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Spring and 1991
53, No. 2 ( Spring, 1991 ), pp. 320 – 339 in JSTOR
* Manepally, R. and Sprague, D .; Intel Princeton Oper., Plainsboro, NJ ; Intel's i750 ( R ) video processor-the programmable solution, Compcon Spring ' 91, Digest of Papers, pp. 324 – 329 ; 25 Feb-1 Mar 1991 ; San Francisco, CA, USA ; ISBN 0-8186-2134-6.
British music publisher Boosey & Hawkes filed a further lawsuit in 1993, contending that Disney did not have the rights to distribute The Rite of Spring in the 1991 video releases because the permission granted to Disney by Stravinsky in 1940 was only in the context of a film to be shown in theaters.
1 ( Spring 1991 ), pp. 16 – 21
* Glade Spring Middle School was built in 1968 and then modified to meet middle school specifications in 1991.
* Russian Spring ( 1991 )
He was presented with the George and Ira Gershwin Award for Lifetime Musical Achievement, during the 1991 UCLA Spring Sing.
* Griswold, William M. ( Spring 1991 ).
Sacks has been awarded honorary doctorates from the College of Staten Island ( 1991 ), Tufts University ( 1991 ), New York Medical College ( 1991 ), Georgetown University ( 1992 ), Medical College of Pennsylvania ( 1992 ), Bard College ( 1992 ), Queen's University ( Ontario ) ( 2001 ), Gallaudet University ( 2005 ), University of Oxford ( 2005 ), Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú ( 2006 ), and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory ( 2008 ).
Writing in Spring 1991, just after the band had split, Voxs Stephen Dalton referred to Spacemen 3 as " one of the most influential underground bands of the last decade ".
In the Spring of 1991, Warnock outlined a system called " Camelot ", that evolved into the Portable Document Format ( PDF ) file-format.
* Going Commercial and Becoming Professional ( 1991 ) in Eidolon Spring 1991 ( ed.
He categorizes the complete timeline from 1942 to 1999 in three major sections: ' Spring of Hope ( 1942 – 65 )', ' the Lost Generation ( 1966 – 91 )' & ' Rebirth of Dream ( 1991 – 99 )' and tell various stories ( memoirs ) and the historical facts of that time.
"' Hawthorne, Inheritance, and Women's Property ", Studies in the Novel 23. 1 ( Spring 1991 ): 107-18.
The Hubbard Space Science Education Building was dedicated in Spring 1991.
Foot-Notes maintains an oral tradition of tunes passed down by old time fiddlers in the " borderlands " around Decorah, Iowa, and Spring Grove, Minnesota, most prominent of these fiddlers being Bill Sherburne, a notable Norwegian-American fiddler who died at age 90 in 1991.
In 1991 construction of the new Supertram network began and by late 1994 Sheffield Midland was connected to the network, after the opening of the line between Fitzalan Square in the city centre and Spring Lane, to the east of the station.
* The Mortdecai Trilogy ( Black Spring Press, 1991 )
Established in 1991, AUBG enrolls 1, 100 students from 45 countries on four continents ( as of Spring 2012 ).
104, No. 412 ( Spring, 1991 ), pp. 179 – 181
Examples include the People Power Revolution in the Philippines in the 1980s that ousted President Marcos ; the mass mobilization against authoritarian rule in Pinochet's Chile, 1983 – 88 ; the various movements contributing to the revolutions of 1989 in central and eastern Europe, and to the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 ; and the revolutions in Serbia in 2000, Georgia in 2003, Ukraine in 2004, and the Arab Spring in 2011.
The Upper School was closed from 1974 through 1982, when the 50th anniversary of Barrie School's founding was celebrated with the reopening of the Upper School in the former Argyle Junior High public school building on Bel Pré Road in Silver Spring, Maryland, where classes were held until new buildings on the Layhill Road campus were completed in the summer of 1991, bringing the Primary, Lower, Middle, and Upper School students together on one campus again.

Spring and Universal
* Amphigorey Again, 2006 ( ISBN 0-15-101107-9 ) — contains The Galoshes of Remorse, Signs of Spring, Seasonal Confusion, Random Walk, Category, The Other Statue, 10 Impossible Objects ( abridged ), The Universal Solvent ( abridged ), Scenes de Ballet, Verse Advice, The Deadly Blotter, Creativity, The Retrieved Locket, The Water Flowers, The Haunted Tea-Cosy, Christmas Wrap-Up, The Headless Bust, The Just Dessert, The Admonitory Hippopotamus, Neglected Murderesses, Tragedies Topiares, The Raging Tide, The Unknown Vegetable, Another Random Walk, Serious Life: A Cruise, Figbash Acrobate, La Malle Saignante, and The Izzard Book
*" Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year " from the Universal picture Christmas Holiday ( 1944 )
In the past events have included Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, campus laser tag, and a " Spring Fling " weekend featuring artists such as Lonestar and Everclear.
* February 1997: Universal announces that Ghostbusters Spooktacular will be replaced by Twister ... Ride it Out, with a planned opening date of Spring 1998
* Spring 1997: Universal Studios announces that the sole Studio park will be expanded into the Universal Studios Escape, including the Islands of Adventure park, Universal CityWalk Orlando and multiple hotels.
* Spring 2001: The park begins using Universal Express ; AT & T at the Movies closes ; Animal Actors Stage closes.
* Spring 2002: Universal Studios Escape is renamed Universal Orlando Resort ; Extreme Ghostbusters: The Great Fright Way opens, replacing StreetBusters.
* Spring 2005: Universal Express Plus is introduced.
* April 2007: Universal confirms that Back to the Future: The Ride will be replaced by a Simpsons ride, with a planned opening of Spring 2008.
* Spring 2008: Universal announces Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, with a planned opening of Spring 2009.
All recordings previously unreleased except for " Sadness " and " Universal Soldier " ( see Live in Japan: Spring Tour 1973 )
In the Spring of 1918 in Tianjin, Zhang first met Paul Wei, who had been preaching under the name " Universal Correction Church " and had also observed the Sabbath.
Spring Valley Hospital for-profit hospital is owned and operated by Universal Health Services.
* MCA / Universal Home Video released three episodes of the series on individual VHS tapes in Spring 1990, to promote the opening of simulator movie ride, The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera with Universal Studios Florida.
She moved from Los Angeles to London in Spring 2004 to promote Jam & Spoon's new album when it was released on Universal Records.

