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Socialism and After
" After Lenin's death in January 1924, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union – then increasingly under the control of Joseph Stalin – rejected the theory that socialism could not be built solely in the Soviet Union, in favour of the concept of Socialism in One Country.
" After his arrest in July 1944, Stauffenberg ’ s older brother Berthold told the Gestapo that: “ He and his brother had basically approved of the racial principle of National Socialism, but considered it to be exaggerated and excessive ”.
After Lenin's death, Stalin used these quotes and others to argue that Lenin shared his view of Socialism in One Country.
After Krenz's resignation as leader of the SED on 3 December, Modrow became the de facto leader of East Germany, even though he did not become leader of the renamed Party of Democratic Socialism.
After the split of RpS / MpS, the PRC formed a joint list known as Anticapitalist List with the PdCI, Socialism 2000 and United Consumers for the 2009 European Parliament election.
After German reunification, the SED became the Party of Democratic Socialism ( PDS ) and she was elected as a PDS member to the Borough Assembly of Hellersdorf in Eastern Berlin in October 1990.
After three years, the First World War, at first greeted with enthusiastic patriotism, produced an upsurge of radicalism in most of Europe and also as far afield as the United States ( see Socialism in the United States ) and Australia.
His essay " Can There Be An After Socialism?
After he refused to remove his criticism of National Socialism from his book Deutschland und der Weltfrieden, the Nazis confiscated the passports of Hedin ’ s Jewish friend Alfred Philippson and his family in 1938 in order to prevent their intended departure to American exile and retain them in Germany as a bargaining chip when dealing with Hedin.
After Hörbiger ’ s death in 1931, the followers of WEL came to the conclusion that given the changing political situation in Germany, aligning the theory with National Socialism would eventually lead to its acceptance ; WEL had already been heavily and successfully promoted as the " German antithesis " of the " Jewish " theory of relativity in the late 1920s.
: After Socialism, Fascism attacks the whole complex of democratic ideologies and rejects them both in their theoretical premises and in their applications or practical manifestations.
After breaking with the Communist Party of India ( Marxist ) ( CPI ( M )), CRLI has been in contact with the Party of Democratic Socialism of Saifuddin Chaudhury.
After going from 34 seats to 8, as Caplan puts it, " June 4 and June 11 election, 1945, proved to be black days in CCF annuals: Socialism was effectively removed from the Canadian political agenda.
After World War II, Fischer re-evaluated his previous beliefs, and decided that the popular explanations of National Socialism offered by such historians as Friedrich Meinecke in which Adolf Hitler was just a Betriebsunfall ( an occupational accident, meaning ' a spanner in the works ') of history were unacceptable.
After reaching the Gunpowder Age, the player may choose to upgrade to either a Monarchy or a Democracy, each with its own different permanent gameplay bonus, and then after reaching the Industrial Age, the player may upgrade again, to either Capitalism or Socialism.
* After German reunification, East Germany's former ruling party, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany ( Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, or SED ), reinvented itself first ( in 1990 ) as the Party of Democratic Socialism ( PDS ) and then ( in 2005 before the elections ) as the Left Party, in order to merge with the new group WASG that had emerged in the West.
: Seven Colloquies About the State of Soviet Socialism Seventy Years After the Bolshevik Revolution ( 1989 )
Chinese Socialism After Mao ( New York: St Martin's, 1986 and London: Macmillan, 1986 ) ISBN 0-333-38441-5
After Lenin's death in 1924, Trotsky and the internationalists were opposed by Joseph Stalin and Nikolai Bukharin, who developed the notion of Socialism in One Country.
After the First Russian revolution in 1905-1907 the Wäisi movement increased in size and was renovated and reconstituted as Islamic Socialism.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the transformation of the SED into the Party of Democratic Socialism ( PDS ), Wagenknecht was elected to the new party's National Committee in 1991.
After the European elections in 1999 he became a Member of the European Parliament with the Party of Democratic Socialism ( PDS ).
After President Evo Morales suggested a 2014 reelection bid, Juan del Granado, leader of the Without Fear Movement challenged its former ally, the Movement towards Socialism to carry out a constitutional referendum to do so.
After the end of World War II, the library used its extensive collections on National Socialism and the Third Reich to provide material to the United Nations War Crimes Commission and bringing war criminals to justice.

Socialism and All
While in prison, he wrote at least four book-length manuscripts including a lyrical autobiographical novel, How It All Began, philosophical treatise Philosophical Arabesques, a collection of poems, and Socialism and Its Culture – all of which were found in Stalin's archive and published in the 1990s ).
There are currently two major blocs of political parties in Venezuela: the incumbent leftist bloc United Socialist Party of Venezuela ( PSUV ), its major allies Fatherland for All ( PPT ) and the Communist Party of Venezuela ( PCV ), and the opposition bloc led by A New Era ( UNT ) together with its allied parties Project Venezuela, Justice First, Movement for Socialism ( Venezuela ) and others.
The left-wing Fatherland for All ( Spanish: Patria Para Todos or PPT ), Movement for Socialism ( Spanish: Movimiento al Socialismo or MAS ), Radical Cause ( Spanish: Causa R ) and For Social Democracy ( Spanish: Por la Democracia Social ) initially supported chavismo, but they have since distanced themselves from it, and now oppose it.
Though not a prolific writer, Fernandes has penned several books on politics such as What Ails the Socialists ( 1972 ), The Kashmir Problem, Railway Strike of 1974, Dignity for All: Essays in Socialism and Democracy ( 1991 ), and his autobiography titled George Fernandes Speaks ( 1991 ).
Oehler wrote an entire book, Friedrich Nietzsche und die Deutsche Zukunft, dealing with Nietzsche and his connection to nationalism ( specifically National Socialism ) and anti-Semitism, using quotes from Human, All Too Human, though out of context.

