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instrumental and case
This conflation of the old accusative, dative, instrumental, and ( after prepositions ) genitive cases is the oblique case.
The ablative case has 15 uses, descending from three Proto-Indo-European cases: ablative ( from ), instrumental ( with ), and locative ( in / at ).
Erin Brockovich-Ellis ( born June 22, 1960 ) is an American legal clerk and environmental activist who, despite the lack of a formal law school education, or any legal education, was instrumental in constructing a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company ( PG & E ) of California in 1993.
Languages such as Ancient Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit had ways of altering or inflecting nouns to mark roles which are not specially marked in English, such as the ablative case (" John kicked the ball away from the house ") and the instrumental case (" John kicked the ball with his foot ").
The instrumental case was somewhat rare and occurred only in the masculine and neuter singular ; it could typically be replaced by the dative.
It is also used as an instrumental case in Finnish.
In modern Finnish, many of its instrumental uses are being superseded by the adessive case, as in " minä matkustin junalla " → " I travelled by train.
The comitative case ( abbreviated ), also known as the associative case ( abbreviated ), is a grammatical case that denotes companionship, and is used where English would typically use preposition " with " in the sense of " in company with " or " together with " ( other uses of " with ," e. g. with the meaning of " using ," " by means of " ( I cut bread with a knife ) would correspond to the instrumental case or related cases ).
The meaning " by way of " of the case labelled prolative in the above languages is expressed in Basque by means of the instrumental ( suffix-z ).
Peri's Euridice opens with a brief instrumental ritornello, and Monteverdi's L ' Orfeo ( 1607 ) opens with a toccata, in this case a fanfare for muted trumpets.
It was also attached to instrumental music, though this is no longer the case.
Though scat singing is improvised, the melodic lines are often variations on scale and arpeggio fragments, stock patterns and riffs, as is the case with instrumental improvisers as well as singers.
* " Non-voluntary " or " non willing " actions ( ouk ekousion ) which are bad actions done by choice, or more generally ( as in the case of animals and children when desire or spirit causes an action ) whenever " the source of the moving of the parts that are instrumental in such actions is in oneself " and anything " up to oneself either to do or not ".
Ludwig van Beethoven's " Ode to Joy " melody is already the official anthem of the European Union ( in that case purely instrumental without lyrics ), the melody is widely recognized and easily performed, in the public domain, and originally composed for voice.
Habermas is critical of pure instrumental rationality, arguing that the " Social Life – World " is better suited to literary expression, the former being " intersubjectively accessible experiences " that can be generalized in a formal language, while the latter " must generate an intersubjectivity of mutual understanding in each concrete case ":
The instrumental (- by means of, by using ) was also treated as a case in Dumézil ( 1975 ).
The bishop opens the enquiry on the presumed miracle in which the depositions of the eyewitnesses questioned by a duly constituted court are gathered, as well as the complete clinical and instrumental documentation inherent to the case.
The instrumental case ( abbreviated or ; also called the eighth case ) is a grammatical case used to indicate that a noun is the instrument or means by or with which the subject achieves or accomplishes an action.

instrumental and indicates
While reference to three books of four-voice ricercars by Luzzaschi indicates that he was actively composing instrumental work, the books themselves appear to be lost.
This indicates that Antimachus I might have been instrumental in creating a royal state cult ( see coin description: ).
The myth indicates that a cult image of Aphrodite was instrumental in some way in the founding myth of Paphos.
In instrumental music, it indicates a particular style of playing designed to imitate the human voice.

instrumental and object
This purely instrumental, programmatic work ( subtitled ' Episode in the Life of an Artist ') features a recurring melody representing the object of the artist's obsessive affection and depicting her presence in various real and imagined situations.
Rake-and-scrape music is a unique type of instrumental music made by bending a saw and scraping with a small object, most typically a screwdriver ; it is used to accompany dances derived from European forms like polka and waltz.
It may sometimes be regarded as more or less self-generating, when an object with instrumental value generates itself somewhere later in the chain of events.
The sum of all those contributions may be regarded as the all-grades instrumental value of that object.
In the simplest example, with two chains of events resulting in the end-in-itself, a single object may appear as having first grade instrumental value in both of these chains.
The sum of these parallel values may be termed the all-parallels instrumental value of that object.
Therefore, every object may have instrumental value for each of these objects.
For example, in its simplest form, intrinsic bi-ism, holding two objects as ends, every object may have two separate instrumental values, termed end instrumental values.
In this case, every object may have one end instrumental value for the first end and one end instrumental value for the other end.
For more complex intrinsic multistic lifestances, having more than two ends, then every object may have more than two end instrumental values.
The sum of all end instrumental values for an object is its all-ends instrumental value.
An object with positive instrumental value may be termed a positive mean or a posmean.
On the other hand, an object with negative instrumental value may be termed a negative mean or a negmean
Generally, however, any object has more or less of both positive and negative instrumental value.
In such cases the difference instrumental value of the object is the difference between the positive and negative value, with the positive value as minuend and the negative value as subtrahend and the resulting difference value the mathematic difference between them.
The all instrumental value of an object is the instrumental value for all ends, all grades for each of these ends and all parallels for each of these grades, and regarding both positive and negative value.
In other words it is the all-grades, all-ends, all-ponetivities, difference instrumental value of an object.
The all instrumental value and the intrinsic value of an object together make the whole value of the object.
The total instrumental of an object is the product of its average all instrumental value, average value intensity and value duration.

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