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Thomas and Die
* Gottesformel. ch, " Die Kretische Labyrinth-Höhle " by Thomas M. Waldmann, rev.
This was partly in response to an embargo on contemporary German music that saw very few performances of Richard Strauss and Max Reger throughout the war ( although older generations of German composers remained as popular as ever, culminating in a run of Die Walküre, conducted by Thomas Beecham, in 1918 ).
Her pacifism was influenced by the writings of Immanuel Kant, Henry Thomas Buckle, Herbert Spencer, Charles Darwin and Leo Tolstoy ( Tolstoy praised Die Waffen nieder!
* Thomas Oberlies, Die Religion des Rgveda, Wien ( 1998 ).
His biographical studies, Franz von Assisi ( 1856 ; 2nd ed., 1892 ), Bushwick Bill ( 1864 ; 2nd ed., 1892 ), Caterina von Siena ( 1864 ), Neue Propheten ( Die Jungfrau von Orleans, Savonarola, Thomas Münzer ) are judicious and sympathetic.
** We Refuse to Die -- William C. Thomas, Producer
* Thomas Gergen: Die Verwertungsgesellschaft VG WORT: Genese und neue Herausforderungen In: Journal on European History of Law, London: STS Science Centre, Vol.
* Markus Mühling, Die Zurechtbringungslehre Thomas Erskines of Linlathen, in: Markus Mühling, Versöhnendes Handeln – Handeln in Versöhnung.
In 1986, the German band Die Goldenen Zitronen made a parody version of this song with the title " Am Tag als Thomas Anders starb " (" On the Day that Thomas Anders Died ").
Alison Moyet ( Alf ), The Art of Noise, The Assembly, The Associates, Aztec Camera, Big Country, Bon Jovi, The Boomtown Rats, Cardiacs, Cliff Richard, Cocteau Twins, The Cramps, Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper, The Damned, Dennis Brown with Sly & Robbie, Depeche Mode, Dexys Midnight Runners, Die Ärzte, Dire Straits, Divine, Stephen Duffy, Duran Duran, Echo & the Bunnymen, Vow Wow, Elvis Costello, The Fall, Fatal Charm, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Charged G. B. H., Gregory Isaacs & The Roots Radics, Gun Club, Hanoi Rocks, Heaven 17, Howard Jones, The Human League, Icicle Works, Iggy Pop, INXS, Judas Priest, Killing Joke, Level 42, Lloyd Cole & the Commotions, Madness, Madonna, Magnum, Meat Loaf, Motörhead, Ofra Haza, Paul Young, Pet Shop Boys, The Pretenders, The Proclaimers, Propaganda, The Psychedelic Furs, The Rainmakers, Robert Palmer, R. E. M., Scraping Foetus off the Wheel, Silent Running, Simple Minds, Simply Red, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Soft Cell, Spear of Destiny, SPK, Squeeze, The Style Council, Tears for Fears, Terence Trent D ' Arby, Terry & Gerry, The Smiths, The Cult, The Cure, The Dream Academy, The Jam, The Mission, The Pogues, The Pretenders, The Stranglers, The Toy Dolls, Then Jericho, Thin Lizzy, Thomas Dolby, Tina Turner, Twisted Sister, U2, Ultravox, Voice of the Beehive, Tom Waits, Wall of Voodoo, Wham !, Whitney Houston, XTC, Yazoo, ZZ Top.
Her discography features complete recordings of Die Zauberflöte ( as the Queen of Night, conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham, 1937 – 38, for EMI ), and Rigoletto, with Jan Peerce and Leonard Warren, conducted by Renato Cellini ( 1950 ) which was the first RCA Victor complete opera recording ( with a few minor cuts ) made in the United States for commercial release.
* The Socratic Method ( Die sokratische Methode ) by Leonard Nelson, translated by Thomas K. Brown III
Several albums have also used the title, including an album by gothic metal band Darkwell, an album by darkwave band Miranda Sex Garden and Suspiria de Profundis by Die Form, which can also be regarded as inspired by Thomas De Quincey's work of the same title.
In addition to the group's works, Thomas D, Hausmarke and Ypsilon also produced successful solo albums and the four had their own weekly show Die 4.
The record also marked the arrival of Swiss drummer Thomas Wydler, a member of Die Haut, and saw guest appearances from Race, Pew, and Birthday Party guitarist Rowland S. Howard, who had briefly toured with the Bad Seeds as a substitute member in 1985.
In the early 2000s, Mueller-Stahl received a positive response for his portrayal of Thomas Mann in a German film about the Mann family ( Thomas Mann, his brother Heinrich Mann, and others ) called Die Manns-Ein Jahrhundertroman.
He became known for his work Die Heiden von Kummerow ( The Heathens of Kummerow ) and used Thomas Trimm as a pseudonym.
Notable productions were Lulu ( 1962 ; conducted by Karl Böhm, staged by Otto Schenk, designed by Caspar Neher, starring Evelyn Lear ), Haydn's Orfeo ed Euridice ( 1967 ; conducted by Richard Bonynge, staged by Rudolf Hartmann, with Nicolai Gedda, Joan Sutherland ), Fidelio ( 1970 ; conducted by Leonard Bernstein, staged by Schenk, with Gwyneth Jones, James King ), Il ritorno d ' Ulisse in patria ( 1971 ; conducted by Nikolaus Harnoncourt, staged by Federik Mirdita ), L ' elisir d ' amore ( 1973 ; conducted by Silvio Varviso, staged by Schenk, with Nicolai Gedda, Reri Grist, Eberhard Wächter ), Die Fledermaus ( 1975 ; conducted by Mstislav Rostropovich, staged by Michael Kehlmann, with Wiesław Ochman, Reri Grist, Elizabeth Harwood, Waldemar Kmentt ), La clemenza di Tito ( 1976 ; conducted by Julius Rudel, staged by Mirdita, with Werner Hollweg, Teresa Berganza, Arleen Augér, Edda Moser ), Fierrabras ( 1988 ; conducted by Claudio Abbado, staged by Ruth Berghaus, with Thomas Hampson, Karita Mattila, László Polgár ), Die Entführung aus dem Serail ( 1989 ; conducted by Harnoncourt, staged by Ursel Herrmann, Karl-Ernst Herrmann ), Don Giovanni ( 1990 ; conducted by Abbado, staged by Luc Bondy, with Ruggero Raimondi, Karita Mattila, Marie McLaughlin, Cheryl Studer ), Le nozze di Figaro ( 1991 ; conducted by Abbado, staged by Jonathan Miller, with Ruggero Raimondi, Marie McLaughlin, Cheryl Studer ) and the world premiere of Adriana Hölszky's Die Wände ( 1995 ; conducted by Ulf Schirmer, staged by Hans Neuenfels ).
He also wrote several historical novels such as Thomas Münzer ( 1841 ); Mendoza ( 1847 ); and Die Matadore ( 1850 ).
In 1938, he made his London operatic debut in Die Zauberflöte under Sir Thomas Beecham.

