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closest and neighbor
Although Dominican relations with its closest neighbor, the Republic of Haiti, have never been extensive, there are signs this would have changed with the government of President Hipólito Mejía.
Elizabeth's closest neighbor in Allen Parish is Oakdale, LA.
Luverne's closest neighbor is Sibley, four miles ( 6 km ) away.
Its closest neighbor is the tiny village of Owings, which lies about one mile to the North.
The candidate node which is closest to any of the nodes already in the tree is itself moved into the tree and attached to the appropriate neighbor node.
* Nearest neighbor: Preprocess a set of points, in order to efficiently find which point is closest to a query point.
She also harbored a lifelong obsession with her closest childhood friend and neighbor, Violet Shillito – a relationship that remained unconsummated.
* Norma Boreley, Fanny's neighbor, is one of her closest friends despite their many differences in temperament
It is then easy to route a message to the owner of any key using the following greedy algorithm ( that is not necessarily globally optimal ): at each step, forward the message to the neighbor whose ID is closest to.
When there is no such neighbor, then we must have arrived at the closest node, which is the owner of as defined above.
The closest stellar neighbor to Wolf 359 is the red dwarf star Ross 128, away.
With Major League Soccer's expansion in 2005, Real Salt Lake became the second team in the Rocky Mountain region and the Rapids ' closest neighbor.
Unlike the other Crusader states, the County was landlocked ; it was remote from the other states and was not on particularly good terms with its closest neighbor, the Principality of Antioch.
Tunis was the closest neighbor to Tripoli and the deposed pasha of Tripoli, Hamet Caramelli, was exiled there.
His closest neighbor, who lived half a mile away, introduced Mathis to rap music through mixtapes mailed from New York City.
Kanton's closest neighbor is the uninhabited island of Enderbury, 63 km to the south.
Along with its neighbor NGC 300, it is one the closest galaxies to the Local Group, probably lying between us and the Sculptor Group.
This makes the region of Chablis relatively isolated from other winemaking regions with the southern vineyards of the Champagne in the Aube department being the closest winemaking neighbor.
The Spectrum's closest sports complex neighbor was Veterans Stadium ( opened 1971, closed 2003, demolished 2004 ) which was located north of the arena directly across Pattison Avenue.
With Motu Nao as its closest neighbor, it is also the most isolated of the inhabited islands.
Based on medieval sources, Bjarmaland's closest neighbor in the west was Kvenland.
The Kolymskaya Protoka, or Kolymskoye Ustye is the arm one located on the eastern side, i. e. the " Kolyma side " of the delta ( the arm closest to the Kolyma, the eastern neighbor of the Indigirka ).
* Darris Love as Raymond " Ray " Alvarado – Alex's closest friend and next-door neighbor.

closest and b
Although it has morphological similarities with the pygmy killer whale, the false killer whale and the pilot whales, a study of cytochrome b gene sequences by Richard LeDuc indicated that its closest extant relatives are the snubfin dolphins of the genus Orcaella.
The closest relatives of the choughs were formerly thought to be the typical crows, Corvus, especially the jackdaws in the subgenus Coloeus, but DNA and cytochrome b analysis shows that the genus Pyrrhocorax, along with the Ratchet-tailed Treepie ( genus Temnurus ), diverged early from the rest of the Corvidae.
Vulpecula is also home to HD 189733 b, the closest extrasolar planet currently being studied by the Spitzer Space Telescope.
Today, this arrangement is considered paraphyletic as indicated by mtDNA cytochrome b sequence analysis and Parus is best restricted to the Parus major — Parus fasciiventer clade, and even the latter species ' closest relatives might be considered a distinct genus.
After the death of his legitimate children James ( b. 1378 ), John ( b. 1380 ) and Margaret ( b. 1384 / 1388 ), all of whom died young, King Martin appointed his cousin James, the closest legitimate agnate of the Royal House of Aragon, as Governor-General of all the kingdoms of Aragon, a position that belonged traditionally to the heir presumptive.
Based on cladistic analysis of mtDNA cytochrome b and 12S rRNA sequences, the Nicobar Pigeon is sometimes called the closest living relative of the extinct didines ( Raphinae ), which include the famous Dodo ( Raphus cucullatus ).
In such a collision the momentum transfer from the incident electron to an atomic electron can be expressed as, where b is the distance of closest approach between the electrons, and v is the incident electron velocity.
His other claim was as the agnate of the House of Dunkeld, being ( a ) the closest agnate, and ( b ) a candidate based on tanistry of agnates of the house where Alexander III belonged to.
Here, b can be interpreted as the distance of closest approach.
We can consider an electron of charge-e and mass m < sub > e </ sub > passing a stationary ion of charge + Ze and much larger mass at a distance b with a speed v. The perpendicular force is ( 1 / 4πε < sub > 0 </ sub >) Ze < sup > 2 </ sup >/ b < sup > 2 </ sup > at the closest approach and the duration of the encounter is about b / v.

