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county and prosecuting
The Baltimore County State's Attorney is responsible for prosecuting the felony, misdemeanor and juvenile cases occurring in the county.
In West Virginia, prosecuting attorneys in each county are elected in partisan elections to four-year terms.
County sheriffs ( who also serve ex-officio as county treasurer ) are also elected by each county to a four-year term, although unlike prosecuting attorneys, sheriffs are limited to serving only two terms.
County Officials: The county has several other elected offices, including prosecuting attorney, assessor, sheriff, coroner, auditor, treasurer, recorder, surveyor, and circuit court clerk Each of these elected officers serves a term of four years and oversees a different part of county government.
County Officials: The county has several other elected offices, including sheriff, prosecuting attorney, coroner, auditor, treasurer, recorder, surveyor, and circuit court clerk.
County Officials: The county has several other elected offices, including prosecuting attorney, sheriff, coroner, auditor, treasurer, recorder, surveyor, and circuit court clerk.
Machine domination of city and county government was abruptly ended in 1946 with the election of a " Government Improvement " slate of returning World War II veterans led by Marine Lt. Col. Sid McMath, who was elected prosecuting attorney.
John A. Logan entered politics as a Douglas Democrat, was elected county clerk in 1849, served in the State House of Representatives from 1853 to 1854 and in 1857 ; and for a time, during the interval, was prosecuting attorney of the Third Judicial District of Illinois.
By 1852 Vance had begun practicing law in Asheville, and was soon elected county solicitor ( prosecuting attorney ).
He rose from prosecuting attorney of Kanawha County in 1872 to Justice pro tempore of the county circuit in 1875, and to the United States House of Representatives in 1876.
He was elected county prosecuting attorney, and a member of the State house of representatives in 1828 and 1829.
As a lawyer, Greenwood was county attorney of Daviess County 1911 – 1915, then as prosecuting attorney for the forty-ninth judicial circuit 1916 – 1918.

county and attorney
He returned to his cell in the county jail, where he has been held since his arrest last July, without a word to his court-appointed attorney, Jack Walker, or his guard.
On April 5, 1925, George Rappleyea, who worked as a local manager for the Cumberland Coal and Iron Company, happened to meet county superintendent of schools Walter White and local attorney Sue K. Hicks at Robinson's Drug Store and convinced them that the controversy of such a trial would give Dayton much needed publicity.
* Churton Town, the Orange County, North Carolina county seat laid out in 1754, is renamed Childsburgh in honor of North Carolina attorney general Thomas Child.
Other elected officials include the county sheriff, the county clerk, and the county attorney.
In 1879, the county was renamed Johnson, for E. P. Johnson, a Cheyenne attorney.
Other key county officials include the coroner / medical examiner, treasurer, assessor, auditor, controller, and district attorney.
In other words, most criminal defendants are prosecuted for violations of state law, not local ordinances, and if they, the district attorney, or police seek reforms to the criminal justice system, they will usually have to direct their efforts towards the state legislature rather than the county ( which merely implements state law ).
A typical criminal defendant will be arraigned and subsequently indicted or held over for trial before a trial court in and for a particular county where the crime occurred, kept in the county jail ( if he is not granted bail or cannot make bail ), prosecuted by the county's district attorney, and tried before a jury selected from that county.
But long-term incarceration is rarely a county responsibility, execution of capital punishment is never a county responsibility, and the state's responses to prisoners ' appeals is the responsibility of the state attorney general, who has to defend before the state appellate courts the prosecutions conducted by locally-elected district attorneys in the name of the state.
His father, attorney Oscar Waldo Williams, earlier served a decade as Pecos county judge.
The 1932 Texas Republican gubernatorial nominee, Orville Bullington, resided in Knox County and served as county attorney early in his career.
From 1975 to 1995, the Burleson county judge, who presides over the commissioner's court, were the son and father team of Mark Steglich Caperton ( born 1946 ), a Caldwell attorney, and Woods Allen Caperton ( 1920-2009 ).
The county is named in honor of Hezekiah Hamblen ( 1775 – 1854 ), an early settler, landowner, attorney, and member of the Hawkins County Court for many years.
On March 2, 2004, Multnomah County Chair Linn announced the county would begin granting licenses for same-sex marriages, pursuant to a legal opinion issued by its attorney deeming such marriages lawful under Oregon law.
Three men who helped to perpetrate this swindle, including the county attorney and a judge of the county court, were shot and killed on April 24, 1872 while on board a Katy railroad spur between Bryson, Missouri and Paola, Kansas ( in or near what is now known as Gunn City ).
The sheriff and county attorney are also elected on a nonpartisan ticket.
Some coroners hold office by virtue of holding another office: in Nebraska, the county district attorney is the coroner ; in many counties in Texas, the Justice of the Peace may be in charge of death investigation ; in other places, the sheriff is the coroner.
In 1874, the state attorney general investigated, and found not a single resident of the county.

