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Museum and Robyn
The Museum contains several large Musqueam artifacts from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as many contemporary works commissioned from Musqueam artists such as Susan Point, Joe Becker, and Robyn and Debra Sparrow.

Museum and Hitchcock
Touring Europe more comprehensively with his friends Alfred H. Barr, Jr. and Henry-Russell Hitchcock to examine firsthand recent trends in architecture, the three assembled their discoveries as the landmark show " The International Style: Architecture Since 1922 " at the Museum of Modern Art, in 1932.
" Professor Edward Hitchcock then obtained the slab, which is now on prominent display in the Amherst College Museum of Natural History.
Other landowners were Thomas Hitchcock and his family, Harry Payne Whitney and his wife the former Gertrude Vanderbilt, founder of New York's Whitney Museum, at Apple Green ( formerly a Mott house ), Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, whose estate is now subdivided into the Old Westbury Country Club and New York Institute of Technology.
Alfred Hitchcock used the Reading Room and the dome of the British Museum as a location for the climax of his first sound film Blackmail ( 1929 ).
Without informing the producers, Hitchcock used the Schüfftan process to film the scenes in the Reading Room of the British Museum since the light levels were too low for normal filming.

Museum and official
The Munch Museum currently serves at Munch's official Estate, and has been active in responding to copyright infringements, as well as clearing copyright for the work, such as the appearance of Munch's The Scream in a 2006 M & M's advertisement campaign.
Among them: Umayyad Mosque in Damascus ; San Silvestro in Capite in Rome ; and the Residenz Museum in Munich, Germany ( official residence of the Wittelsbach rulers of Bavaria from 1385 to 1918 ).
The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía ( MNCARS ) is the official name of Spain's national museum of 20th-century art, located in Madrid ( informally shortened to the Museo Reina Sofía, Queen Sofia Museum.
* Museum expansion project official website-The New Uffizi
The National Weather Service today has two official weather stations in Oakland: Oakland International Airport and the Oakland Museum ( established 1970 ).
Galveston is home to several historic ships: the tall ship Elissa ( the official Tall Ship of Texas ) at the Texas Seaport Museum and USS Cavalla and USS Stewart, both berthed at Seawolf Park on nearby Pelican Island.
The National Museum of Fine Arts is a Rococo palace dating back to the late 1570s, which served as the official residence of the Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet during the British era from 1789 onwards.
The Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum is located in Caernarfon, Wales, and the official headquarters are at Wrexham.
The first official public showing was at the Deutsches Museum in Munich on October 21, 1923 .< ref name =" twothousand ">
The official beheading axe of Finland resides today in the Museum of Crime, Vantaa.
* Whistler House Museum of Art official web site
* Roman Theatre and Museum official website
Although Jiang has been seldom seen in public since giving up his last official title in 2004, he was with Hu Jintao on stage at a ceremony celebrating the 80th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army, and toured the Military Museum of the Chinese Peoples Revolution with Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, and other former senior officials.
* EMP Museum official website
* Landmark Park Agricultural Museum and Starlab Planetarium is the official agriculture museum of the State of Alabama.
* The Muzee Museum ( official museum of Scheveningen )
* Plantation Agriculture Museum official webpage
* American Labor Museum, Botto House National Landmark, official site
The City of Las Vegas Museum & Rough Rider Memorial on Grand Avenue, dedicated in 1940, was first established by the decision of Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders regiment ( the first Volunteer Cavalry Regiment of the Spanish-American War ), who named Las Vegas their official reunion home.
* U. S. Army Quartermaster Museum ( official site )
The Town of Pocahontas owns and operates the Pocahontas Exhibition Mine and Museum, a National Historic Landmark and Virginia's official " coal heritage zone.
* The Kazoo Museum official website of the Beaufort, SC kazoo museum
* Thorney Heritage Museum official website
* National Museum of the United States Air Force, official site
The VC10 was built and first flown at Brooklands in 1964 and after airline service with British United and later British Caledonian Airways, in 1974 it became the official VIP transport for the Sultan of Oman until retired and flown back to Brooklands on 6 July 1987 and donated to Brooklands Museum by the Sultan of Oman's Royal Flight.

Museum and site
* Museum of Work-Official site
A map of Cyprus in the later Bronze Age ( such as is given by J. L. Myres and M. O. Richter in Catalogue of the Cyprus Museum ) shows more than 25 settlements in and about the Mesaorea district alone, of which one, that at Enkomi, near the site of Salamis, has yielded the richest Aegean treasure in precious metal found outside Mycenae.
* 1936: The site of Manseibashi Station was closed ( later the Transportation Museum — now closed ).
The Museum Island in the River Spree houses five museums built from 1830 to 1930 and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Until 1997, when the British Library ( previously centred on the Round Reading Room ) moved to a new site, the British Museum was unique in that it housed both a national museum of antiquities and a national library in the same building.
The Museum became a construction site as Sir Robert Smirke's grand neo-classical building gradually arose.
The British Museum has refused to return these artefacts, stating that the " restitutionist premise, that whatever was made in a country must return to an original geographical site, would empty both the British Museum and the other great museums of the world ".
Road leading to the Delphi Museum and site.
In 2010 the Space Needle Corporation submitted a proposal for an exhibition of Chihuly's work at a site in the Seattle Center, in competition with proposals for other uses from several other groups. The project, which sees the new Chihuly exhibition hall occupy the site of the former Fun Forest amusement park in the Seattle Center park and entertainment complex, received the final green light from the Seattle City Council on April 25, 2011. Divisive Dale Chihuly Glass-Art " Museum " Approved for Former Seattle Amusement Park ARTINFO. com It opened May 21, 2012. Chihuly Garden and Glass Opens with Dedication Ceremony on Monday, May 21 prnewswire. comDale Chihuly's ' Glass House ' shines in Seattle publicbroadcasting. net
Fondation Baur and Museum of the arts d ' Extrême-Orient, Parc et campagne de la Grange and Library ( neolithic shore settlement / Roman villa ), Bronze Age shore settlement of Plonjon, Temple de la Madeleine archeological site, Temple Saint-Gervais archeological site, Old City with Celtic, Roman and medieval villages
The Regional Council of Bizkaia acquired the site in 1982 and refurbished it as a Museum with the aim of presenting an exhibition to promote the understanding of the historical, political and cultural meaning of the spiritual community of Euskal Herria.
GSM cell site antennas in the Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany
By the 1930s the place would evolve to become her greatest legacy, the Whitney Museum of American Art, on the site of today's New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.
The school officially opened September 23, 1964, it is still currently active and it is housed at 8 W. 8th Street, the site of the original Whitney Museum of American Art.
The Haithabu Museum was opened next to the site in 1985.
* Jacob Lawrence on the site of the Queens Museum of Art ; includes reproductions of several prints from the John Brown series.
The site is a U. S .- designated National Historic Landmark, and is operated as the " Fort Garland Museum ".
Lorraine Motel, Martin Luther King, Jr .'s 1968 assassination site, as part of a National Civil Rights Museum | civil rights museum
The site has been excavated since 1993 by Francis Thackeray of the Transvaal Museum.
* The Computer Museum Report, Volume 8, TX-0 alumni reunion, Spring 1984, Ed Thelen Web site ( accessed June 18, 2006 )
Christening information from the bells held by the Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt Museum has been entered into a searchable data archive that is accessible to any interested web site visitors.
Lawson discovered a second site of the same age, about forty kilometers from the first, where between 1972 and 1974 he and Professor Wann Langston Jr. of the Texas Memorial Museum unearthed three fragmentary skeletons of much smaller individuals.

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