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TU and /
* AB / Tuebingen ( AB / TU )
Furthermore, in 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities ( ARWU ) rankings, TU / e was placed at the 52-75 bucket internationally in Engineering / Technology and Computer Science ( ENG ) category and at 34th place internationally in the Computer Science subject field.
In a 2003 European Commission report, TU / e was ranked as 3rd among European research universities ( after Cambridge and Oxford, at equality with TU Munich and thus making it the highest ranked Technical University in Europe ), based on the impact of its scientific research.
Organization chart of the TU / e management
Over the past two decades, the TU / e has increasingly developed commercial interests and off-campus ties.
In order to manage these kinds of contractual obligations the university started the TU / e Holding B. V. in 1997.
The TU / e has nine departments:
There are a total of eleven program active, of which eight are available at the TU / e:
The TU / e does not only host research in its departments.
The TU / e participates in a large number of research institutes which balance in different ways between pure science and applied science research.
The TU / e is among the world ’ s ten best-performing research universities in terms of research cooperation with industry in 2011 ( Number 1 in 2009 ).
As well as TU / e and Delft University of Technology, the top 10 also includes two universities in Japan ( Tokyo Institute of Technology and Keio University in Tokyo ), two in Sweden ( University of Gothenburg and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm ), and one each in Denmark ( DTU Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby ), Finland ( University of Helsinki ), Norway ( Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim ) and the USA ( Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York ).
The equivalent Mantoux test positive levels done with 10 TU ( 0. 1 ml at 100 TU / ml, 1: 1000 ) are
There have been various re-implementations of the original binary L4 kernel interface ( ABI ) and its higher level successors, including L4Ka :: Pistachio ( Uni Karlsruhe ), L4 / MIPS ( UNSW ) and Fiasco ( TU Dresden ).
Some recent projects being developed at the university include Flame, first humanoid robot possessing the ability to walk as humans, Superbus, project aiming to design a high speed busses reaching the speeds of 250 km / h, Nuna, solar-powered race car and four times winner of the World Solar Challenge, DUT Racing, electrical Formula Student project having won multiple competitions, Delfly, Micro air vehicle and the smallest ornithopter so far fitted with a camera, Fhybrid, world's first hydrogen-powered scooter, Tribler, an open source peer-to-peer client with online TV functionalities, Delfi-C3, CubeSat satellite constructed by TU Delft students, Forze, hydrogen fuel cell-powered racing car, as well as Eco-Runner vehicle participating in Eco-marathon.
It used TU / XU petrol and XUD diesel engines.
Other notable models included the Zest / Zest D and the Trio / Trio D, with 1124 / 1360cc TU engines and 1905cc XUD engines, with unique seat fabric and green seatbelts.
There are 3, 442 international students enrolled at the TU Dresden ( 2005 / 2006 ).

TU and e
Specifically, if A is TU and b is integral, then linear programs of forms like or have integral optima, for any c. Hence if A is totally unimodular and b is integral, every extreme point of the feasible region ( e. g. ) is integral and thus the feasible region is an integral polyhedron.
Ghouila-Houri showed that a matrix is TU iff for every subset R of rows, there is an assignment of signs to rows so that the signed sum ( which is a row vector of the same width as the matrix ) has all its entries in ( i. e. the row-submatrix has discrepancy at most one ).
* The European Institute for Postgraduate Education at TU Dresden ( EIPOS Europäisches Institut für postgraduale Bildung an der Technischen Universität Dresden e. V .)
* Center for Media Culture ( MKZ Medienkulturzentrum Dresden e. V. an der TU Dresden )
In partnership with TU Dresden, the Ifo Institute of Economic Research ( Ifo Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung e. V.
Technische Hochschule ( acronym TH ) is what an Institute of Technology ( i. e. a university focusing on engineering sciences ) used to be called in German-speaking countries, as well as in the Netherlands, before most of them changed their name to Technische Universität ( German ) or Technische Universiteit ( Dutch ) ( acronym: TU ) in the 1970s ( in Germany ) and in the 1980s ( in the Netherlands ).

