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Central and Tavern
In 1953, Barksdale Theatre was founded at the historic Hanover Tavern, becoming the nation's first dinner theatre and Central Virginia's first professional theatre .< ref > Auburn, David.
" Barksdale Theatre in Richmond and Hanover Virginia at WIllow Lawn, the Tavern and the Empire Theater -- Central VA S Leading Professional Theater -- Souvenir, Boleros for the Disenchanted.
The city has been called an " architectural museum ," because the downtown features numerous well-preserved historic structures, such as the 1741 Golden Plough Tavern, the 1751 General Horatio Gates House, the 1766 York Meetinghouse, the 1863 Billmeyer House, the 1888 York Central Market, and the 1907 Moorish Revival Temple Beth Israel.
* Wall Street ( 1987 ) In one of the final scenes, after being punched in Central Park by Michael Douglas for being unloyal, Charlie Sheen walks into the Tavern on the Green where he provides evidence implicating Douglas in federal security fraud.
* In Lesley Livingston's 2008 debut novel, Wondrous Strange, Herne is an ancient hunter and former lover of Queen Mabh who now owns the Tavern on the Green in Central Park, New York City.
The famed New York City restaurant Tavern on the Green is located off of Central Park West, at 66th Street, within the grounds of Central Park.
They rescheduled the show for the next night, December 1, but Biafra and Novoselic played a short acoustic set that night down the street at The Central Tavern, where Biafra was approached by local record producer Mark Cavener.
The school district includes four elementary schools ( Hopewell Elementary, Toll Gate Grammar, Bear Tavern, and the recently opened Stony Brook Elementary School ), a middle school ( Timberlane Middle School ) and a high school ( Hopewell Valley Central High School ).
This used to be the Trinity Methodist chapel and the Central Methodist chapel stood next to the Woodlands Tavern.
The 2011 live-action film Mr. Popper's Penguins also featured Central Park Zoo as well as another Central Park icon, the Tavern on the Green.

Central and Formally
Formally, the Congress serves two functions: to approve changes to the Party constitution regarding policy and to elect a Central Committee, about 300 strong.
Formally, the New York City-area " Central Hatzolah " is called Chevra Hatzalah of New York.

Central and known
In Central Italy, many small rural communes still cluster at the base of a fortified habitation known as La Rocca of the commune.
The Central Artery / Tunnel Project ( CA / T ), known unofficially as the Big Dig, was a megaproject in Boston that rerouted the Central Artery ( Interstate 93 ), the chief highway through the heart of the city, into a 3. 5-mile ( 5. 6-km ) tunnel.
The final Big Dig plan, then, combined several projects — the depression and improvement of the Central Artery, the construction of a third Harbor tunnel ( now known as the Ted Williams Tunnel ), and massive interchange improvements to the Massachusetts Turnpike and several other major routes in the area.
The Black Hand was organized at the grassroots level in 3-to 5-member cells, supervised by district committees and by a Central committee in Belgrade whose ten-member Executive Committee was led, more or less, by Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijević ( also known as Apis ).
The World Factbook ( ISSN ; also known as the CIA World Factbook ) is a reference resource produced by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States with almanac-style information about the countries of the world.
The known history of the Central African Republic dates back to the 7th century AD.
* Central Square, formed by the junction of Massachusetts Avenue, Prospect Street, and Western Avenue, is well known for its wide variety of ethnic restaurants.
In 1540, Spain established the Captaincy General of Guatemala, which extended from southern Mexico to Costa Rica, and thus encompassed most of what is currently known as Central America, with the exception of British Honduras ( present-day Belize ).
The cane toad ( Bufo marinus ), also known as the giant neotropical toad or marine toad, is a large, terrestrial true toad which is native to Central and South America, but has been introduced to various islands throughout Oceania and the Caribbean.
The coyote ( or, or ; Canis latrans ), also known as the American jackal or the prairie wolf, is a species of canine found throughout North and Central America, ranging from Panama in the south, north through Mexico, the United States and Canada.
The native Montagnards of Vietnam's Central Highlands were also known to have used crossbows, as both a tool for hunting, and later, an effective weapon against the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.
The insects that spread the disease are known by various local names, including vinchuca in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay, barbeiro ( the barber ) in Brazil, pito in Colombia, chinche in Central America, chipo in Venezuela, chupança, chinchorro, and " the kissing bug ".
While he was known to call himself a " visitor to small wars ", he refrained from becoming involved in Vietnam, but is known to have done undocumented work for the Central Intelligence Agency.
This re-united group, which now included the large majority of Christadelphians, became known as the Central fellowship named after the Birmingham Central ecclesia.
However, for Young Religious Unitarian Universalists ( YRUU ) programming in Canada, the " Central " and " Eastern " regions are combined to form a youth region known as " QuOM " ( Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes ), giving the youth only three regions for their activities.
* CCC Film, a film production company in Germany, formally known as Central Cinema Compagnie-Film GmbH
* Cheat Code Central, a video game website primarily known for its extensive list of cheat codes
* The Cordillera Central ( also called Sierra del Cibao ) is the island's most rugged and imposing feature and is known in Haiti as the Massif du Nord (" Northern Massif ").
El Salvador has joined its six Central American neighbors in signing the Alliance for Sustainable Development, known as the Conjunta Centroamerica-USA or CONCAUSA to promote sustainable economic development in the region.
It begins with a title screen claiming the footage was found in " US Site 447, formerly known as Central Park.
Guatemala City ( in full, La Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción ; locally known as Guatemala or Guate ), is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Guatemala and Central America.
The Sydney-Parramatta Line ran from Sydney terminus, just south from today's Central railway station to the Granville area which was originally known as ' Parramatta Junction '.

