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patrol and commander
On 4 April 1976, Montoneros assassinated a naval commander ( Jose Guillermo Burgos ), a Chrysler executive ( Jorge Ricardo Kenny ) and ambushed and killed three policemen in a patrol car.
French and British patrol frigates each spotted the other's fleet around 9: 30 am ; both at first incorrectly undercounted the size of the other fleet, leading each commander to believe the other fleet was the smaller fleet of Admiral de Barras.
His second son, Estêvão da Gama was simultaneously appointed Capitão-mor do Mar da Índia (' Captain-major of the Indian Sea ', commander of the Indian Ocean naval patrol fleet ), to replace Duarte's brother, Luís de Menezes.
In 1938 he joined the Palestine Supernumerary Police and became a motorized patrol (" MAN ") commander.
Also appearing as themselves are 1st Lt. Harold Schrier, who led the flag-raising patrol on Iwo Jima, Col. David M. Shoup, later Commandant of the Marine Corps and recipient of the Medal of Honor at Tarawa, and Lt. Col. Henry P. " Jim " Crowe, commander of the 2nd Battalion 8th Marines at Tarawa, where he earned the U. S. Navy Cross.
Forward-based in Adak, Alaska, Carpenter then flew surveillance missions along the Soviet and Chinese coasts during his second deployment ; designated as PPC ( patrol plane commander ) for his third deployment, LTJG Carpenter was based with his squadron in Guam.
This occurred when its Special Forces commander and a patrol failed to return and the camp received what appeared to be preparatory fire for a full scale ground attack by PAVN.
About a kilometer from the camp, the Army advisors and the 8th Airborne came upon the bodies of the lost Special Forces patrol, all dead, including the camp commander.
He said: " Obviously, there may be occasions when, in retrospect, a commander chose the wrong piece of equipment, the wrong vehicle, for the particular threat that the patrol or whatever it was encountered and we had some casualties as a result.
The alleged criminals were linked to former guerrilla leader-turned-border patrol commander Tolib Ayombekov.
Accounts in the first two books, by patrol commander Andy McNab's Bravo Two Zero ( 1993 ) followed by Chris Ryan's The One That Got Away ( 1995 ), as well as those by the SAS's RSM at the time of the patrol, Peter Ratcliffe ( Eye of the Storm, 2000 ), did not always correspond, leading to accusations from the media of lying.
; Sergeant ' Andy McNab ' ( pseudonym ), DCM, MM, patrol commander: former Royal Green Jackets.
Ratcliffe lays the blame for the faulty radios on McNab as, being the patrol commander, it was his job to make sure the patrol's equipment was working.
* The first public literary mention of the patrol was in the autobiography of Lieutenant-General Peter de la Billière, the commander of the British Forces during the Gulf War.
LT Norm Cook, the patrol plane commander of a VP-17 P-2H Neptune patrol aircraft operating from Cam Ranh Bay, was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross for discovering and following two of the four trawlers in the action.
As a naval ensign during World War I, Lovett flew for a time with the British Naval Air Service on patrol and combat missions, then commanded a US naval air squadron, achieving the rank of lieutenant commander.
During her career, she has been assigned to patrol, served as an Academy training officer and instructor, child abuse investigator, youth programs coordinator, drug education instructor, grant writer, strategic planner, district station watch commander and commanding officer.
Before she begins her shift, another field commander named Major Mackenzie on patrol has lost contact with the CSS ASTRID after sighting Order troops.
After replacement pilot training in the P-3C airplane, he reported to Patrol Squadron 16 ( VP-16 ) in Jacksonville, Florida, serving as both a mission commander and patrol plane commander.
Although they were planning to deploy to the comparatively quiet port city of Bosaso, four days after arriving in Somalia commander Serge Labbé informed them that consultation with the Americans meant they would be moving to the southern town of Belet Huen, considered one of the more difficult areas to patrol.

patrol and authored
* A second member of the patrol authored The One That Got Away ( ISBN 0-09-946015-7 ) under the pseudonym ' Chris Ryan '.
* A third member of the patrol authored Soldier Five ( ISBN 1-84018-907-X ) under the pseudonym ' Mike Coburn ,' aimed to " set the story straight ", in reference to criticism of patrol member Vince Phillips in previous publications.
He is called " Colonel Hathi ", and he leads his wife, Winifred Hathi ( voiced by Verna Felton ), and his son, Hathi Junior ( voiced by Clint Howard ), in a marching patrol while singing a deliberately silly song authored by the Sherman Brothers entitled " Colonel Hathi's March ".