county and staff
It is alleged that its chief of staff is a Limerick man and that a number of other key members are from that county.
Also in 1981, the SPLC won a case that ordered an Alabama county to pay salaries to the staff of its first black probate judge.
The County Detention Facility is a 21 bed ( 3 female ) facility located in the basement of the county courthouse and the detention staff double up as the communications / 911 emergency communications staff.
There were stories that it was named for Captain Robert Lyon, a survivor of the Pyramid Lake War in 1860, but Nevada State Archives staff discovered a county seal with the picture of the Civil War general and settled the conflict.
The county is also served by one independent school district, the Monroe County Intermediate School District, which provides education services and staff support at all of the county's schools.
The Blackford County Health Department is located in Hartford City, and has a staff of nine people that serves and educates the county.
The branch is a partnership between HCPL and the city ; the city built and maintains the building, while the county supplies materials and staff.
To circumvent the protesters, Mr. Eaton sent his staff to the county morgue to claim 4 " John Does " and buried them at the corners of the property in the dark of night.
The series was to have been about the adventures of two Los Angeles County Department of Animal Control officers, and the staff of a county animal shelter.
Paid staff are employed at national, provincial and county level in administrative, coaching, development and other roles, but most counties have few employees and few clubs have any.
Before the company moved to Arizona from Riverside, California in 1994, it became a center of controversy when a county coroner ruled that Alcor client Dora Kent ( Alcor board member Saul Kent's mother ) was murdered with barbiturates before her head was removed for neuropreservation by the company's staff.
The district attorney is the highest officeholder in the legal department of the jurisdiction – generally the county in the U. S.and supervises a staff of assistant ( ADA ) or deputy district attorneys.
He was one of the commissioners appointed to build the state capitol 1874 ; in 1867 appointed clerk of Westchester County, but resigned after a short service ; made immigration commissioner by New York Legislature in 1870, but declined to serve ; member of boundary commission of the state of New York in 1875 ; had also been commissioner of quarantine and president of Court of Claims of New York City and commissioner of taxes and assessments for the city and county of New York ; defeated for Lieutenant Governor of New York on the Liberal Republican-Democratic ticket in 1872 ; candidate for U. S. Senator from New York in 1881, but withdrew after the 41st ballot ; declined nomination as a senator in 1885 ; but elected to the U. S. Senate in 1899, and re-elected in 1905, and served from March 4, 1899, to March 4, 1911 ; stumped the state of New York for John C. Frémont in 1856 and for Abraham Lincoln in 1860 ; delegate-at-large to Republican National conventions 1888-1904 and delegate to all following conventions, including 1928, being elected the day before he died ; made the nomination speeches for Harrison in 1892, Governor Morton in 1896, and Fairbanks in 1904 ; at the convention in 1888 received ninety-nine votes for the presidential nomination, and in 1892 declined an appointment as Secretary of State in Harrison's cabinet ; Adjutant of the 18th Regiment, New York National Guard, which served in the American Civil War, and later Colonel and Judge Advocate of the 5th Division, on the staff of Major General James W. Husted of the New York Guard, trustee of Peekskill Military Academy ; president of New York State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, of the Pilgrims Society from 1918 until his death, of the St. Nicholas Society, and of the Union League for seven years ( member since 1868 and elected honorary life member at the close of his presidency ); an officer of the French Légion d ' honneur ; vice president of New York Chamber of Commerce 1904-08 ( member since 1885 ).
DWT also runs a series of special projects headed by conservation staff working with groups of volunteer members and supporter groups throughout the county.
The school was at the time the smallest in the county, but a protest by staff, pupils and parents resulted in the County Council narrowly voting against closure.
The backup choice, if negotiations between county staff and the developer falter, is the University Highland site just north of Germain Arena in Estero.
The objective is to increase the supply of professional staff and other staff that county mental health programs anticipate they will require in order to provide the increase in services projected to serve additional individuals and families.
His county staff measured 18, while Monroe County's executive had only four staffers and then downsized to three.
Other times, however, a deputy can be employed by the county clerk to perform civil ceremonies when regular staff are unable to do so or are overwhelmed.
Taylor became a Warwickshire county councillor and fought Warwick and Leamington in the 1992 general election, pulling Labour up into second place, before joining the Labour Party's staff in 1994.
Sometimes the professional staff of an MPO is provided by a county or a council of governments.
The bankruptcy was precipitated by investment decisions made largely by county staff prior to Steiner's tenure on the board.

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