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Page "The Fantastic Ordinary World of Lutz Rathenow: Poems, Plays & Stories" ¶ 5
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Some Related Sentences

Translated and from
Roma: Il Veltro, pp. 441 ( Translated from: The World of Aldus Manutius: Business and Scholarship in Renaissance Venice, Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1979 ).
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* Hesiod, Works and Days Book 1 Works and Days Book 2 Works and Days Book 3 Translated from the Greek by Mr. Cooke ( London, 1728 ).
Translated excerpts from Hezbollah's original 1985 manifesto read :< div > We are the sons of the umma ( Muslim community ) ...... We are an ummah linked to the Muslims of the whole world by the solid doctrinal and religious connection of Islam, whose message God wanted to be fulfilled by the Seal of the Prophets, i. e., Prophet Muhammad.
Translated from the 1985 Russian-language edition ( Kharkov, Ukraine ).
Translated for the first time from the Persian edition prepared by Mohammad Estelami with an introduction and explanatory notes.
National Research Council of Canada Technical Translation TT-646, Translated by D. A. Sinclair from the original in L ’ Onde Électrique 34, no.
Translated from Russian by Sergei Syrovatkin.
Translated " Gate of the Watering Places ", it was perhaps used to take livestock to water from the River Tigris which currently flows about to the west.
Translated from an article by Ib Krarup Rasmussen published in Dansk Filatelistisk Tidsskrift Number 4, 2008.
Translated from the French Wikipedia article, retrieved February 11, 2005.
Translated from German to English: “ To become more than a sergeant?
Translated from the German with an Introduction by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson / NY Free Press 1997 1st ppb ptg ISBN 0-684-83096-5
" Translated from the German language, this quotation from Ulrich von Hutten means, " The wind of freedom blows.
* Translated from Arabic the Second Book of Esdras
Translated from an Arabic manuscript in the Bodleian library at Oxford.
Translated from the Hebrew by David Goldstein.
Translated in to English ( from Latin ) in 1686 and 1708, it tells the story of Hayy, a wild child, raised by a gazelle, without human contact, on a deserted island in the Indian Ocean.
* On the Problem of Empathy, Translated by Waltraut Stein 1989, from The Collected Works of Edith Stein, Volume Three, ICS Publications
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Translated and German
Translated from German by Janine Lettau.
Translated from the original German, this vampire tale appeared in the English magazine Odds and Ends in ( 1860 ).
( Translated from the German original Massenpsychologie und Ich-Analyse by James Strachey.
* Translated from the German 5th edition, revised and enlarged.
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* ( Translated from the German by Christine Trollope )
Translated into French, German, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean, Bulgarian, Hungarian )
Translated into German, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Japanese, Italian, Hungarian )
* Translated from the original German by Stephen G. Brush.
German ( Translated into Sanskrit )
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Translated from the German by Carol Brown Janeway.
Translated, as Sociologia del partito politico nella democrazia moderna: studi sulle tendenze oligarchiche degli aggregati politici, from the German original by Dr. Alfredo Polledro, revised and expanded ( 1912 ).
Translated, as Sociologia del partito politico nella democrazia moderna: studi sulle tendenze oligarchiche degli aggregati politici, from the German original by Dr. Alfredo Polledro, revised and expanded ( 1912 ).
Translated into Korean, German and Chinese )
Translated into German )
Translated into German and Chinese )
Translated into Dutch and German )
Translated into German, Spanish, French and Portuguese )
This translation was attributed to the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge by Frederick Burwick and James C. McKusick in their 2007 Oxford University Press edition, Faustus: From the German of Goethe, Translated by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
Translated from the German and with introductions and an appendix by John Stillwell.

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