Thomas and für
Publication of research is both in dedicated journals such as Sign Systems Studies, established by Juri Lotman and published by Tartu University Press ; Semiotica, founded by Thomas A. Sebeok and published by Mouton de Gruyter ; Zeitschrift für Semiotik ; European Journal of Semiotics ; Versus ( founded and directed by Umberto Eco ), et al.
* Thomas Phleps: Stefan Wolpe – Drei kleinere Canons in der Umkehrung zweier 12tönig correspondierender Hexachorde für Viola und Violoncello op.
* Ruth Wesel-Roth, Thomas Erastus: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der reformierten Kirche und zur Lehre von der Staatssouveränität des Vereins für Kirchengeschichte in der evang.
* 1968 Peter Thomas, Ika Schafheitlin, Helmuth Gauer, Wodka für die Königin ( as Königin Aureliana )
On 15 July 1987, a young East German, Thomas Krüger, defected by flying a Zlin Z-42M light aircraft of the Gesellschaft für Sport und Technik ( GST – an East German paramilitary training organisation ) to RAF Gatow from Schönhagen near Trebbin, in the Teltow-Fläming district of Brandenburg.
Weimar is home to several student faith organizations, such as the Protestant and Catholic student communities “ Thomas Aquinas ” and Studenten für Christus ( SfC ), a German chapter of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

Thomas and Kaiser
* Kaiser, Thomas, and Dale Van Kley.
* Kaiser, Thomas E. " This Strange Offspring of Philosophie: Recent Historiographical Problems in Relating the Enlightenment to the French Revolution.
* 1904 – Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany becomes the first person to make a sound recording of a political document, using Thomas Edison's phonograph cylinder.
* March 3 – Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany becomes the first person to make a political recording of a document, using Thomas Edison's cylinder.
Among Grampa's stories are the time he chased Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1922, the time John D. Rockefeller dropped silver dollars on him while floating in a Zeppelin, various times spent harassing Springfield's Irish immigrant community, listening to Thomas Edison recite the alphabet over the radio, when President Grover Cleveland spanked him on two nonconsecutive occasions, and when he " took a shot " at President Theodore Roosevelt.
The dome was successfully adopted for specialized uses, such as the 21 Distant Early Warning Line domes built in Canada in 1956, the 1958 Union Tank Car Company dome near Baton Rouge, Louisiana designed by Thomas C. Howard of Synergetics, Inc. and specialty buildings like the Kaiser Aluminum domes ( constructed in numerous locations across the US, e. g., Virginia Beach, VA ), auditoriums, weather observatories, and storage facilities.
* Oppitz, Michael, Thomas Kaiser, Alban von Stockhausen & Marion Wettstein.
Previous speakers include David Broder, David Maraniss, Leonard Downie, Jr., Gwen Ifill, Karen DeYoung, Lou Cannon, Andrea Mitchell, Mike McCurry, Dana Milbank, Robert Kaiser, Bob Woodward, Dana Priest, Dan Balz, Helen Thomas, E. J.
Its first director was Thomas Peck, and its current director is Amy Kaiser.
The University Hymn, written by Bishop Thomas Frank Gailor ( 1856 – 1935 ), is sung to the tune of Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser ( The Emperor's Hymn, known in English language hymnals as " Austria "), by Joseph Haydn.
* 1994 James E. Gunn, Thomas R. Kaiser
This ranks him seventh among German 110 m hurdlers, behind Florian Schwarthoff, Mike Fenner, Eric Kaiser, Falk Balzer, Thomas Blaschek and Sven Göhler.
* Thomas John George ' Tommy ' Moeller ( born 23 February 1945, Liverpool ): lead vocalist, guitar, piano ; was the brother of Billy Moeller, who became public face of the one-hit wonder, Whistling Jack Smith, and took " I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman " to number five in 1967.
The town is named after Thomas Moore Price, the vice-president of the U. S. based steel company Kaiser Steel.
* Oppitz, Michael, Thomas Kaiser, Alban von Stockhausen & Marion Wettstein.

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