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Tom and Dick
Richard " Magic Dick " Salwitz, Billy Branch, John Popper, Tom Ball, " Dirty " Patrick Walsh, Big Dave Perea, Joe Filisko, Miles Ryan and others are keeping the harmonica tradition alive.
" Post-left anarchist Bob Black in his long critique of Bookchin's philosophy called Anarchy after leftism said about post-left anarchy that " It is, unlike Bookchinism, “ individualistic ” in the sense that if the freedom and happiness of the individual — i. e., each and every really existing person, every Tom, Dick and Murray — is not the measure of the good society, what is?
Writers such as Dick DeBartolo, Stan Hart, Frank Jacobs, Tom Koch, and Arnie Kogen appeared regularly in the magazine's pages.
Building on the pioneering work of Schwinger, Gerald Guralnik, Dick Hagen, and Tom Kibble, Peter Higgs, Jeffrey Goldstone, and others, Sheldon Glashow, Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam independently showed how the weak nuclear force and quantum electrodynamics could be merged into a single electroweak force.
Back row: Dick Barlow ( umpire ), Tom Hayward, George Hirst, William Gunn ( cricketer ) | Billy Gunn, J. T.
* Tom Keene as Dick, detective ( as Richard Powers )
Further highlights of this period included Tom, Dick, and Harry, a 1941 comedy in which she dreams of marrying three different men ; I'll Be Seeing You, with Joseph Cotten ; La Cava's 5th Avenue Girl ( 1939 ), where she played an out-of-work girl sucked into the lives of a wealthy family ; and especially the sharp and highly successful comedies: Bachelor Mother ( 1939 ), with David Niven, in which she played Polly Parrish, a shop girl who is falsely thought to have abandoned her baby ; and Billy Wilder's first Hollywood feature film: The Major and the Minor ( 1942 ), in which she played a woman who masquerades as a 12-year-old to get a cheap train ticket and finds herself obliged to continue the ruse for an extended period.
Layout artist Tom Codrick created what Dick Huemer described as " brilliantly colored thumbnails " from preliminary storyboard sketches using gouache paints, which featured bolder use of color and lighting than any previous Disney short.
* Uncredited cast members include Eddie Acuff, Murray Alper, Ward Bond, Walter Brooke, Georgia Carroll, Glen Cavender, Spencer Charters, Wallis Clark, William B. Davidson, Ann Doran, Tom Dugan, Bill Edwards, Frank Faylen, Pat Flaherty, James Flavin, William Forrest, William Gillespie, Joe Gray, Creighton Hale, John Hamilton, Harry Hayden, Stuart Holmes, William Hopper, Eddie Kane, Fred Kelsey, Vera Lewis, Audrey Long, Hank Mann, Frank Mayo, Lon McCallister, Edward McWade, George Meeker, Dolores Moran, Charles Morton, Jack Mower, Paul Panzer, Francis Pierlot, Clinton Rosemond, Syd Saylor, Frank Sully, Dick Wessel, Leo White and Dave Willock.
** The Deep-Walter Goss, Dick Alexander, Tom Beckert and Robin Gregory
Dick Enberg conducts an abortive post-game interview of Joe Pendleton / Tom Jarrett.
The Smothers Brothers are Thomas (" Tom "-born February 2, 1937 ) and Richard (" Dick "-born November 20, 1939 ), American singers, musicians, comedians and folk heroes.
Tom was born on February 2, 1937, and Dick was born on November 20, 1939.
Tom played an angel come back to earth to oversee his brother Dick, who played a swinging bachelor.
The Smothers Brothers had further television shows: a 1968 CBS summer replacement series, The Summer Brothers Smothers Show ; The Smothers Brothers Show ( 1975 ), initially produced by Joe Hamilton ( who concurrently produced The Carol Burnett Show, starring his wife ), which was an unsuccessful attempt to recapture the look and feel of the original comedy-variety series without the controversy ; and The Tom and Dick Smothers Brothers Specials I and II in 1980.
In 1981, Tom and Dick Smothers played non-brothers in a light TV drama, set in San Francisco, titled Fitz and Bones.
