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Some Related Sentences

*" and Tennis
*" One Tennis Shoe "— Harvey claims his wife is becoming a bag lady.
*" Derivative Sport in Tornado Alley " ( Harper's, December 1991, under the title " Tennis, Trigonometry, Tornadoes ")

*" and Player
*" Player 4 Stage 4: But is it Arts?
*" To Make a Real Difference in the Real Lives of Real People ...", keynote speech at the Third African-African American Summit, Dakar, Senegal, May, 1995-( an AFRICAN CONNECTIONS documentary )-Technical Note: playback requires Flash 10 Player
*" Lenny Breau Remembered " by Jim Ferguson, Guitar Player Magazine, November 1984.
*" You Ain't Goin ' Nowhere / So You Want To Be A Blues Player "-May 1968 Did Not Chart
*" Flash Player "
*" Ex-Falcons Player Pleads No Contest ", WSB-TV, April 15, 2004.

*" and Michael
*" The Contras ' Valley Forge: How I View the Nicaragua Crisis ", by Enrique Bermúdez ( with Michael Johns ), Policy Review magazine, Summer 1988.
*" The Grave ", a song that McLean had written about the Vietnam War, was covered by George Michael in 2003 in protest against the Iraq War.
*" In Defense of Food Writing: A Reader ’ s Manifesto " A defense of the genre by Eric LeMay based on Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food.
*" On Food Writing " Advice about the craft of food writing from Michael Rhulman.
*" Top o ' The Morning to Ya " is used in Michael Mann's 1995 film Heat, and the 2003 film Daredevil.
*" The Biblical Insights of Michael Polanyi ".
*" Time, Chaos Theory and the Thought of Michael Polanyi ".
*" il Museo Marino Marini ", Michael Thurin
*" Super Bon Bon " was used in the soundtrack for Michael Jordan to the max, an Imax documentary about Michael Jordan.
*" Truth in Translation " ( 2006 ), by Paavo Tom Tammi, in collaboration with American director, Michael Lessac and the company of Colonnades Theatre Lab, South Africa.
*" Time-Sharing Supervisor Programs " by Michael T. Alexander in Advanced Topics in Systems Programming, University of Michigan Engineering Summer Conference 1970 ( revised May 1971 ), compares the scheduling and resource allocation approaches, including virtual memory and paging, used in four mainframe operating systems: CP-67, TSS / 360, MTS, and Multics.
*" Microscope Objectives: Numerical Aperture and Resolution " by Mortimer Abramowitz and Michael W. Davidson, Molecular Expressions: Optical Microscopy Primer ( website ), Florida State University, April 22, 2004.
*" Basic Concepts and Formulas in Microscopy: Numerical Aperture " by Michael W. Davidson, Nikon MicroscopyU ( website ).
*" Seventy Years of Evil: Soviet Crimes from Lenin to Gorbachev ", by Michael Johns, Policy Review magazine, Fall 1987.
*" Terpsichore " is the title of a large collection of dance tunes collected by Michael Praetorius, some originating with Pierre-Francisque Caroubel.
*" Seventy Years of Evil: Soviet Crimes from Lenin to Gorbachev ", by Michael Johns, Policy Review magazine, The Heritage Foundation, Fall 1987.
*" The Lessons of Afghanistan ", by Michael Johns, Policy Review magazine, Spring 1987.
*" A U. S. Strategy to Foster Human Rights in Ethiopia ", by Michael Johns, Heritage Foundation Backgrounder # 692, February 23, 1989.
*" Savimbi's Elusive Victory in Angola ", by Michael Johns, Congressional Record, October 26, 1989.
*" Clean Willy " Williams, fictional character in Michael Crichton's novel The Great Train Robbery
*" War in the 20th Century ", the first episode of Melvyn Bragg's " In Our Time " programme on BBC Radio Four, including a discussion with Michael Ignatieff, biographer, of the ideas of Berlin, a year after the latter's death
*" A U. S. Strategy to Foster Human Rights in Ethiopia ", by Michael Johns, Heritage Foundation Backgrounder # 692, 23 February 1989.
*" Gorbachev's Holocaust: Soviet Complicity in Ethiopia's Famine ", by Michael Johns, Policy Review, Summer 1988.
*" The fascinating life of an English writer, essayist and ' opium eater '", Michael Dirda, Washington Post, December 30, 2010

*" and Joyce's
*" Joyce's Sources: Les Grands Fleuves Historiques " by Ingeborg Landuyt and Geert Lernout, originally published in Joyce Studies Annual 6 ( 1995 ): 99-138.

*" and Professional
*" Professional student " is a slang term commonly used in colleges to describe a student who stays in school for many years rather than embarking on a career.
*" The Professional ," a song by Sleater-Kinney from their 2000 album All Hands on the Bad One
*" History of Hypnosis ", School of Professional Hypnosis
*" Professional consumers " prosumers are excellent, better informed consumers who are buying top-grade or best-value products, or think they are.
*" The Professional.
*" Big Band Profiles: Ted Heath ," Jazz Professional, jazzprofessional. com.

*" and Paradigm
*" Paradigm shifts " within Judaism
*" Black Workers and the Labor Movement: Toward a Paradigm of Unity in Afro-American Studies.
*" A Third World Perspective: A New Paradigm for Social Science Research ", Research: A Third World Perspective, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, 1967, pp. 1 – 17
*" Social Work in a Culturally Pluralistic Society: An Alternative Paradigm ", Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Social Work Practice.
*" Bureaucratic Politics: A Paradigm and Some Policy Implications.

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