Socialism and These
These first elements of the Calculation Critique of Socialism are the most basic element: economic calculation requires the use of money across all goods.
These allegations spread, and rumors intensified that it was Ortega's goal to turn Nicaragua into a state modeled after Cuban Socialism.
These policies were informally referred to as " State Socialism " by liberal and conservative opponents ; the term was later adopted by supporters of the programs in a further attempt to detract the working class from the SPD, with the goal of making the working class content with a nationalist-oriented capitalist welfare state.
These include the Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army, led by Felipe Quispe, and the Movement Towards Socialism, a political party organized by the Cocalero Movement and Evo Morales.
These measures of rapprochement later expanded into full-blown cooperation between the United States and China, and the introduction of Chinese economic reform and Socialism with Chinese characteristics that decisively introduced many elements of capitalism into the Chinese political system.
It was during this period that Plekhanov began to write and publish the first of his important political works, including the pamphlet Socialism and Political Struggle ( 1883 ) and the full-length book Our Differences ( 1885 ) These works first expressed the Marxist position for a Russian audience and delineated the points of departure of the Marxists from the Populist movement.
These malafides & atrocities were those that really angered ' Ambady Viswam ', who had a soft-corner for the downtrodden from his Childood Days, and inspired him to take a giant feet in the world of Socialism.

Socialism and Years
One Hundred Years of Socialism: The West European Left in the Twentieth Century.
Often, this definition is invoked to distinguish democratic socialism from Stalinist socialism, as in Donald Busky's Democratic Socialism: A Global Survey, Jim Tomlinson's Democratic Socialism and Economic Policy: The Attlee Years, 1945-1951, Norman Thomas Democratic Socialism: a new appraisal or Roy Hattersley's Choose Freedom: The Future of Democratic Socialism.
* Jim Tomlinson Democratic Socialism and Economic Policy: The Attlee Years, 1945-1951 Cambridge University Press, 1997 ISBN 0-521-55095-5
* Sassoon, Donald One Hundred Years of Socialism.

Socialism and by
The origin of the party can be traced back to the ideological divisions in the Labour Party in the 1950s ( with its forerunner being the Campaign for Democratic Socialism established to support the Gaitskellites ), but publicly lies in the 1979 Dimbleby Lecture given by Roy Jenkins as he neared the end of his presidency of the European Commission.
This turn of events marked China's transition from a planned economy to a mixed economy with an increasingly open market environment, a system termed by some as " market socialism ", and officially by the Communist Party of China as " Socialism with Chinese characteristics ".
The party's organizational structure was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution and rebuilt afterwards by Deng Xiaoping, who subsequently initiated " Socialism with Chinese characteristics " and brought all state apparatuses back under the rule of the CPC.
Part of the reason that Hayek stressed the knowledge problem was also because he was mainly concerned with debating the proposal for Market Socialism and the Lange Model by Oskar R. Lange ( 1938 ) and Hayek's student Abba Lerner ( 1934, 1937, 1938 ), which was developed in response to the calculation argument.
* The Impossibility of Economic Calculation Under Socialism by Ludwig von Mises
* The End of Socialism and the Calculation Debate Revisited by Murray Rothbard
Bartov wrote no German film of the 1950s showed the deep commitment felt by many German soldiers to National Socialism, the utter ruthless way the German Army fought the war and the mindless nihilist brutality of the later Wehrmacht.
* Nolte, Ernst The Three Faces of Fascism: Action Française, Italian Fascism, National Socialism, translated from the German by Leila Vennewitz, London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1965.
* Readings on Fascism and National Socialism by Various – Project Gutenberg
* " Socialism and the Family " ( 1906 ) by Belfort Bax, Part 1, Part 2.
" Woodcock finds that " The most ambitious contribution to literary anarchism during the 1890s was undoubtedly Oscar Wilde The Soul of Man under Socialism " and finds that it is influenced mainly by the thought of William Godwin.
Ba ' athism, Arab Socialism, and Arab Nationalism suffered, and Islamist movements inspired by Mawlana Maududi, and Sayyid Qutb gained ground.
Stalin and his supporters have highlighted the notion that socialism can be built and consolidated by a country (" Socialism in One Country ") as underdeveloped as Russia during the 1920s.
Nehru advocated Democratic Socialism / Fabian Socialism and a strong public sector as the means by which economic development could be pursued by poorer nations.
Cornelius Castoriadis, libertarian socialist theoristSocialisme ou Barbarie ( Socialism or Barbarism ) was a French-based radical libertarian socialist group of the post-World War II period ( the name comes from a phrase Friedrich Engels used, and was cited by Rosa Luxemburg in a 1916 essay, ' The Junius Pamphlet ').
The theory of guild socialism was developed and popularised by G. D. H. Cole who formed the National Guilds League in 1915 and published several books on guild socialism, including Self-Government in Industry ( 1917 ) and Guild Socialism Restated ( 1920 ).
The failure of revolutions in Germany and Hungary ended Bolshevik hopes for an imminent world revolution and led to promotion of " Socialism in One Country " by Joseph Stalin.
In the late 19th century, the Social Gospel movement arose ( particularly among some Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists and Baptists in North America and Britain ,) which attempted to integrate progressive and socialist thought with Christianity in faith-based social activism, promoted by movements such as Christian Socialism.
The Trotskyist demands countered Stalin ’ s political dominance of the Russian Communist Party, which was officially characterised by the ‘ cult of Lenin ’, the rejection of permanent revolution, and the doctrine of Socialism in One Country.
The 1962 coup d ' état was followed by an economic scheme called the Burmese Way to Socialism, a plan to nationalize all industries.

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