Both characters worked at a Bay Area television station ; Tom played cameraman Bones Howard and Dick played Ryan Fitzpatrick, an investigative reporter.
Tom Smothers ( born Thomas Bolyn Smothers III on February 2, 1937 ) is an American comedian, composer and musician, best known as half of the musical comedy team The Smothers Brothers, alongside his younger brother Dick.
In 2007, Tom and Dick filmed a series of 30-second commercials and promotional spots for the River Rock Casino in Geyserville, California.
* Tom Smothers ( born Thomas Bolyn Smothers III on February 2, 1937 ) American comedian, composer and musician, best known as half of the musical comedy team The Smothers Brothers, alongside his younger brother Dick.
The city clerk is Karen Snyder, the current mayor is Jim Weydert, and the council members are: Dick Avenarius, Tom Ingles, Dennis McDonald, Brian Recker, and Ray Stephan.
While the Regulators at various times consisted of dozens of American and Mexican cowboys, the main dozen or so members were known as the " iron clad ", including McCarty, Richard " Dick " Brewer, Frank McNab, Doc Scurlock, Jim French, John Middleton, George Coe, Frank Coe, Jose Chavez y Chavez, Charlie Bowdre, Tom O ' Folliard, Fred Waite ( a Chickasaw ), and Henry Newton Brown.
Many American and Canadian politicians, businessmen, sports figures, and artists have been members, including Herb Kelleher, J. P. Morgan, Jr., William Randolph Hearst, Cole Porter, Henry Cabot Lodge, Dick Clark, Tom Landry, and George Steinbrenner.
" If I had gone directly to the people, read my poems, faced the crowds, got into immediate touch with Tom, Dick, and Harry instead of waiting to be interpreted, I'd have had my audience at once ," he claimed.
The Old Gold Comedy Theater ended in June 1945 with an adaptation of Tom, Dick and Harry, featuring June Allyson and Reginald Gardiner and was not renewed for the following season.

Tom and Harry
Notable former Indians broadcasters include Tom Manning, Jack Graney ( the first ex-baseball player to become a play-by-play announcer ), Jack Corrigan ( now with the Colorado Rockies ), Jimmy Dudley who received the Ford Frick Award in 1997, Ken Coleman, Joe Castiglione, Van Patrick, Joe Tait, Bruce Drennan, Jim " Mudcat " Grant, Harry Jones, Rocky Colavito and Herb Score, who called Indians ' baseball for 34 seasons.
* John Walker ( Surrey cricketer ) ( 1768 – 1835 ), cricketer ( brother of Tom and Harry Walker )
In the Voyager episode, " Non Sequitur ," Tom Paris ' alternate self ( in the parallel dimension ) relates to Harry Kim a story about how, during a stop at Deep Space Nine, he got in a bar fight with a Ferengi and was thrown in the brig by " a very unpleasant shapeshifter ", obviously referring to Odo.
Hiding in the cellar of the farmhouse are white married couple Harry ( Karl Hardman ) and Helen Cooper ( Marilyn Eastman ) and their daughter Karen ( Kyra Schon ), who sought refuge after a group of zombies turned over their car ; and white teenage couple Tom ( Keith Wayne ) and Judy ( Judith Ridley ) who arrived after hearing an emergency broadcast about a series of brutal murders.
Ben and Tom then go to refuel Ben's truck while Harry hurls Molotov cocktails from an upper window to keep the zombies at bay.
The cast includes Tony Todd as Ben, Danielle Harris as Barbra, Joe Pilato as Harry Cooper, Alona Tal as Helen Cooper, Bill Moseley as Johnny and newcomers Erin Braswell as Judy and Michael Diskint as Tom.
Ritual Entertainment was a video game developer established in 1996 by Robert Atkins, Mark Dochtermann, Jim Dosé, Richard ' Levelord ' Gray, Michael Hadwin, Harry Miller and Tom Mustaine.
DeMornay dated Tom Cruise, Leonard Cohen, and Harry Dean Stanton.