patrol and account
According to Goldberg's autobiographical account in 1938, when the family traveled back to Kaunas in 1919, a Lithuanian border patrol stopped them and accused her father of being a " Bolshevik spy ".
According to one patrol member's account, the patrol were given the task of " gathering intelligence ;... finding a good LUP ( lying up position ) and setting up an OP post " on the Iraqi Main Supply Route ( MSR ) between Baghdad and North-Western Iraq, while according to another, the task was to find and destroy Iraqi Scud missile launchers along a stretch of the MSR.
According to McNab's account, the patrol walked during the first night to the proposed location of the observation post.
Whilst Ryan states the patrol was intentionally dropped only from the observation post because of heavy pack weights, Coburn's account suggests that the patrol was dropped closer than intended to the observation post, due to a navigational error made by the Royal Air Force.
This could account for the differences in the patrol members ' estimates.
McNab came into public prominence in 1993, when he published his account of the Special Air Service ( SAS ) patrol, Bravo Two Zero, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal in 1991.
* Killing Rommel ( 2008 ), a fictionalized account of a patrol of the British Long Range Desert Group during the North African Campaign of World War II.

patrol and book
Using the book as hard evidence of illegal trading, Baldwin calls expert witnesses including Captain Fitzgerald ( Peter Firth ), a British naval officer assigned to patrol the West African coastline to enforce the British Empire's anti-slavery policies.
The investigative book The Real Bravo Two Zero ( 2002 ) by Michael Asher, followed the patrol route and interviewed witnesses.
The subsequent book, Soldier Five by patrol member Mike Coburn ( Kiwi Mike ), was released in 2004.
The United States ski patrol plays a vital role in the plot to the book A Separate Peace.
According to the book, four survivors of the 11-month trek reached British India around March 1942 and stumbled upon a Gurkha patrol.
The seventh patrol was the approximate time that Lothar-Günther Buchheim boarded U-96 and documented the boat's successes in his book Das Boot.
In 1968, when he believed the author of a book about the Battle of Lys got his facts wrong, he planned to expose him, until it was discovered that Albert had got lost while out on patrol and missed the battle himself.
A previous film about the patrol, The One That Got Away, based on the book of the same name by Chris Ryan, was broadcast in 1996.

patrol and titled
In episode 28 of the animated series Young Justice titled " Earthling ", Adam Strange improvises a performance of the second verse of Jabberwocky in order to distract a patrol while on the planet Rann.

patrol and Bravo
** British Army SAS patrol, Bravo Two Zero is deployed in Iraq during the Gulf War.
Bravo Two Zero was the call sign of an eight-man British Army SAS patrol, deployed into Iraq during the First Gulf War in January 1991.
Bravo Two Zero patrol members.
This article refers to the Bravo Two Zero patrol.
On the night of 22 / 23 January, the patrol were transported into Iraqi airspace by a RAF Chinook helicopter, along with Bravo One Zero and their Land Rover 110 vehicles.
Unlike Bravo One Zero, the patrol had decided not to take vehicles.
The log read " Bravo Two Zero made TACBE contact again, it was reasonable to assume that they were moving south ," though in fact the patrol headed north-west towards the Syrian border.
The source of Harbinson's apparent knowledge of detailed information relating to the real Bravo Two Zero patrol is unknown.
* Mike Coburn ( pseudonym )-later joined 22 SAS and was a member of the much publicised Bravo Two Zero patrol.
During the First Gulf War, McNab commanded Bravo Two Zero, an eight man SAS patrol that was given the task of destroying underground communication links between Baghdad and north-west Iraq and with tracking Scud missile movements in the region.
Bravo Two Zero patrol members.
Ryan was a team member of the ill-fated Bravo Two Zero patrol in Iraq during the First Gulf War.
* Bravo Two Zero, an eight-man British Special Air Service patrol that was tasked with finding Iraqi Scud missile launchers during the Gulf War
It was co-created by Chris Ryan, a former British SAS soldier who was a member of the famous Bravo Two Zero patrol during the 1991 Gulf War, with the show produced by Bentley Productions.
* A pseudonym / nickname for SAS Bravo Two Zero patrol member, Ian Pring.
The film covers real life events-from the perspective of Andy McNab, patrol commander of Bravo Two Zero, a British SAS patrol, tasked to find Iraqi Scud missile launchers during the Gulf War in 1991.

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