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Specific and other
Specific words can go from argot into common speech or the other way.
: Specific regions within a country or areas in dispute among countries, such as Kashmir, are not covered, but other areas of the world whose status is disputed, such as the Spratly Islands, have entries.
Specific regions of the chromatin are enriched at the nuclear membrane, while other regions are bound together by protein complexes.
* 1959 – Specific values for the international yard, avoirdupois pound and derived units ( e. g. inch, mile and ounce ) are adopted after agreement between the U. S. A., the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries.
Specific other uses include:
Specific commercially available op-amps and other components are then chosen that meet the design criteria within the specified tolerances at acceptable cost.
Specific forms of theft and other related offences
* Carlos Sandoval's site Specific information on Nancarrow's studio, music library ( databased ) and other very specific issues.
* Specific tests on reproductive function, embryonic toxicity, or carcinogenic potential can all be required by law, depending on the result of other studies and the type of drug being tested.
Specific heat, compressibility, spin-susceptibility and other quantities show the same qualitative behaviour ( e. g. dependence on temperature ) as in the Fermi gas, but the magnitude is ( sometimes strongly ) changed.
Specific detailing of other hydrocarbon species is less common.
Specific examples of uncomputable functions are known, including the busy beaver function and functions related to the halting problem and other undecidable problems.
* If the Specific orbital energy is positive, the body's kinetic energy is greater than its potential energy: The orbit is thus open, following a hyperbola with focus at the other body.
Specific sequences are usually looked at to see whether they were copied verbatim from one of the individual's genome to the other.
Specific examples include humans and other primates, tetrapods and fish, and birds and dinosaurs.
There are other common measures of sugar content of grapes, Specific gravity, Oechsle ( Germany ) and Beaume ( France ).
Specific diagnosis and treatment of dandruff may be difficult as its spectrum blurs with those of seborrhoeic dermatitis and some other scaly.
Specific issues include the amount of water required for irrigation and the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in maintenance, as well as the destruction of wetlands and other environmentally important areas during construction.
Many other acts entitled " Local Government Act " have been passed — as well as even more of the form " Local Government ( Specific Matter ) Act "— but these are the major ones which define the terms in which the others operate or alter.
Specific types of rocket launchers within this group include the rocket-propelled grenade, better known as the RPG, which is a type of shoulder-launched anti-tank weapon designed by the Soviet Union ; the anti-tank guided missile, a guided missile primarily designed to hit and destroy heavily-armored tanks and other armored fighting vehicles ; and the Man-portable air-defense systems, which provides shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles.
Again, other sources can be added ( apart from RHN, which is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Specific ).
Specific colours are often preferred over other physical traits, and some buyers will even choose horses with soundness problems if they have the desired colour and markings.
Specific diagnostic tests ( or occasionally empirical therapy ) generally confirm the cause, or shed light on other, previously overlooked, causes.
This resulted in the publication of his papers called " Generation of Short Wavelength Waves ", " Measuring Specific Wavelengths with Short Wavelengths ", and other papers.

Specific and identifiable
* Specific legacy ( or specific bequest )-a testamentary gift of a precisely identifiable object.

Specific and parts
Specific parts of ' the Broads ' have been awarded a variety of conservation designations, for instance:
The Army Field Manual comprises Volumes 1 ( Combined Arms Operations ) in 12 parts led by " Formation Tactics " and " Battlegroup Tactics ", and Volume 2 ( Operations in Specific Environments ) in 6 parts ( desert, urban, etc.
AEF consists of three parts: Revenue Support Grants, Non-Domestic Rates, and Income and Specific Grants.
Specific parts of the brain such as the supraoptic nucleus produce oxytocin which acts on cells in locations such as the ventral pallidum to produce the behavioral effects of oxytocin.
Specific applications include sealing / welding / joining of: catheter bags, medical containers, automobile remote control keys, heart pacemaker casings, syringe tamper evident joints, headlight or tail-light assemblies, pump housings, and cellular phone parts.
Specific dysarthrias include spastic ( resulting from bilateral damage to the upper motor neuron ), flaccid ( resulting from bilateral or unilateral damage to the lower motor neuron ), ataxic ( resulting from damage to cerebellum ), unilateral upper motor neuron ( presenting milder symptoms than bilateral UMN damage ), hyperkinetic and hypokinetic ( resulting from damage to parts of the basal ganglia, such as in Huntington's disease or Parkinsonism ), and the mixed dysarthrias ( where symptoms of more than one type of dysarthria are present ).
Specific products include tracks, tractor underframe components, iron and steel castings and forgings, transmission and engine parts, and other instruments.
Specific registers are designated to hold the most important parts of the JVM state: registers r0-r3 hold an alias of the top of the Java stack, r4 holds Java local operand zero ( pointer to ) and r6 contains the Java stack pointer.

Specific and may
Specific localities may petition for exceptions for either on-site or off-site consumption.
Specific charities may exist to fund and operate bus transport, usually using specially modified mobility buses or otherwise accessible buses ( See Accessibility section ).
Specific religious social teachings ( for example, the direction of prayer, or dietary restrictions ) may be revoked by a subsequent manifestation so that a more appropriate requirement for the time and place may be established.
Specific manifestations may also vary by age, by severity of the hypoglycemia and the speed of the decline.
Specific types of fund may also use side pockets in the ordinary course of their business.
Specific acquired immunity against infectious diseases may be mediated by antibodies and / or T lymphocytes.
Specific kinds of risk that may give rise to claims are known as perils.
Specific samples may vary significantly from the expected isotopic composition due to real deviations from earth's average isotopic abundances.
Specific characteristics may include:
Specific alters may react negatively to therapy, fearing the therapists goal is to eliminate the alter ( particularly those associated with illegal or violent activities ).
Specific reliability issues may include:
Specific therapies may include facilitating the use of the hands, promoting skills for listening and following directions, fostering social skills, or teaching dressing and grooming skills.
Specific medical conditions may also help people become eligible to enroll in Medicare.
Specific regulatory frameworks and questions related to Paramedic practice can only definitively be answered by consulting relevant provincial legislation, although provincial Paramedic Associations may often offer a simpler overview of this topic when it is restricted to a province-by-province basis.
Specific legislation may require that all government meetings be open to the public, or that written records be released upon request.
Specific subtypes of shock may have additional symptoms.
The Jealousy Specific Innate Model ( JSIM ) proved to not be innate, but may be sensitive to situational factors.
Specific instruments may be built to be only played for specific rituals and repertoires.
Specific intent may be inferred from circumstances.
Specific projects may convert the images to a proprietary format used internally by their game.
: Specific diseconomy is another term Illich used, as a measure of the degree of institutional counterproductivity that is occurring — referring to the exact degree to which, for example, the medical industry induces illness, educational institutions induce ignorance, the judicial system perpetuates injustice, or national defense may make a nation less secure.
Specific treatments are dictated by the causative condition, though in idiopathic eosinophilia, the disease may be controlled with corticosteroids.
Specific approaches may include:

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