The senior staff of Voyager include Captain Kathryn Janeway ( Kate Mulgrew ), who commands the ship ; Commander ( field commission ) Chakotay ( Robert Beltran ), her first officer, who joined from the Maquis ; Lt. Tuvok ( Tim Russ ) ( later rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander ), the Security / Tactical officer ; Ensign Harry Kim ( Garrett Wang ), the Operations Officer ; Lt JG ( junior grade ) ( field commission ) B ' Elanna Torres ( Roxann Dawson ), Chief Engineer ; Lt. JG ( falling to ensign as a result of demotion but later rising in rank to full lieutenant ) Tom Paris ( Robert Duncan McNeill ), Helm Officer ; as well as several noncommissioned personnel, the Emergency Medical Hologram ( Robert Picardo ) as the Chief Medical Officer, Neelix ( Ethan Phillips ) as the ship's cook and later Voyager's ambassador, Kes ( Jennifer Lien ) as the EMH's Medical Assistant, and Seven of Nine ( Jeri Ryan ), who plays several roles, generally in Astrometrics or Engineering.
Benjamin meets with his former commanding officer Colonel Harry Burwell ( Chris Cooper ) and is given the rank of colonel to lead the local colonial militia due to his combat experience, tasked with keeping Lord Cornwallis's ( Tom Wilkinson ) British regiments pinned south through guerrilla warfare.
Sir Harry Paget Flashman VC KCB KCIE is a fictional character created by George MacDonald Fraser ( 1925 – 2008 ), but based on the character " Flashman " in Tom Brown's Schooldays ( 1857 ), a semi-autobiographical work by Thomas Hughes ( 1822 – 1896 ).
Some of the other members of the party are Tom ; Liza's friend Sally and her boyfriend Harry ; and Jim Blakeston, a 40-year-old father of nine who has recently moved to Vere Street with his large family, and his wife ( while their eldest daughter, Polly, is taking care of her siblings ).
Even though he and his wife Emily Shelby believe that they have a benevolent relationship with their slaves, Shelby decides to raise the needed funds by selling two of them — Uncle Tom, a middle-aged man with a wife and children, and Harry, the son of Emily Shelby ’ s maid Eliza — to a slave trader.
When Eliza overhears Mr. and Mrs. Shelby discussing plans to sell Tom and Harry, Eliza determines to run away with her son.
Directed by Harry A. Pollard ( who played Uncle Tom in a 1913 release of Uncle Tom's Cabin ), this two-hour movie was more than a year in production and was the third most expensive picture of the silent era ( at a cost of $ 1. 8 million ).
The film was based on the diary of Sergeant Alvin York, as edited by Tom Skeyhill, and adapted by Harry Chandlee, Abem Finkel, John Huston, Howard Koch, and Sam Cowan ( uncredited ).
Throughout his entire career, Taylor has produced albums for countless bands and artists including Randy Stonehill, Riki Michele, Tom Howard, The Altar Boys, Crystal Lewis and Wild Blue Yonder, Jacob's Trouble, Scaterd Few, Deliverance, Mercy River, Starflyer 59's Leave Here a Stranger, Fine China's You Make Me Hate Music, Mortal, Poor Old Lu, Tourniquet, Rich Young Ruler, Derri Daugherty, an assortment of children's records including the MegaMouth series and the Harry Whodunit?
This may have started because many prominent broadcast personalities – such as Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Brokaw, John Madden, and Casey Kasem – came from this region and so created this perception.
Members of the Borough Council are Council President Robert Klaus, Maureen Bergeron, Robert DelVecchio, Kirk Popiolek, Tom Quackenbush and Harry Vincent.
* Kenneth Burke ( 1897 – 1993 ), Cultural and literary critic and philosopher ; Harry and Tom Chapin's grandfather.
There had been a succession of regular supporting characters, changing almost every series, but Dr Leo Dalton ( William Gaminara ) and Dr Harry Cunningham ( Tom Ward ), who were introduced in the sixth series in 2002, remained in the series and continued as lead characters following Ryan's departure, with Dalton replacing her as professor.
* Dr. Harry Cunningham ( Tom Ward ) has appeared since the start of series six.
Prominent individuals who stayed at this hotel included Harry S. Truman, Alben W. Barkley, Tom Pendergast.

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