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song and Hello
* British musician Phil Collins titled his 1982 album after the song " Hello, I Must Be Going "
* The song " Hello, I Must Be Going " also accompanies the opening credits of Woody Allen's Whatever Works ( 2009 )
Before 1987, the show's theme song was the Hank Snow hit " Hello Love ".
Other side-projects include the limited-release House of Mayors EP in 1996 through the Hello CD of the Month Club and in 1997 a flexi disc of the song " Olive the Other Reindeer " accompanying promotional copies of the children's books, Olive, the Other Reindeer.
The song " M1 A1 ", from the self-titled 2001 Gorillaz album samples the pulsing synthesizers and cries of " Hello!
The song " Hello From The Gutter " was released as a single, and the music video gained regular airplay on MTV's Headbangers Ball.
" and the ballet music " The Dance of the Hours ", known even to the non-musical from its use in Walt Disney's Fantasia ( 1940 ), Allan Sherman's novelty song, " Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh ", and other popular works.
" Angry Johnny " is a song by Poe, released as a single from her debut album Hello.
Van Halen's song " Good Enough " from their 1986 album " 5150 " begins with singer Sammy Hagar calling out " Hello Baby!
The song was in the Beatles ' 1967 television film and album Magical Mystery Tour, and was the B-side to the # 1 hit " Hello, Goodbye ".
The band's final album, Mardi Gras, was released in April 1972, featuring songs written by Fogerty, Cook, and Clifford and a cover of " Hello Mary Lou " ( a song Gene Pitney originally wrote for Ricky Nelson.
Among his other film music credits are the theme song to the short-lived 1993 CBS television series Johnny Bago ; " Turning Around " for the 1985 film Summer Rental starring John Candy ; " I Don't Know ( Spicoli's Theme )" for the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High ; " Hello, Texas " for the 1980 John Travolta film Urban Cowboy ; and " If I Have To Eat Someone ( It Might As Well Be You )" for the animated film FernGully: The Last Rainforest, which was sung in the film by rap artist Tone Loc.
Several more Top 10 hits followed, the most successful of which was the ballad " Hello " ( 1984 ), a sentimental love song that showed how far Richie had moved from his R & B roots.
The band premieres their new music video for the song " Hello Goodbye ".
Soon after " Say Hello Wave Goodbye " dropped out of the chart, Soft Cell released a brand new song, another love song / ballad called " Torch " which was to prove the closest the band ever got to having a number one hit with one of their own songs as it entered straight into the top ten and peaked at number 2.
* 2009 The song " Say Hello, Wave Goodbye " was covered by the French band Nouvelle Vague on their 2009 covers album 3.
Dana debuted on GTO with " Please Tell Him That I Said Hello " a song written by Mike Shepstone and Peter Dibbens.
The album also featured the original version of what would become frontman Todd Rundgren's signature song, " Hello It's Me ", which Rundgren himself would re-record several years later as a solo single for his famous double album, Something / Anything ?.
* " Hello, Seventeen ", a song by 12012
In 1984, Channing appeared on Sesame Street and sang a parody of the song " Hello, Dolly!
Every year, Harrison played seasonal songs, such as his holiday greeting " May You Always ” in the winter ( the Amy records single of this song made the Billboard Christmas charts in 1965 ), and Allan Sherman's summer camp novelty, " Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh ", throughout the summer months.
* Hello, I Must Be Going ( song ), a song by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, made famous by Groucho Marx

song and Birmingham
* " Birmingham " ( 1974 ), a song by Randy Newman from the album Good Old Boys
* " Birmingham " ( 1996 ), a song by Amanda Marshall
* " Birmingham " ( 2001 ), a song by Drive-By Truckers from the album Southern Rock Opera
* " Birmingham, Alabama ", a song recorded by Harry Belafonte released on the RCA compilation All-Time Greatest Hits, Vols.
* " Birmingham Blues ", a song from ELO's 1977 album Out of the Blue
* " Birmingham ( We Are Safe )", a song by the David Crowder * Band from the album Church Music
The event would inspire the African-American poet Dudley Randall's opus, " The Ballad of Birmingham ", as well as jazz musician John Coltrane's song " Alabama ".
*" Streets of Sorrow / Birmingham Six ," a song by The Pogues in support of the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four
* The song " Birmingham Sunday ", composed by Richard Farina and most famously recorded by Joan Baez in 1964, chronicled the events and aftermath of the bombing.
* The song " Ronnie and Neil " on the Drive-By Truckers ' album Southern Rock Opera includes the line " church blows up in Birmingham, four little black girls killed, for no goddamn good reason ".
* The song " Birmingham Jail " by Chatham County Line on the album IV.
Edislia Rombley's 1998 entry ( Hemel en Aarde ) remains the Netherlands ' most successful post-1975 song, finished fourth in Birmingham.
" Lost and Found " ( which Grant described as " an urban love song ") became the first single to promote the collection, and would reach # 12 in the UK singles chart in May 2006, after completing their delayed winter tour, which ended at the LG Arena in Birmingham in front of 8, 000 fans.
* " Home Taping's Killing Music " is also the title of a short song by Misty's Big Adventure, a band from Birmingham, which takes the implications of this slogan to their illogical conclusion.
His commissions have included The Marshes of Glynn for the Royal opening of the Adrian Boult Hall in Birmingham in 1986 ; Centenary Fire Dances for the City of Birmingham ’ s Centenary Festival of Fireworks and Music ; an Overture for the Three Choirs Festival ; songs for the Cantamus Girls Choir ; song cycles for mezzo-soprano Sarah Walker and tenor John Mitchinson for broadcast on BBC Radio 3 ; anthems for the BBC Radio 4 Daily Service ; Sonata for 8 Horns for the Horn Octet of the University of New Mexico ; Suite for 6 Horns for the Vienna Horn Society ; Song of the Eagle for the James Madison University Flute Choir of Virginia ; Concerto for Two Pianos for the Duo Scaramouche ; Sonata for 8 Pianists for soloists from France, Italy and Britain ; Mela Kamavardhani for performances by Indo-Jazz Fusions in Calcutta, Delhi and Bombay ; Fanfare for Madam Speaker, for the Installation of the Rt Hon Betty Boothroyd MP as Chancellor of the Open University in 1994 ; Concerto for Two Guitars for Simon Dinnigan and Fred T. Baker with Strings from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra ; Concert Overture ' Towards a New Age ' for the 150th anniversary of the British Institution of Mechanical Engineers, premiered in Symphony Hall, Birmingham, by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ; and Suite for Brass Sextet for the Czech Philharmonic Brass Sextet.
The Ani DiFranco song Hello Birmingham, from her 1999 album To The Teeth, was written as a response to the Slepian murder.
Shaun's arrangement of St. Patricks Breastplate titled ' The Deer's Cry ', first used on the soundtrack of the TV documentary ' Who Bombed Birmingham ' and later included on his album The Pilgrim, is probably his most requested song.
* Umphrey's Mcgee covered the song during a performance at the Birmingham Southern College on 4 / 9 / 05, however they have played it many times before.
In the 2006 DVD documentary The Classic Artists Series: The Moody Blues ( DVD UK, released October 2006 ), Mike Pinder, the former keyboard player of Birmingham R & B band The Moody Blues, states that the inspiration for the song actually rests with an incident that happened to them — a groupie climbing into an open bathroom window in the band's home and spending the night with band member Ray Thomas.
Birmingham City have also adapted the song and their fans sing the song about Chris Burke.

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