gunnar Hazelius ( 1874-1905 ) succeeded him as keeper of the Nordic Museum, and Gunnar Hazelius's daughter Gunnel Hazelius-Berg was later keeper of the clothes chamber at Skansen and her husband, Professor Gösta Berg, for some time director of both museums.

Skansen and on
Military saluting stations are Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen in Stockholm, Fortress of Kungshall in Karlskrona, Battery of Fårösund on the island of Gotland, Boden Fortress in Boden, Battery of Kusthöjden in Härnösand, Vaxholm Castle in Vaxholm, Skansen Lejonet Fortress and Älvsborg Castle in Gothenburg.
He died on the 27 of May 1901, and on 4 February 1902, he was interred in a grave at Skansen.
* 1956-66: Egon Kjerrman ( on Swedish radio as Siste Man På Skansen )
* Allsång på Skansen on Sveriges Television's website
* Allsång på Skansen on Skansen's website

Skansen and Stockholm
The NYC Swedish Midsummer celebrations in Battery Park, New York City, attracts some 3, 000-5, 000 people annually, which makes it one of the largest celebrations after the ones held in Leksand and at the Skansen Park in Stockholm.
* Allsång på Skansen ( 1979 – present ) Broadcast live from Skansen in Stockholm, this popular summer show features sing-alongs with Swedish folk music.
Fredrik Reinfeldt with his former wife Filippa Reinfeldt | Filippa during the 2009 National Day of Sweden | Swedish National Day celebrations at Skansen, Stockholm.
Stockholm, Sweden, has a big celebration with a parade starting at Engelbrektsplan and ending at Skansen, in which more than 10, 000 participate every year.
* Skansen, Stockholm

Skansen and Sweden
According to Sveriges ornitologiska förening the geese began breeding in Sweden in 71, and according to Skansen it was 40 years ago, more or less, when the entire population of Barnacle Geese left in the autumn to return in spring, soon after they began breeding in the wild.

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