Central and On
On the other hand, Russia also participated to some degree in the nationalist ( cultural and political ) movements of Central and Eastern Europe.
On August 11, 2008, Dallas Buck, RHP Micah Owings, and C Wilkin Castillo were traded to the Reds ( in last place in the NL Central at the time ) in exchange for OF Adam Dunn.
On 12 July 1960 France agreed to the Central African Republic becoming fully independent.
On 13 August 1960 the Central African Republic became an independent country and David Dacko became its first President.
On 4 December 1976, the republic became a monarchy — the Central African Empire — with the promulgation of the imperial constitution and the proclamation of the president as Emperor Bokassa I.
On a consolidated basis, including Central Bank losses and parastatal enterprise profits, the public sector deficit was 2. 3 % of GDP.
On December 1, 1917, the All-Russian Central Executive Committee ( VTsIK or TsIK ) reviewed a proposed reorganization of the VRK, and possible replacement of it.
On August 8 / 9, 2005, China Central Television ( CCTV ) aired a two-part documentary about flying rods in China.
On 14 October 1964 the Central Committee, alongside the Presidium, made it clear that Khrushchev himself did not fit the model of a " Leninist leader ", and he was forced to resign from all his post, and was succeeded by Leonid Brezhnev as First Secretary and Alexei Kosygin as Chairman of the Council of Ministers.
On the NASDAQ the identifying fifth letter " Q " at the end of a stock symbol indicates the company is in bankruptcy ( formerly the " Q " was placed in front of the pre-existing stock symbol ; a celebrated example was Penn Central, whose symbol was originally " PC " and became " QPC " after the company filed Chapter 11 in 1970 ).
On 5 September 2005, the Congress of the Dominican Republic ratified a free trade agreement with the U. S. and five Central American countries, the Dominican Republic – Central America Free Trade Agreement ( CAFTA-DR ).
On June 12, 1982, one million people demonstrated in New York City's Central Park against nuclear weapons and for an end to the cold war arms race.
On 1 July 2006, the Central American Free Trade Agreement ( CAFTA ) entered into force between the US and Guatemala and has since spurred increased investment in the export sector.
On one side were Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria ( the Central Powers / Triple Alliance ), while on the other side stood Serbia and the Triple Entente – the loose coalition of France, Britain and Russia, which were joined by Italy in 1915, Romania in 1916 and by the United States in 1917.
On September 26, 1808, a Central Junta was formed in the town of Aranjuez to coordinate the nationwide struggle against the French.
On 20 March 1966, four months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England, the trophy was stolen during a public exhibition at Westminster Central Hall.
On 10 April 1941, Slavko Kvaternik proclaimed the Independent State of Croatia, Tito responded by forming a Military Committee within the Central Committee of the Yugoslav Communist Party.
On 27 June 1941, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia appointed Tito Commander in Chief of all project national liberation military forces.
On 9 October 1920, General Lucjan Żeligowski, commanding a Polish military force in contravention of the Suwałki Agreement, took the city and established the Republic of Central Lithuania.
* On December 4, 1970, the twisted nematic field effect in liquid crystals was filed for patent by Hoffmann-LaRoche in Switzerland, ( Swiss patent No. 532 261 ) with Wolfgang Helfrich and Martin Schadt ( then working for the Central Research Laboratories ) listed as inventors.
On August 24 the Brewers completed a sweep of the Colorado Rockies to climb to less than five games out in both the NL Central Division and NL Wild Card races, but then Milwaukee went on a 10-game losing streak that ended any postseason hope.
On 16 July 2012, North Korean state media reported that the Chief of General Staff of the Korean People's Army Vice Marshal Ri Yong-ho had been relieved of all his Party duties, namely his Politburo Standing Committee membership, Politburo membership, and Party Central Military Commission vice-chairmanship, stating this move was due to unspecified illness.
On 24 May 2010, Chen Bingde, Chief of the General Staff Department of the People's Liberation Army and member of the Central Military Commission, met Charles Namoloh and Peter Nambundunga, acting commander of the Namibian Defence Forces, in Windhoek.
On June 12, 1982, one million people demonstrated in New York City's Central Park against nuclear weapons and for an end to the cold war arms race.

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