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Something and close
) The record went multi-platinum, spawning three gold singles: " Unskinny Bop ", " Ride the Wind ", and the ballad " Something To Believe In " which was dedicated to the band's security guard and close friend James Kimo Maano who died.
Something close to a realization of Bentham's vision only became possible through twentieth-century technological developments – notably closed-circuit television ( CCTV ) – but these eliminated the need for a specific architectural framework.

Something and principle
Another important principle for Hegel is the negation of the negation, which he also terms Aufhebung ( sublation ): Something is only what it is in its relation to another, but by the negation of the negation this something incorporates the other into itself.

Something and is
`` Something much more thorough is required ''.
Something was happening all right, slowly it is true, but you could feel it.
Something is wrong when these things happen.
Something that is bistable can be resting in either of two states.
The state of labour in America was troubling to Chaplin ; he told an interviewer, " Something is wrong.
* In the Thursday Next series of novels, notably Something Rotten, Jasper Fforde depicts an alternative world in which croquet is a brutal mass spectator sport.
the ' good ' Superman, ultimately triumphant, ( is ) dressed as Clark, thus implying that he is the more valid personality ( as well as the one Lana loves )" and expresses annoyance that " Something could have been made of this, but sadly nothing was ".
Something is ' good in itself ' when it is intrinsically good, and ' good without qualification ' when the addition of that thing never makes a situation ethically worse.
Something that becomes clear through these published compilations is that Satie did not so much reject Romanticism and its exponents like Wagner, but that he rejected certain aspects of it.
* SOOP – ( Something Out Of Place ) used to refer to a natural or other object that seems out of place, indicating a geocache is hidden in that spot
Something might be a kludge if it fails in corner cases, but this is a less common sense as such situations are not expected to come up in typical usage.
Something such as a small coin, dove or a valuable item is exchanged for the gift, rendering " payment.
Something like that is holding up the biochemists from successfully making copies of individuals from body or blood cells.
# Something is referred to as " observational " if it is observable directly with our senses.
The sketch was later remade in a shorter version for the film And Now For Something Completely Different ; it is also available on the CD-ROM game of Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.
Something that increases an animal's survival will often also include its reproductive rate ; however, sometimes there is a trade-off between survival and current reproduction.
The pain is too much ... Something has happened to me, this vital spark has stopped burning-I go to a dinner table now and I don't say a word, just sit there like a dodo.
Something sayable must have content that is fully intelligible to a person without that person's knowing if it is true or false.
; Exploration / Enigma: Something unexplained is going on, and the players are sent to find out what it is.
* The track " I Need Something Stronger " on Unkle's 2005 release Edit Music for a Film: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Reconstruction is almost entirely composed of THX 1138 samples.

Something and used
He used this library as a setting for much of his novel Something Wicked This Way Comes, and depicted Waukegan as " Green Town " in some of his other semi-autobiographical novels — Dandelion Wine, Farewell Summer — as well as in many of his short stories.
* Something fake used in a cover-up, untrue explanation for a situation or untrue reason for an action, to hide what is really going on or is the real motive, possibly including real actions and objects related to the story to make it plausible
The theme song " Something to Sing About ", used for the Canadian pavilion, was initially written for a 1963 television special.
Others included " Mean Mr. Mustard " and " Polythene Pam " ( both of which would be used for the medley on Abbey Road ); " Child of Nature " ( recorded with drastically different lyrics as " Jealous Guy " for Lennon's Imagine ); " Etcetera " ( a McCartney composition ); " The Long and Winding Road " ( completed in 1969 for the Let It Be LP ); " Something " ( which ended up on Abbey Road ); and " Sour Milk Sea " ( which Harrison gave to friend and Apple artist Jackie Lomax for his first LP, Is This What You Want ).
During 2006 – 07, Black's 1971 single " Something Tells Me ( Something's Gonna Happen Tonight )" was used as the soundtrack to a new British advertising campaign for Ferrero Rocher chocolates.
There were many others, though, and Hedwig Gorski once wrote in " Litera " that some were " eerie ", a word used by one newspaper reviewer to describe Gorski's vocals on the East of Eden Band track " There's Always Something That Can Make You Happy ".
Perhaps the most succinct working definition was provided by the American linguist James D. McCawley in 1968: a mora isSomething of which a long syllable consists of two and a short syllable consists of one .” The term comes from the Latin word for “ linger, delay ”, which was also used to translate the Greek word chronos ( time ) in its metrical sense.
Something similar was happening back in the States, as Jewish writers ( such as Abraham Cahan ) used the English language to reach an international Jewish audience.
* Something can always be used to distinguish between what has and hasn't been effected by a cause
Something similar is now also occurring with more sophisticated digital cameras that, in the past, would have used focal-plane shutters.
The song that is used in the promo commercial is " You Give Me Something " by James Morrison.
* A still from the film – the final " escalator " scene, with the trial court reunited at Carter's surgery – was used as the cover for Phil Collins's 1989 single " Something Happened on the Way to Heaven ".
Something of a gem connoisseur, de Sancy used his knowledge to prosperous advantage.
He was originally used as the mascot for the now-defunct website for Generation Hate, a webzine written by Milholland prior to Something Positive.
His songs have been used in television series-Dawson ’ s Creek (“ Northern Lights ”), Joan of Arcadia (“ Something Unspoken ”) and in numerous theatrical productions.
* Carl Bell, formerly of Fuel, used the original Kaoss Pad in his live guitar rig from the 2000 " Something Like Human " tour until his departure from the band.
Something similar is used by Darwin College, Cambridge.
** Writer and producer – from True Blue ( 1986 ): " Live to Tell " " La Isla Bonita ", " Where's the Party ", " White Heat ", " Love Makes the World Go Round "; from Who's That Girl ( 1987 ): " Who's That Girl ", " The Look of Love " ( 1987 ); from Like a Prayer ( 1989 ): " Like a Prayer ", " Cherish ", " Till Death Do Us Part ", " Promise to Try ", " Pray for Spanish Eyes ", " Act of Contrition ", " Dear Jessie ", " Oh Father "; from I'm Breathless ( 1990 ): " Hanky Panky ", " Cry Baby ", " He's a Man ", " Now I'm Following You " and " Something to Remember " ( which was also used as the title for the 1995 ballad compilation Something to Remember ); from With Honors ( 1994 ): " I'll Remember "; from Ray of Light ( 1998 ): " Frozen ", " Nothing Really Matters ", " Has to Be ", " Supernatural ", " Sky Fits Heaven ", " Skin "
In addition to being used as a tag for his entrance on CBS episodes he hosted, Steve Allen's composition " This Could Be the Start of Something " was used as the opening theme in 1972 arranged by Edd Kalehoff for Score Productions.
" History Repeating " was used as the theme for So Graham Norton and was also featured in the Farrelly Brothers ' film There's Something About Mary.
The band made three video clips, which were later used in the 1986 musical film Kažkas Atsitiko ( Something Happened ).

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