closest and any
Because Athanasius ' canon is the closest canon of any of the Church Fathers to the canon used by Protestant churches today, many Protestants point to Athanasius as the father of the canon.
The team with the closest ball to the jack is the only team that can score points in any frame.
All eight scrolls do not reveal any major disagreements against the Masoretic Text, although James C. VanderKam observes that 1QDan < sup > a </ sup > is closest to the traditional text.
* The knight moves to any of the closest squares that are not on the same rank, file, or diagonal, thus the move forms an " L "- shape: two squares vertically and one square horizontally, or two squares horizontally and one square vertically.
Two, Chadic is closest to Cushitic and Omotic than any other branch.
In general relativity, the apsides of any orbit ( the point of the orbiting body's closest approach to the system's center of mass ) will precess — the orbit is not an ellipse, but akin to an ellipse that rotates on its focus, resulting in a rose curve-like shape ( see image ).
With about 800 speakers in Tanzania, Hadza appears to be unrelated to any other language ; genetically, the Hadza people are unrelated to the Khoisan peoples of Southern Africa, and their closest relatives may be among the Pygmies of Central Africa.
It concludes that the closest parallels with Isaiah's description of the king of Babylon as a fallen morning star cast down from heaven are to be found not in any lost Canaanite and other myths but in traditional ideas of the Jewish people themselves, echoed in the Biblical account of the fall of Adam and Eve, cast out of God's presence for wishing to be as God, and the picture in of the " gods " and " sons of the Most High " destined to die and fall.
) A polyphyletic group is any group other than a monophyletic group or a paraphyletic group, which like a paraphyletic group contains only some of the descendants of their closest common ancestor, but unlike a paraphyletic group is not characterized by the missing descendants forming one ( or more ) monophyletic groups.
Through referenda, citizens may challenge any law voted by federal parliament and through initiatives introduce amendments to the federal constitution, making Switzerland the closest state in the world to a direct democracy.
With these ideas referring to an organized body of knowledge and " any systematically presented set of concepts, whether they are empirical, axiomatic, or philosophical, " Lehre " is associated with theory and science in the etymology of general systems, but also does not translate from the German very well ; " teaching " is the " closest equivalent ", but " sounds dogmatic and off the mark ".
Registering as a Democrat, he obtained the party's nomination for mayor in the 1935 election and lost by the closest margin for any Democrat in the city's history.
Marshal MacMahon, now closest to Wissembourg, left his four divisions spread apart in diameter to react to any Prussian invasion.
Bentham claimed to have borrowed this concept from the writings of Joseph Priestley, although the closest that Priestley in fact came to expressing it was in the form " the good and happiness of the members, that is the majority of the members of any state, is the great standard by which every thing relating to that state must finally be determined ".
Elizabeth and Buckingham now allied themselves with Lady Margaret Beaufort and espoused the cause of Margaret's son Henry Tudor, a great-great-great-grandson of King Edward III the closest male heir of the Lancastrian claim to the throne with any degree of validity.
However, V8 Supercars does provide the closest racing of any touring car category, with the top twenty cars usually qualifying within one second of one another.
The closest Marr or Morrissey has come to any kind of reunion was in January 2006 when Johnny Marr and The Healers played at Andy Rourke's Manchester v Cancer benefit concert.
It belonged to a red-haired person — a youth of fifteen, as I take it now, but looking much older — whose hair was cropped as close as the closest stubble ; who had hardly any eyebrows, and no eyelashes, and eyes of a red-brown, so unsheltered and unshaded, that I remember wondering how he went to sleep.
The German word Zaun comes closest to the original meaning of the word: a fence of any material.
Furthermore, building in the closest area to the walls was banned to avoid any advantage for a besieger-thus the city could only grow by increasing its housing density.
A related problem in linear algebra is the orthogonal Procrustes problem of finding the closest orthogonal matrix to any given matrix.
It can be converted into the true anomaly, which does represent the real geometric angle in the plane of the ellipse, between periapsis ( closest approach to the central body ) and the position of the orbiting object at any given time.
Sheridan does not have any public use airports, with McMinnville Municipal Airport as the closest public airport.
During the 19th century the area closest to Ljungby itself consisted mostly of sand without any vegetation, and the government released funds to plant trees which would tie together the sand and make it suitable for plants.

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