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These and High
These include HSCCC ( High Speed CCC ) and HPCCC ( High Performance CCC ).
These include a faction of Anglicans often also called Anglo-Catholics, 19th century Neo-Lutherans, 20th century High Church Lutherans or evangelical-Catholics and others.
These groups — the Nazi party and government leadership, the German General Staff and High Command ( OKW ); the Sturmabteilung ( SA ); the Schutzstaffel ( SS ), including the Sicherheitsdienst ( SD ); and the Gestapo — had an aggregate membership exceeding two million, making a large number of their members liable to trial if the organisations were convicted.
These include MIL-S-901D – High Shock ( Sea Vessels ), MIL-STD-167B – Vibration ( Sea Vessels ), MIL-STD-810F – Field Environmental Conditions ( Ground Vehicles and Systems ), MIL-STD 461E / F – EMI / RFI ( Electromagnetic Interference / Radio Frequency Interference ), MIL-STD-740B – Airborne / Structureborne Noise, and TEMPEST – Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions.
' These included: Chief Justice Coke, who had been Solicitor to the High Court of Justice, Major-General Harrison, Col. John Jones ( also a member of the High Court of Justice ), Mr. Thomas Scot, Sir.
These artists had matured under the influence of the High Renaissance, and their style has been characterized as a reaction or exaggerated extension of it.
These pitches are often used by Devonport High School for Boys and the Old Boys RFC.
These included sonobuoys, first developed by the British in 1944 under the codename High Tea, dipping / dunking sonar and mine detection sonar.
These are expected to offer extended economic benefits to the region, especially the Tourism and High Tech industries.
These hagiographies had a powerful influence on the High Middle Ages conceptualization of the rex justus, or " righteous king "— that is, a monarch whose power stems mainly from his great piety, as well as from his princely vigor.
These secure hospital facilities are divided into three main categories and are referred to as High, Medium and Low Secure.
These very large and complex compositions have been regarded ever since as among the supreme works of the grand manner of the High Renaissance, and the " classic art " of the post-antique West.
These include the Blue Spruce ( grades K-2 ) Silver Birch Express ( grades 3 – 4 ), Silver Birch ( grades 5 – 6 ) Red Maple ( grades 7 – 8 ) and White Pine ( High School ) in Ontario.
These manors are still constituted by the City under a Bailiff and Steward with their Courts Leet and View of Frankpledge Juries and Officers which still meet-their annual assembly being held in November under the present High Steward ( the Recorder of London ).
These include Sofia High School of Mathematics, 91st German Language School, 164th Spanish Language School, First English Language School, and 9th French Language School.
These requests are routinely denied and are followed by petitions to the Israel's High Court of Justice.
These include the High German form Dietrich, abbreviated Dieter, the Low German and Dutch form Diederik, or Dierik, abbreviated Dirk, Diede, the patronymic Tietjens derived from the personal form Tietje, the Norwegian Tjodrik, and the French Thierry.
" These ' tracks ' are labels for the use of the court system-the actual cases will be heard in the County Court or the High Court depending on their value.
These were Arthur Marriott ( 53 ), partner of the London office of the American law firm of Wilmer Cutler and Pickering, and Dr Lawrence Collins ( 55 ), a partner of the City law firm of Herbert Smith who was subsequently appointed as a High Court Judge and ultimately Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.
These lines, built in the 1860s and 1870s by the Edgware, Highgate and London Railway ( EH & LR ) and its successors, ran from Finsbury Park to Edgware via Highgate, with branches to Alexandra Palace and High Barnet.
These episodes are sometimes billed as Saved by the Bell: The Junior High Years.
These two multi-screen video installations will be permanently located at the end of the Quire aisles, flanking the High Altar of the Cathedral and the American Memorial Chapel where US Service men and women who gave their lives in the Second World War are commemorated.

These and Green
* The Croatian Bojna za specijalna djelovanja ( BSD ) use the lyrics, but instead of " These are men, America's best " they sing " These are men, Croatia's best " and in the final chorus, referring to the son of a killed Green Beret, they also sing " Make him one of Croatia's best ".
These discussions resulted in the formation of the Green Mountain Boys, with local militia companies in each of the surrounding towns.
These " politically neutral " groups tend to avoid global conflicts and view the settlement of inter-human conflict as separate from regard for nature-in direct contradiction to the ecology movement and peace movement which have increasingly close links: While Green Parties and Greenpeace, and groups like the ACTivist Magazine for example, regard ecology, biodiversity and an end to non-human extinction as absolutely basic to peace, the local groups may not, and may see a high degree of global competition and conflict as justifiable if it lets them preserve their own local uniqueness.
