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Devil's and collection
In the United Kingdom the term often retains its positive sense as a reference to natural selection, and for example Richard Dawkins wrote in his collection of essays A Devil's Chaplain, published in 2003, that as a scientist he is a Darwinist.
He displayed his acid wit in two books: The Devil's Bedside Book in 1980, a collection of cynical dictionary definitions in the style of Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary, and The Lowest Form of Wit in 1981, a collection of biting bon mots, stinging retorts, and insults divided into six main sections, illustrated with cartoons ( by Honeysett ) and including a definitive guide and a history of sarcasm.
Devil's Punch Bowl falls, Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River in Colorado, from Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views
* The Hipcrime Vocab, a satirical collection of dictionary pseudo-definitions similar to Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary.
Beginning in 2005, Devil's Due Publishing began releasing comic book adaptations of the Drizzt novels, covering each book in a three-issue mini-series along with a trade paperback collection.
Four appendices are included: In " Letters: ' Many Are Called ...'" a collection of sample letters the CoS has received is presented ; " Satanic Music: That Old Black Magic "; " Satanic Cinema: Down These Mean Streets "; and " Further Reading: The Devil's Bookshelf ".
More recently, Sarob Press published two further volumes of Pons work by Copper-the novel Solar Pons versus the Devil's Claw ( 2004 ) and a collection titled Solar Pons: The Final Cases ( 2005 ) which contains five stories, four being revised editions of earlier Copper Pons contributions, and one new story (" The Adventure of the Baffled Baron ").
It was published in Shaw's 1901 collection Three Plays for Puritans ( together with Caesar and Cleopatra and The Devil's Disciple ).
* Devil's Food — 2005, Mid-Fi ( singles collection )

Devil's and short
The script was loosely based on the short story The Devil's Drool ( otherwise known as Blow Up ) by Argentinian writer Julio Cortázar.
On screen he has been portrayed by Franklyn McLeay in the silent short King John ( 1899 ), which recreates John's death scene at the end of the Shakespeare play, Jonathan Adams in the BBC TV drama series The Devil's Crown ( 1978 ), and John Thaw in the BBC Shakespeare version of The Life and Death of King John ( 1984 ).
The best known are the novels Maitreyi (" La Nuit Bengali " or " Bengal Nights "), Noaptea de Sânziene (" The Forbidden Forest "), Isabel şi apele diavolului (" Isabel and the Devil's Waters ") and the Novel of the Nearsighted Adolescent, the novellas Domnişoara Christina (" Miss Christina ") and Tinereţe fără tinereţe (" Youth Without Youth "), and the short stories Secretul doctorului Honigberger (" The Secret of Dr. Honigberger ") and La Ţigănci (" With the Gypsy Girls ").
Gibbet Hill, a short walk away on top of the Devil's Punch Bowl, is where murderers and robbers were hung in chains to warn others.
The plot was inspired by Julio Cortázar's short story, " Las babas del diablo " or " The Devil's Drool " ( 1959 ), translated also as Blow-Up, and by the life of Swinging London photographer David Bailey.
director Darren Lynn Bousman in his new musical short film, The Devil's Carnival, which will be screened on tour beginning in April, 2012.
Devil's Kitchen trail is well suited for families with smaller children, as the hike is short and the " kitchen " itself provides plenty of opportunity for child-sized exploration.
Although the origins of The Devil's Dictionary are normally placed in 1881 ( the point at which Bierce himself said it began ) the idea started in August 1869 when Bierce, short of topics to write about and having recently bought a new copy of Webster's Unabridged dictionary, suggested the possibility of writing a < nowiki >" Comic Dictionary "</ nowiki >.
director Darren Lynn Bousman again, Sorvino plays God in The Devil's Carnival, an upcoming short film to be screened on tour beginning in April, 2012.
" The Adventure of the Devil's Foot " is one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by British author Arthur Conan Doyle.
" The Devil's Foot " served as the basis for a 1921 short film starring Eille Norwood as Sherlock Holmes, an episode of the 1965 television series Sherlock Holmes starring Douglas Wilmer, and a 1988 episode of The Return of Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett.
Stopping off in the dark evening at the Devil's Punch Bowl, he gets out of his car to admire the view and takes a short walk.
The title " The Devil and Homer Simpson " is a reference to the short story " The Devil and Daniel Webster " in which a farmer sells his soul for prosperity but is then defended in court against the Devil with a jury of the Devil's choosing.
According to some film historians, Selzer also forbade Robert McKimson from producing any future cartoons with the Tasmanian Devil in them after seeing the Devil's premiere short and deeming the creature far too grotesque to be a recurring character.
At the Grottos climbing cliffs eight miles ( 14. 4 km ) to the west, a short trail leads to an area along the river known as the Devil's Punchbowl, with high stone cliffs on either side and waterfalls.
He stars in Devil's Carnival, an upcoming short film to be screened on tour beginning in April, 2012.
A a wooden halt named Holland Road Halt was also opened a short distance to the west in 1905, served by local trains towards Worthing and on the branch line to Devil's Dyke.
In the same year Ewa had been approached by Gunnar Fischer to appear as the young girl in his short film, Djävulen's Instrument ( The Devil's Instrument ).
" The Devil's Progress Report " enjoyed a short run in a Vancouver theatre.

