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three and ghost
The ghost of Banquo later returns to haunt Macbeth at the banquet in act three, scene four.
* The three lower realms are shown in the bottom half of the circle ; the lower realms consist of the hell realm, the animal realm and the hungry ghost realm.
When the sheep's owner arrives with three police officers to arrest the worker for the theft, the worker commits suicide by drowning himself in the nearby watering hole, after which his ghost haunts the site.
Anne appears in three scenes in William Shakespeare's Richard III, in the early scenes when Richard persuades her to marry him, in one brief scene just before Richard's coronation, and towards the end of the play as a ghost.
In Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back ( 1980 ), set three years after A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi appears as a Force ghost and instructs Luke to visit the Dagobah system for further training under Jedi Master Yoda ( Frank Oz ).
In the darkness, she meets three ghost children, each from a different era, who had let the beldam ( the Other Mother ) sew buttons in their eyes.
When the ghost city appears, a stairway leads to it, starting with three stone steps on Kolvir.
Chet appears as a ghost three times after his death ; twice to talk to Shawn, and once where nobody sees or hears him.
In this scene, twelve of Joan's sixteen lines have been cut ; the entire seven line speech where she says John Talbot refused to fight her because she is a woman ( ll. 37 43 ); the first three lines of her five line mockery of Lucy's listing of Talbot's titles, " Here's a silly, stately style indeed ./ The Turk, that two-and-fifty kingdoms hath ,/ Writes not so tedious a style as this " ( ll. 72 75 ); and the first two lines of her four line speech where she mocks Lucy, " I think this upstart is old Talbot's ghost ,/ He speaks with such a proud commanding spirit " ( ll. 86 88 ).
The film stars Bill Murray, Aykroyd, and Ramis as three eccentric parapsychologists in New York City, who start a ghost catching business.
In his review for TIME, Richard Schickel praised the three lead actors: " Of the ghost wranglers, the pair played by Writers Aykroyd and Ramis are sweetly earnest about their calling, and gracious about giving the picture to their co-star Bill Murray.
He invented a legend in which the lady of Smailholm Tower, near Kelso, keeps vigil by the midnight fires three nights in a row ( see above ) and is visited by her lover ; but when her husband returns from battle, she learns he slew that lover on the first night, and she has been entertained by a very physical ghost.
In season three of Mind of Mencia, he played the ghost of Johnnie Cochran.
Butts ' ghost was subject to an attempted ( and purportedly unsuccessful ) exorcism by three students in 1904.
It is part of the three week Hitchin Festival which includes picnics, concerts, theatre, ghost walks, art exhibitions, comedy club, summer fetes and fireworks.
The disk can save up to a hundred tracks and up to three ghost racers per course.
One night she wanders into Elvira ’ s room and sees what she takes to be her mother ’ s ghost, which warns her that it will return in three nights and Antonia will die.
She comes back from the grave to caution her daughter, Antonia that “ yet three days, and we shall meet again !” While the apparition may seem to be trying to warn Antonia of her impending death, the ghost ’ s appearance causes Jacintha to fetch Ambrosio to dispel the spirit, allowing him to drug Antonia and take her under his power, a chain of events ultimately leading to the demise of Antonia, which the ghost foretold.
However, the title is shown by means of the camera slowly panning across the base of the statue of the dead king Hamlet, whose ghost will appear in three scenes of the film, and who will play a crucial role in the story.
This view seemed to be confirmed by Italy's first, appalling three matches, in which he was allegedly described as a ghost aimlessly wandering over the field.
In the eighth episode, " Freeze-Out " ( December 30, 1958 ) a writer calling herself Mary Brown, played by Grace Raynor, hires Bronco to escort her to a ghost town in the high country, where they encounter three men amid the isolation.
With As The World Turns coming to an end in June 2010, Park returned to the stage, and played the role of Pete's ghost father that appeared to his son as three " Alamo " characters in the coming-of-age musical The Burnt Part Boys at Playwrights Horizon.
* There are three munchers rather than four ghost monsters.

three and children
He is a widower, his three children are dead, he has no one left on earth ; ;
With his wife and three or more children he arrived in Boston in March, 1637, and soon found it was no place for anyone looking for liberty of conscience.
So we have three children and responsibilities.
And at three different times during our turbulent marriage strange girls, with the commonest of accents, telephoned to announce to me that Letch had sired their unborn children!!
It ranged from those with no children, through students in various stages of pregnancy, to one 44-year-old male with four children, three of whom were teenagers.
that there were three children, two boys and a girl ; ;
He is married and the father of three children.
Now a family man with three children, Fiedler lives in a quiet residential area near the Lockheed plant at Sunnyvale.
He would come home in the evening tired and discouraged -- in no frame of mind to play with their three children, or spend much time chatting with his wife.
Mantle, Maris, and Cerv probably share one major-league record already: Among them, they have fifteen children -- eight for Cerv, four for Mantle, and three for Maris.
She was not alone for there were three other such children in the big city's special nursery.
Thomas Lincoln's new wife was the widow Sarah Bush Johnston, the mother of three children.
Typically, young children will make an ASL sign in the correct location and use the correct hand motion, but may be able only to approximate the hand shape, for example, using one finger instead of three in signing water.
Mackenzie married Helen Neil ( 1826 1852 ) in 1845 and with her had three children, with only one girl surviving infancy.
Another place popular with children is the Parque Papagayo which is a large family park which has life-sized replicas of a Spanish galleon and the space shuttle Columbia, three artificial lakes, aviary, skating rink, rides, go-karts and more.
Agamemnon and Clytemnestra had four children: one son, Orestes, and three daughters, Iphigenia, Electra and Chrysothemis.
Agrippina and Germanicus in their union had nine children, of whom three died young.
She died in 1274, after they had three children.
Alexander III Monument at KinghornTowards the end of Alexander's reign, the death of all three of his children within a few years made the question of the succession one of pressing importance.
Genealogical records in the Old Occitan Chronicle of Montpellier in Le petit Thalamus de Montpellier indicate that Alphonso's relationship with his mistress, Giraldona Carlino, produced three children:
The Exodus Rabbah argues that when the Pharaoh instructed midwives to throw male children into the Nile, Amram divorced Jochebed, who was three months pregnant with Moses at the time, arguing that there was no justification for the Israelite men to father children if they were just to be killed ; however, the text goes on to state that Miriam, his daughter, chided him for his lack of care for his wife's feelings, persuading him to recant and marry Jochebed again.
By his first wife, whose name is not known, he had three children:
Agnes bore Amalric three children: Sibylla, the future Baldwin IV ( both of whom would come to rule the kingdom in their own right ), and Alix, who died in childhood.

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