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British and Freetown
The wealthy African-American shipowner Paul Cuffee thought this was a worthwhile exercise, and with support from certain members of Congress and British officials conveyed 38 American Blacks to Freetown in 1816 at his own expense.
Britain outlawed the slave trade on 29 March 1807 with the Slave Trade Act 1807 and the British Navy operating from Freetown took active measures to stop the Atlantic slave trade.
After the abolition of the slave trade in 1807, the British Naval Squadron was stationed in Freetown to intercept and seize slave ships participating in the illegal slave trade.
Over the course of the 19th century that gradually changed: the British and Creoles in the Freetown area increased their involvement inand their control over — the surrounding territory by engaging in trade, treaty making, and military expeditions.
In the early 19th century Freetown served as the residence of the British governor who also ruled the Gold Coast ( now Ghana ) and the Gambia settlements.
They founded Freetown in Sierra Leone, the first major British colony in Africa, whose purpose in Thomas Clarkson's words was " the abolition of the slave trade, the civilisation of Africa, and the introduction of the gospel there ".
The city of Freetown was founded in 1792 by Abolitionist John Clarkson as a land for freed African American slaves, called the Nova Scotian who had fought on the side with British during the American Revolutionary War.
Later on, indigenous inhabitants attacked the colony in 1801, but the British eventually took control of Freetown making it a Crown Colony in 1808, beginning the expansionism that led to the creation of Sierra Leone.
British Expeditionary Force in Freetown, c. 1914 – 1916 during the West Africa Campaign ( World War I ) | West Africa Campaign
In 1778, the Battle of Freetown, was fought here during the American Revolutionary War, the townspeople put up a strong defense against a British force.
Greene, a British intelligence officer in Freetown, Sierra Leone, drew on his experience there ; although Freetown is not mentioned in the novel, Greene confirms the location in his memoir, Ways of Escape.
As the colony struggled, some of the freedmen later chose in the early 1790s to go to Freetown, Sierra Leone, where the British set up a new colony, which included the Black Poor from London.
But with the timely intervention of the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, 800 British troops were sent to Freetown to halt the impending rebel march to the city.
Stephen survives a near fatal bout of Yellow Fever contracted while traipsing around the swamplands of West Africa in his usual search for rare birds and animals, a quest in which he is ably assisted in Freetown by the British colonial governor's wife, Christine Wood ( née Hatherleigh ), herself an esteemed naturalist and sister of one of Stephen's fellow members of the Royal Society.
The towns of Bristol and Warren, Rhode Island were significantly damaged, and Freetown, Massachusetts ( present-day Fall River ) was also attacked, although its militia resisted British activities.
Five days later 100 soldiers descended on Freetown, where less damage was done because local defenders prevented the British from crossing a bridge.
Major Edmund Eyre, leader of the Freetown raid, was by 1781 promoted to lieutenant colonel, when he again led British forces during a raid on New London and Groton, Connecticut.
In January 1885 he sent an embassy to Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, offering to put his kingdom under British protection.
British philanthropists involved with the Committee for the Relief of the Black Poor established Freetown in 1787, a settlement for freed slaves, on the Sierra Leone Peninsula, just 20 miles downriver from Bunce Island.
The following year Freetown became a Crown Colony, and the British Navy based its Africa Squadron there.
* 2000-2 PARA arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone to evacuate British, Commonwealth and EU citizens.
In 1819 the Royal Navy created a naval station in West Africa at a captured slaving port that the British renamed Freetown.

British and intercepted
The U. S. Navy illegally intercepted a British merchant ship the Trent on the high seas and seized two Confederate envoys ; Britain protested vehemently while the U. S. cheered.
She is intercepted and sunk by the British light-cruiser HMS Amphion.
As a result, British and American operatives intercepted and photographed a manuscript of the novel and secretly printed a small number of books allegedly published by Feltrinelli in the Russian language.
British Naval Intelligence had been aware of the arms shipment, Casement's return, and the Easter date for the rising through radio messages between Germany and its embassy in the United States that were intercepted by the Navy and deciphered in Room 40 of the Admiralty.
Contained in the traffic ( intercepted and decrypted as part of the Venona project ) was information that documents had been sent to Moscow from the British Embassy in Washington.
The intercepted messages revealed that the British Embassy source ( identified as " Homer ") travelled to New York City to meet his Soviet contact twice a week.
He left New York on 27 March, but his ship, the SS Kristianiafjord, was intercepted by British naval officials in Canada at Halifax, Nova Scotia, and he spent a month detained at Amherst, Nova Scotia.
LTTE's people smuggling ships included MV Ocean Lady, which appeared in October 2009 off Canada's British Columbia coast with 76 Tamil asylum seekers ; MV Sun Sea, arrived in August 2010 off British Columbia, with 492 asylum seekers and MV Alicia, carrying 80 illegal immigrants, but was intercepted by Indonesian authorities in July 2011, allegedly heading towards Canada or New Zealand.
His reports were intercepted via the Ultra program, and seemed so credible that the British counter-intelligence service MI6 launched a full-scale spy hunt.
In February and March 1945, P-40 fighter pilots from 133 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force operating out of RCAF Patricia Bay ( Victoria, British Columbia ), intercepted and destroyed two fire balloons, On 21 February, Pilot Officer E. E. Maxwell While shot down a balloon, which landed on Sumas Mountain, in Washington State.
On 14 October another French convoy, protected by a strong squadron, was intercepted by a well-appointed and well-directed squadron of superior numbers – the squadrons were respectively eight French and fourteen Britishin the Bay of Biscay.
Napoleon learnt the full extent of her affair with Charles while in Egypt, and a letter he wrote to his brother Joseph regarding the subject was intercepted by the British.
The French forces besieged in Valletta faced starvation as the British navy intercepted a French relief force of Lampedusa Island.
After abolition of the slave trade in Great Britain ( 1807 ), British cruisers intercepted foreign slave ships to prevent the trade.
On 5 October, the British learned from an intercepted radio communication of Spee's plan to prey upon shipping in the crucial trading routes along the west coast of South America.
It was a decisive Allied victory, fought off the Peloponnesus coast of Greece from 27 March to 29 March 1941 in which the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy under the command of the British Admiral Cunningham intercepted those of the Italian Regia Marina, under Admiral Angelo Iachino.
A force of British Royal Navy ships accompanied by several Royal Australian Navy ships, under command of British Admiral Andrew Cunningham, intercepted and sank or severely damaged the ships of the Italian Regia Marina under Admiral Angelo Iachino.
The proposal was intercepted and decoded by British intelligence.
The Zimmermann Telegram was intercepted and decoded by the British cryptographers of Room 40.
However, Beckford was bisexual and chose self-exile from British society when his letters to William Courtenay, later 9th Earl of Devon, were intercepted by the boy's uncle, who advertised the affair in the newspapers .. Courtenay was just ten years old on first meeting Beckford.
These culminated in the revelation on 4 July 2011 that, nearly a decade earlier, a private investigator hired by the newspaper had intercepted and deleted the voicemail of missing British teenager Milly Dowler, who was later found murdered.
In January 1900 a British cruiser intercepted three German mail steamers and searched them for war supplies intended for the Boers.

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