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movie and 12
According to The Hollywood Reporter < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s annual Star Salary Top 10, she was tied for eighth place on the top ten list of actresses ' salaries, commanding 10 to 12 million dollars per movie for 2006.
However, the movie had more success internationally, taking in $ 12, 885, 193.
After returning with 12 preserved specimens and 2 live ones, this expedition provided the inspiration for the 1933 movie King Kong.
Filming of the movie began on May 12, 2008, in New York City and finished in late June.
* July 12 – United States release of Sarah Bernhardt's film Les Amours de la reine Élisabeth is influential on the development of the movie feature.
* Eagle Eye ( 2008 ): The events of the movie take place between 26 January and 12 April 2009.
* 12 Monkeys, a movie whose soundtrack is derived and excerpted from Piazzolla's Suite Punta del Este
At 12: 07 a. m., a security camera at the high altitude W. L. Eccles Observatory ( 9600 ft above sea level ) recorded a movie of the passage of the object to the north.
According to the book, Newman's salary from the movie totalled $ 12 million.
In 1935, B movie production at Warner Bros. was raised from 12 to 50 percent of studio output.
In 2001 he appeared in 12 Horas, a Puerto Rican movie written and directed by Raúl Marchand Sánchez.
During its heyday, Meadowlands was home to a number of businesses including a Ford dealership ( which also carried New Holland farm machinery ), a bank, a farmer's cooperative store, a grocery store, a commercial laundry, a cheese factory, various restaurants, a movie theater and the Toivola – Meadowlands School, a K – 12 institution.
The Deptford Mall is surrounded by two movie theaters ( with a total of 14 screens between them ), 12 strip malls, bars and numerous restaurants and individual stores.
Henry Mill Village of Hildebran was used to film District 12 from the movie The Hunger Games.
Their equipment consists of multiple types of surfaced supplied diving equipment-ranging from the Mk V ( as in the movie Men of Honor ), Mk 12 ( the replacement for the Mk V ), Superlite 27 ( the replacement for the Mk 12 ), Kirby Morgan Band mask, Divator AGA.
2009 saw Hawke appear in two features: New York, I Love You, a romance movie comprising 12 short films, and Staten Island, a crime drama co-starring Vincent D ' Onofrio and Seymour Cassel.
Dan Curtis ( August 12, 1927 – March 27, 2006 ) was an American director and producer of television and film, probably best known for his miniseries The Winds of War and War and Remembrance, his afternoon TV series Dark Shadows, and the made for TV movie, Trilogy of Terror.
In 2007, Ealing revived the St Trinian's franchise and the first film took over £ 12 million at the UK Box Office, making it the 4th most successful British independent movie of all time.
The Western town, adobes, and ranch cabin sets and open land for location shooting were retained as a movie ranch on 12 acres.
* OuterMax: Sci-fi, horror and fantasy films ; features " Graveyard Shift ", a featured sci-fi or horror movie every night at 12 a. m.
Gore's first hit was followed by many others, including: " Judy's Turn to Cry " ( US # 5 ), the sequel to " It's My Party "; " She's a Fool " ( US # 5 ); the protofeminist million-selling " You Don't Own Me ", which held at # 2 for three weeks behind The Beatles ' " I Want To Hold Your Hand "; " That's the Way Boys Are " ( US # 12 ); " Maybe I Know " ( US # 14 / UK # 20 ); " Look of Love " ( US # 27 ); and Grammy-nominated " Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows " ( US # 13 ), from the 1965 movie " Ski Party ".
The movie was released on DVD by MGM Home Entertainment on July 12, 2005 ( the original VHS had been distributed by Paramount ), and the cartoon series was later also released on DVD by CBS Home Entertainment on April 4, 2006 ( coincidentally with distribution by Paramount ).
On March 12, 2012, it was announced that Michael Eisner's Tornante Company would be producing a new movie based on the Garbage Pail Kids, likely with computer-generated character imagery.