TU and MSc
As of 2010 TU Delft offers around 40 MSc programmes.
TU Delft adopted European Credit Transfer System, where each year MSc student are required to obtain 60 ECTS points.
Study progress of each TU Delft MSc student is monitored through faculty counsellor.

TU and designer
Frank Metzger has released some singles with Mego and the Internet label Falsch, and has started a collaboration with Rossano Polidoro and Emiliano Romanelli from " TU M '" in 2003 that is called Steno, while Sebastian Oschatz is an interaction designer with Meso, a German media design collective.

TU and programs
The School of Engineering provides exchange programs with many US universities and a few universities in Europe such as University of Illinois, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Rice University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Tulane University, University College London, University of Warwick, Purdue University, and TU Dortmund.
From 1980, TU began to accord affiliation to private colleges to conduct programs.

/ and e
Other examples include various prescription drugs ( e. g. most antiepileptic drugs have cerebellar ataxia as a possible adverse effect ), Lithium level over 1. 5mEq / L, cannabis ingestion and various other recreational drugs ( e. g. ketamine, PCP or dextromethorphan, all of which are NMDA receptor antagonists that produce a dissociative state at high doses ).
Though the title " abbot " is not given in the Western Church to any but actual abbots of monasteries today, the title archimandrite is given to " monastics " ( i. e., celibate ) priests in the East, even when not attached to a monastery, as an honor for service, similar to the title of monsignor in the Western / Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church.
Alpha particles have a typical kinetic energy of 5 MeV ( that is, ≈ 0. 13 % of their total energy, i. e. 110 TJ / kg ) and a speed of 15, 000 km / s.
When non-native speakers speak Hindi-Urdu, they might pronounce // in ' व ् रत ' as, i. e. as wrat instead of the correct vrat.
Antigenicity is the ability to combine specifically with the final products of the immune response ( i. e. secreted antibodies and / or surface receptors on T-cells ).
* Lit as the past tense of light is more common than lighted in the UK ; American English uses lit to mean " set afire " / " kindled " / " made to emit light " but lighted to mean " cast light upon " ( e. g., " The stagehand lighted the set and then lit a cigarette .").
In abstract algebra, a field extension L / K is called algebraic if every element of L is algebraic over K, i. e. if every element of L is a root of some non-zero polynomial with coefficients in K. Field extensions that are not algebraic, i. e. which contain transcendental elements, are called transcendental.
A model of computation may be defined in terms of an abstract computer, e. g., Turing machine, and / or by postulating that certain operations are executed in unit time.
The masculine forms for German articles, e. g., ' the ', ' a / an ', ' my ', etc., change in the accusative case: they always end in-en.
Liturgical or Mainline Protestant communities ( e. g. Presbyterian, Congregationalist / United Church of Christ, Methodist, Lutheran, etc.
The Second World War temporarily hindered the anthroposophical movement in most of Continental Europe, as the Anthroposophical Society and most of its daughter movements ( e. g. Steiner / Waldorf education ) were banned by the National Socialists ( Nazis ); virtually no anthroposophists ever joined the National Socialist Party.
To maintain network performance, networks may apply traffic policing to virtual circuits to limit them to their traffic contracts at the entry points to the network, i. e. the User – network interfaces ( UNIs ) and Network-to-network interfaces ( NNIs ): Usage / Network Parameter Control ( UPC and NPC ).
* or Areian: the designation of an inhabitant of Aria ( a region in the eastern part of the Persian empire ; today's Herat ), used by the ancient and medieval Greeks ( as Ἄρ ( ε ) ιοι / Ar ( e ) ioi ) and Romans ( as Arii ).
* Extra digits and / or limbs ( e. g. polydactyly )
Tradition ( e. g. Donald Knuth's ( 1973 ) hypothetical MIX computer ), for example, uses two instructions called load accumulator from register / memory ( e. g. " LDA r ") and store accumulator to register / memory ( e. g. " STA r ").

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