Spring and adds
Also adds special " Week " Whenever cards which affect all players when played ( Homecoming, Spring Break, Finals Week, etc.
Delta also adds daily 757s for the Spring Break season.

Spring and four
The four reportedly pledged themselves to Jihad in the Spring of 2000, in a ceremony presided over by Wail – who had dubbed himself Abu Mossaeb al-Janubi after one of Muhammad's companions.
Some market commentators divide the Kondratiev wave into four ' seasons ', namely, the Kondratiev Spring ( improvement or plateau ) and Summer ( acceleration or prosperity ) of the ascendant period and the Kondratiev Fall ( recession or plateau ) and Winter ( acceleration or depression ) of the downward period.
It evolved at about the same time as Confucianism, Taoism and Legalism, and was one of the four main philosophic schools during the Spring and Autumn Period ( from 770 BC to 480 BC ) and the Warring States Period ( from 479 BC to 221 BC ).
The arrest and long-term detention of two reformist Parliamentarians, Ma ’ mun al-Humsy and Riad Seif, in August and September 2001, respectively, and the apparent marginalizing of some of the reformist advisors in the past four years, indicate that the pace of any political reform in Syria is likely to be much slower than the short-lived Damascus Spring promised.
The four reportedly pledge themselves to Jihad in the Spring of 2000, in a ceremony presided over by Wail — who had dubbed himself Abu Mossaeb al-Janubi after one of Muhammad's companions.
During this period, Stravinsky composed three further works for the Ballets Russes — Petrushka, a ballet in four scenes ( 1911 ), the two-part ballet The Rite of Spring ( 1913 ) and his ' ballet with song ' in one act, Pulcinella ( 1920 ).
When Pete reached his senior year, he had already used up his four years of sports eligibility, so in the Spring of 1960, he joined the Class AA team sponsored by Frisch's Big Boy of Lebanon, Ohio in the Dayton Amateur League.
Spring inflated the genus Selaginella to hold all selaginelloid species four decades later.
The county is divided into thirteen townships: Burke, Carlock, Dickens, Dixon, Edens, Ellston, Fairfax, Jones, Landing Creek, Pleasant Valley, Star Valley, and Whetstone ; and four areas of unorganized territory: East Gregory, North Gregory, Southeast Gregory, and Spring Valley.
The county is divided into four townships: Laurel Hill, Spring Hill, Stewartsville, and Davidson
Each concert featured one of the band's four previous albums in their entirety, and the premiere of their upcoming Spring 2010 release.
Ag-Im lodge is located at Camp Hiawatha, three of its four yearly events take place at camp these being Spring Conclave, Fall Conclave, and Winter Fun.
Millbrae School District oversees four public elementary schools ( Meadows, Green Hills, Spring Valley, and Lomita Park ) and one middle school ( Taylor Middle School, named after the family that owned land along Taylor Boulevard prior to the city being laid out ).
During the Spring and Autumn Period ( 771-476 BCE ), the meanings of four exonyms were expanded.
The town of Elma has four volunteer fire companies: Blossom, Elma, Jamison Road, and Spring Brook.
The four principal noncontributing buildings in the district are the Roaring Spring Bottling Company ( ca.
The township comprises four villages: Gwynedd, Gwynedd Valley, Penllyn, and Spring House.
East Ridge has four public schools, which are part of the Hamilton County Schools system: East Ridge Elementary, Spring Creek Elementary, East Ridge Middle School and East Ridge High School.
Howell lies in the Blue Creek Valley that stretches north-south between four mountain ranges, Promontory Mountains, south, North Promontory Mountains, west, West Hills, northeast, and Blue Spring Hills, southeast.
In 1893, Myron D. Park, who served four years as a Wheelock selectman, sold the Caledonia Spring House to Marshall Way.
According to Springs in West Virginia, the town of Webster Springs had four total springs, they included: the Addison McLaughlin Well, located to the west of Court Square, Old Fork Lick Spring, located in the bed of the Elk River, Tracy Well, located on the lot of its owner, W. B.
The youngest of ten children ( of whom she and four others, all girls, survived ) of a high-ranking Taiwan ( ROC ) diplomat, she was born and raised in Washington, D. C. She graduated from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, and went on to receive a degree in journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park in 1969.
It contained four plundered tracks: " Don't " by Elvis Presley which included piano accompaniment by Bob Wiseman, " Pocket " by Count Basie, a version of Dolly Parton singing " The Great Pretender " in which " she gets to sing a duet with himself ( sic )", and " Spring ", a version of Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring.
The first completed dorm, Pocomoke Hall, opened prior to the Spring 2010 semester, with renovations to the other three facilities scheduled to occur every successive six months, with all four halls due for completion by August 2011.

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