movie and Monkeys
In the 1995 movie ( 12 Monkeys ), a Chemlab poster can be seen during an exterior shot of a sidewalk and building.
He is currently attached to direct the movie Gun Monkeys from a screenplay by Lee Goldberg, based on the novel by Victor Gischler.
* Bruce Willis ' character in the movie 12 Monkeys was equipped with a LeMat for a time-traveling mission into the past to assassinate a bioterrorist.
Morse continued his movie career with roles in Dancer in the Dark, The Indian Runner, The Negotiator, Contact, The Green Mile, Disturbia, The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Crossing Guard, The Rock, Extreme Measures, 12 Monkeys, 16 Blocks, and Hounddog.
Tomcat Alley is an interactive movie FMV video game developed by The Code Monkeys for Mega-CD.

movie and appears
The character later appears in the sequel story released first as a book, 2010: Odyssey Two and then as a movie, 2010: The Year We Make Contact.
* A fictional Lang appears as a main character in the Fullmetal Alchemist movie Conqueror of Shambala.
Throughout the movie, Harold appears to " die " a total of seven to eight times.
Robinson had always had top billing over Bogart in their previous films together but for this movie, Robinson's name appears to the right of Bogart's, but placed a little higher on the posters, and also in the film's opening credits, to indicate Robinson's near-equal status.
The placing of " soft " subtitles within the picture or matte varies according to the DVD player being used, though it appears to be dependent on the movie for Blu-ray disc.
Moses appears as the central character in the 1956 Cecil B. DeMille movie, also called The Ten Commandments, in which he is portrayed by Charlton Heston.
Moses appears as the central character in the 1998 DreamWorks Pictures animated movie, The Prince of Egypt.
In Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania by Andy Behrman, he describes his experience of mania as " the most perfect prescription glasses with which to see the world ... life appears in front of you like an oversized movie screen ".
A fictional NATO reporting name " Firefox " for a fictional " MiG-31 " appears in the novel Firefox and subsequent movie.
Falk turned in a gem of a performance as one of two cabbies who falls victim to greed in the epic 1963 star-studded comedy It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, even though he appears only in the last fifth of the movie.
* King Philip also appears in the Ridley Scott's 2010 movie Robin Hood.
" 16 Horses " appears on the soundtrack of the movie based on the series.
Gellar is featured as a playable character in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack Escalation, and also the second female playable character in the whole " Call of Duty " series, in which she appears as herself shooting a movie for George Romero, fighting off a horde of zombies.
In the movie, Waits appears in a dream scene as himself, singing the ballad " You Can Never Hold Back Spring " and accompanying himself at the piano.
* January 1 – A black monolith — dubbed the Seattle Monolith — measuring approximately tall appears in Seattle, Washington's Magnuson Park, placed by an anonymous artist in reference to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
* November 18 – Release of the U. S. silent film Inspiration, the first mainstream movie in which a leading actress ( Audrey Munson ) appears nude.
Leia briefly appears in the 1978 TV movie The Star Wars Holiday Special, where she is once again portrayed by Fisher.
Landis's calling card / easter egg, " See You Next Wednesday ", appears on a science-fiction movie poster in the subway station after Lisa storms off the train.
A dolphin then appears and Jacques swims away with it into the darkness as the movie ends.
* A Yeti appears in the 1977 American TV movie Snowbeast.
* Achish king of Gath appears in the movie King David ( film ), ( 1985 ), starring Richard Gere.
In this case, the movie takes place at a construction site, where Oswald is a steel worker and Pete his supervising foreman ... a working relationship than only deteriorates when both men are interested in a cat love interest by the name of Sadie ( who also appears in The Banker's Daughter, Rival Romeos, Sagebrush Sadie, Oh, What a Knight and several more shorts ).
Although Jack Nicholson appears only as a supporting actor and in the last half of the film, the standout performance signaled his arrival as a movie star, along with his subsequent film Five Easy Pieces in which he had the lead role.
Symphony of Sorcery, a world based on the movie, appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

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