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Hound and Heaven
Some, she knew, looked upon Thompson almost as a saint, but others read in `` The Hound Of Heaven '' what they took to be the confessions of a great sinner, who, like Oscar Wilde, had -- as one pious writer later put it -- thrown himself `` on the swelling wave of every passion ''.
The " Hound of Heaven " is a 182-line poem written by English poet Francis Thompson ( 1859-1907 ).
Titled, A Pictorial Sequence Painted by R. H. Ives Gammell Based on The Hound of Heaven, it is considered Gammell's magnum opus.
* The Christian alternative rock band Daniel Amos wrote a song titled Hound of Heaven on their 1978 album Horrendous Disc that is based on the Thompson poem.
* Christian artist Michael Card wrote a song " Hound of Heaven ," basing the lyrics on parts of Thompson's poem.
* " The Hound of Heaven " was mentioned in the suicide note of George R. Price, a geneticist who pioneered the evolutionary theory of altruism and suicide ( among other things ), before becoming a committed Christian and giving away all his possessions to the poor.
* Canadian Poet Phyllis Webb references " The Hound of Heaven " in her poem " Poetics Against the Angel of Death.
* Paramhansa Yogananda, the great Indian spiritual master, included " The Hound of Heaven " in one of his two albums, " Songs of My Heart ".
* " The Hound of Heaven " sources
* R. H. Ives Gammell: The Hound of Heaven by Elizabeth Ives Hunter
In their decision, which became known as " Brown II " the court delegated the task of carrying out school desegregation to district courts with orders that desegregation occur " with all deliberate speed ," a phrase traceable to Francis Thompson's poem, The Hound of Heaven.
In 2000 Norman sang " Hound of Heaven " on the Daniel Amos tribute album, When Worlds Collide: A Tribute to Daniel Amos.
Some of the songs from the album, like " Hound of Heaven " were being performed by the band in concert as early as 1977.
The covers sung by Norman were of his favorite Daniel Amos song – " Hound of Heaven ".
*" Hound of Heaven " +
# " Hound Of Heaven " ( Taylor )
# " Hound of Heaven "
# " Hound of Heaven "
# " Hound of Heaven " ( performed by Larry Norman )
# " Hound of Heaven " ( another version performed by Larry Norman )
# " The Hound of Heaven "
His most famous poem The Hound of Heaven, describes the pursuit of the human soul by God.
::— Francis Thompson, The Hound of Heaven
* The Hound of Heaven and Other Poems ( 1978 )

Hound and is
In the BBC Three Sitcom Mongrels the character of Destiny is an Afghan Hound.
Others believe it was a cross from a miniature French pointer and a pinscher ; others claim that is was developed from the St. Hubert Hound, also a bloodhound, in the 18th century, and still others believe that they were descended from Basset Hounds, based upon their scent abilities and general appearance.
Tor Royal Lane is a dead end road which leads down from the town to the site of the disused Whiteworks tin mine, about 3 km or 2 miles to the south-east, which overlooks Fox Tor Mires, the presumed site of the Grimpen Mire to be found in Arthur Conan Doyle's tale The Hound of the Baskervilles.
Holmes is described in The Hound of the Baskervilles as having a " cat-like " love of personal cleanliness.
Its name is thought to come from the ancient Arabian town of Suluk, Libya, although in the modern era it has also been called the Gazelle Hound or Persian Greyhound.
A dog noted as being a Gazelle Hound is featured in a painting of Henry IV, Duke of Saxony, painted in 1514, by Lucas Cranach the Elder.
Between 2000 and 2009, 1215 Salukis were registered with The Kennel Club in the UK, while this does not approach the numbers of the more popular breeds, it is in line with similar breeds in the Hound Group such as the Borzoi, which had 1399 puppies registered in the same period.
It is also not to be confused with the smooth Afghan Hound, which is a variety of the Afghan Hound.
That Episode is loosely based on The Hound of the Whiskervilles.
In Dungeons and Dragons Online, Xy ' zzy is the nigh-invulnerable raid boss in the Hound of Xoriat adventure.
* Flash ( Sandy and others ) is a slow-paced Basset Hound and Rosco's loyal companion, who hated Hogg but loved the Dukes.
This breed of dog is recognized in 1885 by the American Kennel Club and is classified in the Hound Group.
In Arthur Conan Doyle's story, The Hound of the Baskervilles, the villain is a naturalist who collects butterflies, making him an " evil " entomologist.
The Kooikerhondje or Kooiker Hound, is a small spaniel-type breed of dog of Dutch ancestry that was originally used as a working dog, particularly in duck hunting and tolling.
A comedian, dancer, singer, and musician, Albertson is perhaps best known for his roles as Manny Rosen in The Poseidon Adventure ( 1972 ), Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory ( 1971 ), Amos Slade in the 1981 animated film The Fox and the Hound ( 1981 ), and as Ed Brown in the 1974 – 1978 television sitcom Chico and the Man.
Tom Stoppard's The Real Inspector Hound is a send up of crime fiction novels and features a bumbling detective.
The story of Gelert is a variation on the well-worn " Faithful Hound " folk-tale motif, which lives on as an urban legend.

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