Devil's and stories
* The Devil's Tree-A solitary oak tree in a field off Mountain Road in the southern corner of the township that has been subject of several stories in Weird NJ magazine.
The Devil's Punch Bowl is a large natural amphitheatre and beauty spot near Hindhead, Surrey, in England, and is the source of many stories about the area.
It is these stories, the beauty of the area and the diversity of nature it attracts that has gained the Devil's Punch Bowl the title of a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
The stories also flaunt the author ’ s wide knowledge of Fortean subjects, such as vimanas ( The Negative Ones ), Chase Vault and The Devil's Footprints ( U. F. O.
Doyle ranked " The Adventure of the Devil's Foot " ninth in his list of his twelve favorite Holmes stories.
Also, the 1944 film The Spider Woman is based on several of Doyle's Holmes stories, among them " The Devil's Foot.
Hasbro has recently announced that all stories written by Devil's Due Publishing are now no longer considered canon, and are now considered an alternate continuity.
Joe stories using the same continuity, but written by Devil's Due — after 2001 — omit any contact with the 1980s ' Transformers, Marvel Transformers and G. I.

Devil's and by
1973 ); Charles Berlitz ( The Bermuda Triangle, 1974 ); Richard Winer ( The Devil's Triangle, 1974 ), and many others, all keeping to some of the same supernatural elements outlined by Eckert.
* The Devil's Triangle, ( 1974 ), Richard Winer ( ISBN 0553106880 ); this particular book sold well over a million copies by the end of its first year ; to date there have been at least 17 printings.
In Des Teufels General ( The Devil's General ) of 1954, a Luftwaffe general named Harras loosely modeled after Ernst Udet, appears at first to be cynical fool, but turns out to an anti-Nazi who is secretly sabotaging the German war effort by designing faulty planes.
The largest was called Royal Island, another St. Joseph ( after the patron saint of the expedition ), and the smallest of the islands, surrounded by strong currents, Île du Diable ( the infamous " Devil's Island ").
His novel The Devil's Elixirs ( 1815 ) was influenced by Lewis's novel The Monk, and is even mentioned during the book.
As the closing credits roll the Inquisitors race to the Old Bailey by double-decker bus, to the tune of " Devil's Galop ", only to arrive just as the words " THE END " appear.
Earlier, the guilds of writers had denounced the printing press as " the Devil's Invention ", and were responsible for a 53-year lag between its invention by Johannes Gutenberg in Europe in c. 1440 and its introduction to the Ottoman society with the first Gutenberg press in Istanbul that was established by the Sephardic Jews of Spain in 1493 ( who had migrated to the Ottoman Empire a year earlier, escaping from the Spanish Inquisition of 1492.
A number of other films have been made on or about Shetland including A Crofter's Life in Shetland ( 1932 ) A Shetland Lyric ( 1934 ), Devil's Gate ( 2003 ) and It's Nice Up North ( 2006 ), a comedy documentary by Graham Fellows.
The Computer Contradictionary is a follow-on to Kelly-Bootle's The Devil's DP Dictionary, published in New York by McGraw-Hill in 1981, ISBN 0-07-034022-6 ; the later publication shares only a little material with the original.
The media have sensationalized him with the sobriquet, " the Devil's advocate ", and he himself has contributed to his " notorious " public persona by such acts as titling his autobiography The Brilliant Bastard and giving provocative replies in interviews.
Émile Zola's " J ' Accuse " accused the highest levels of the French Army of obstruction of justice and antisemitism by having wrongfully convicted Alfred Dreyfus to life imprisonment on Devil's Island.
He was also portrayed by Charles Kay in the 1978 BBC TV drama series The Devil's Crown.
She was also portrayed by Brenda Bruce in the 1978 BBC TV series The Devil's Crown, which dramatised the reigns of her son and grandsons.
The professor then typically plays Devil's advocate, trying to force the student to defend his or her position by rebutting arguments against it.
Some noted rock formations involve giant boulders exposed by erosion, such as the Devil's Marbles in Australia's Northern Territory, the Horeke basalts in New Zealand, where an entire valley contains only boulders, and The Baths on the island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.
* Dreyfus: Prisoner of Devil's Island – Music Theatre piece – Music and Lyrics by Bryan Kesselman, St Giles Cripplegate, London, November 1998 ; Part of the 9th London international Jewish Music Festival.
He was also portrayed by Alan Cox ( as a young boy ), Dominic Savage ( as a teenager ), and Kevin McNally ( as an adult ) in the 1978 BBC TV series The Devil's Crown, which dramatised the reigns of his father and brothers.
Geoffrey was portrayed by actor Bruce Purchase in the 1978 BBC TV series The Devil's Crown, which dramatised the reigns of his son and grandsons in England.
He rejected ones from the likes of Cary Grant and David Selznick and signed on with independent production company Hecht-Hill-Lancaster, enticed by their offer to adapt George Bernard Shaw ’ s play The Devil's Disciple.
He was born in what is now Whitley County, Indiana, at either a small Miami village by Devil's Lake, or at a larger nearby village known as Turtletown.

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