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song and Ronnie
" The Sign of the Southern Cross " is a song by Black Sabbath written in 1981 which was sung by Ronnie James Dio.
for the Canadian GRT Records label ( GRT 9230-1033 ), on which she discussed her philosophy regarding sex and prostitution, sang a cover version of The Beatles song, " Michelle ", and recorded several simulated sexual encounters, including an example of phone sex, a threesome, and a celebrity encounter with guest " vocal " by Ronnie Hawkins.
* Country singer Ronnie Milsap mentions Cap ' n Crunch cereal in his 1974 hit song " Pure Love " written by Eddie Rabbitt.
* " In a New York Minute " ( song ), a song by Ronnie McDowell
The theme song, written by the show's co-writer David Croft and composer Ronnie Hazlehurst, consists of a lift girl ( whose voice was provided by Stephanie Gathercole ) announcing each floor over the musique concrète sounds of a cash register ( which basically serves as the only percussion instrument ) and a simple musical accompaniment.
The county is named in the lyrics of the song Around The World, from the film Around the World in eighty days, which was an American top ten hit for Bing Crosby and UK top ten hit for Ronnie Hilton, both in 1957, although it was Mantovani's instrumental version which was actually used in the film.
In the song Ronnie Dunn said " He's got an Eastwood grin and a too early swagger / Hollerin ' turn off that rap / And play me some Haggard ".
* Anthrax's song " In The End " from their 2011 album, Worship Music, is dedicated to both Dimebag and Ronnie James Dio.
In addition to the Rolling Stones ' version of the song, the film features Aretha Franklin's cover version for which Ronnie Wood and Richards played guitar.
In 1956 the theme song was released on Parlophone records by Dick James with Stephen James and his chums and Ron Goodwin's Orchestra and reached number 14 in the UK charts ( 78rpm single: R. 4117 / 45rpm single: MSP6199 ), and by PYE records as a 78rpm single by Gary Miller with Tony Osbourne orchestra and the Beryl Stott chorus ( PYE N. 15020 ) and reached number 10 on the UK charts, versions by Frankie Laine ( CBS Coronet ), Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra ( Capitol ), Alan Dale ( Coral ), Joe Reisman's orchestra and chorus ( RCA Victor ) and Ronnie Ronaldo ( Colombia ) were also issued.
Popular covers by Trini Lopez, Chuck Jackson, Don McLean, Guns N ' Roses, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Ronnie Milsap and Buckaroo Banzai have helped keep the song in the public consciousness.
In 1977, Astley wrote the orchestral score for Street in the City, a song contained in the Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane's album Rough Mix.
Noting that the song was used by both a Republican and Democrat candidate, Brooks ( who wrote the song with Don Cook and Ronnie Rogers ) said that it was " very flattering to know our song crossed parties and potentially inspires all Americans.
Martin also wrote and recorded a song for guitar legend Ronnie Montrose's CD, 10x10.
The 10x10 album sparked interest in Eric ’ s vocal performance and he was asked to sing the classic song, " Guitar Man ", with Ronnie Montrose, Denny Carmasi, and Ricky Phillips to take to the Sundance Film Festival.
* My Life ( Ronnie Milsap album ), or the title song
On 19 February 2008, a song was released called " The Ballad of Ronnie Drew " performed by a number of famous Irish musicians.
The song was performed live on The Late Late Show on 22 February with Ronnie Drew in attendance as an audience member, and entered the Irish Single Charts at # 2.
Gaelic Storm names Ronnie on the song I Was Raised on Black and Tans from their 2010 album Cabbage.
" I was raised on black and tans ... on Ronnie Drew and Van the Man " is a line from the song.
Dropkick Murphys, a celtic punk band dedicated the song ( F ) lannigan's Ball to Ronnie during their set at the Reading Festival in 2008.

song and Neil
Of the previously unreleased songs, " Down to the Wire " features the New Orleans pianist Dr. John with Buffalo Springfield on an item from their shelved Stampede album ; " Love Is a Rose " was a minor hit for Linda Ronstadt in 1975 ; " Winterlong " received a cover by Pixies on the Neil Young tribute album from 1989, The Bridge ; and " Campaigner " is a Young song critical of Richard Nixon.
Many rock drummers have cited Moon as an influence, including Neil Peart and Dave Grohl The Jam paid tribute to Moon on the second single from their third album, " Down in the Tube Station at Midnight ", in which the B-side of the single is a cover song from The Who: " So Sad About Us ", and the back cover of the record is a photo of Moon's face ; the Jam's record was released about a month after Moon's death.
She was also referred to in the song " Cortez the Killer " by Neil Young.
* " Madrigal ", a song by U. S. singer Neil Diamond, from the album Tap Root Manuscript
" Crying " followed in July 1961 and reached number 2 ; it was coupled with an R & B up-tempo song titled " Candy Man " written by Fred Neil and Beverley Ross, which reached the Billboard Top 30, staying on the charts for two months.
* Johnny Clegg mentions Steve Biko, Victoria Mxenge and Neil Aggett in his song " Asimbonanga " about Apartheid and Nelson Mandela.
* " Cortez the Killer ," a song by Neil Young, talks about the arrival of the Cortez's troops and the massacre that ensues.
Early in her professional career, Amos befriended author Neil Gaiman, who became a fan after she referenced him in the song " Tear in Your Hand " and also in print interviews.
*" Words ( Between the Lines of Age )", a song by Neil Young
On the Alan Lomax collection Songs of Seduction ( Rounder Select, 2000 ), there's a bawdy Irish folk song called " The Thrashing Machine " sung by tinker Annie O ' Neil, as recorded in the early 20th Century.
The first song with the name, Neil Young's " Let's Roll ", was released as a single in November 2001, and was later included in his album Are You Passionate ?.
* American songwriter Neil Diamond lists Patrice Lumumba in his song " Done Too Soon ".
The song " Payola Blues " by Neil Young from his album Everybody's Rockin '.
This song was also featured in the 2005 Neil Jordan film Breakfast on Pluto soundtrack, and in a popular Safe Sex commercial.
The song was rerecorded for a tribute album to Gaiman that was assembled by the Dancing Ferret entertainment group titled Where's Neil When You Need Him?
* The guitarist and composer Neil Young wrote a song about the palace on the album Long May You Run.
* " Chelsea Morning ", a song written by Joni Mitchell and recorded by herself and by Judy Collins, Neil Diamond and others
* " Alabama " ( Neil Young song ), a 1972 song by Neil Young
*" Shilo " ( song ), written and recorded by Neil Diamond
Neil Finn was also featured as a backing vocalist on the Sheryl Crow song, " Everyday is a Winding Road " from her self-titled second album, released in 1997.
Others who have covered the song include Ann-Margret, who would later co-star with Presley in the 1964 motion picture Viva Las Vegas, The Cadets, Roger Miller, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, John Cale, Merle Haggard, Tom Jones, Dax Riggs, Roger McGuinn, Suzi Quatro, Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Diamond, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Guns N ' Roses.
Neil Turbin had contributed song ideas, lyrics, titles and arrangements to some of the songs on the debut album.

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