These universities worked with high-yielding varieties of wheat and rice, initially developed in Mexico and the Philippines, that in the 1960s began the Green Revolution, an effort to diversify and increase crop production.
These bandits were called the Chivalrous men of the Green Forests ().
These Green parties are now making electoral gains, e. g. in Spain, Greece and Republic of Cyprus, or getting organized to do so, e. g. in Malta.
Gene Green ’ s 1917 " From Here to Shanghai ", which featured faux-Chinese scatting, and Gene Rodemich's 1924 " Scissor Grinder Joe " and " Some of These Days " also pre-date Armstrong.
These theorists were predominantly associated with the magazines Fifth Estate, Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, and Green Anarchy.
These two teams are the Lake County Captains ( an affiliate of the Cleveland Indians playing in Eastlake, Ohio ) and the Bowling Green Hot Rods ( an affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays playing in Bowling Green, Kentucky ).
These include the narrators from older DC horror comics, including Cain and Abel, and Fiddler's Green, a sailor's dream of paradise who emulates G. K. Chesterton when in human form.
These are Kingsbury itself ( Kingsbury Road ), Kingsbury Circle, and Kingsbury Green.
These include the World Ports Climate Initiative, the African Green Port Initiative and EcoPorts.
These vital transportation arteries attracted many industries to Bowling Green.
These objects have been featured and mentioned in various media, including the television show Unsolved Mysteries and an episode of King of the Hill (" Of Mice and Little Green Men ") and in an episode of Disney Channel Original Series So Weird, however the producers / writers had made the countryside of Marfa as a forest area instead of a desert area which Marfa is actually located in.
These complaints were, ironically, echoed by Michael Green, chairman of Carlton Communications, the company that made the film.
These plots often featured Guy Caballero ( Joe Flaherty ), the cheap, tyrannical owner and president of SCTV, who was in a wheelchair only so that people would " respect " him ; weaselly, sweating station manager Maurice " Moe " Green ( Harold Ramis ), who was succeeded by flamboyant, leopard-skin clad station manager Mrs. Edith Prickley ( Andrea Martin ); vain variety star Johnny La Rue ( John Candy ); washed-up entertainers like singer Lola Heatherton ( Catherine O ' Hara ) and " funnyman " Bobby Bittman ( Eugene Levy ); news anchors Floyd Robertson ( Flaherty ) and Earl Camembert ( Levy ), talk-show host Sammy Maudlin ( Flaherty ), beer-addled brothers Bob and Doug McKenzie ( Moranis and Thomas ), plus many other characters, all played by the SCTV cast.
These individuals included a Deputy Chairman of Lloyd's, Ian Posgate, and a Chairman, Sir Peter Green.
These include Chinese Alligators, King Cobras, Galapagos Giant Tortoises, Pancake Tortoises, Gila Monsters, Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Rhinoceros Vipers, Green Tree Pythons, Madagascar Giant Day Geckos, Red-eared Sliders, California King Snakes, Solomon Islands Skinks, Blue Tree Monitors, Cave Salamanders, Amazon Milk Frogs, Spring Salamanders and several others.
These two entities are " Green consumerism that focuses on changing society from within and bioregionalism that focuses on finding a new life outside of the established economy and becoming in tune with the land ".
These include the: Black Grouse ( Tetrao tetrix ), the Nightjar ( Caprimulgus europaeus ), the Woodlark ( Lullula arborea ), the Great Grey Shrike ( Lanius excubitor ), the Red-backed Shrike ( Lanius collurio ), the Stonechat ( Oenanthe oenanthe ), the Wryneck ( Jynx torquilla ), the European Green Woodpecker ( Picus viridis ), the Wheatear ( Saxicola torquata ), the Curlew ( Numenius arquata ), the Quail ( Coturnix coturnix ) and the Black Stork ( Ciconia nigra ).
These include new metallic colours ( additional $ 590 ) Persian Blue and Liquid Blue ; new Lifestyle colour ( additional $ 1200 ) Isotope Green ; new Limited Colour Level ( additional $ 3, 300 ) Candy Red, Ice White, and Burnt Orange ; and the new Exclusive Colour Level ( additional $ 5, 100 ) Prism Green and Moonstone Silver.

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