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Two and audio
* Two audio documentaries covering execution in the United States: Witness to an Execution The Execution Tapes
Two sound channels are mixed into the left audio output, and the other two are mixed into the right output, producing stereo audio output.
Two frequency converters would be used, and the radio would be a double conversion superheterodyne ; a common example is a television receiver where the audio information is obtained from a second stage of intermediate-frequency conversion.
Two extra longitudinal tracks provide support for audio cue and for timecode control.
Two variants of wrapping are available: with Type 1 the multiplexed audio and video is saved into the video section of a single AVI file, with Type 2 video and audio are saved as separate streams in an AVI file ( one video stream and one to four audio streams ).
" Although animals in cartoons often behave with " semi-human awareness ", Groening said on the DVD audio commentary for the episode " Two Dozen and One Greyhounds " that he prefers animals in cartoons to behave exactly the way they do in real life.
Two stereo pairs of tracks ( four total ) or two monaural analog audio tracks are available on the tape ; one stereo pair or one monophonic track is played or recorded when the tape is moving in one direction and the second pair when moving in the other direction.
Two of these SCSI buses were used to store video data, and the third to store audio.
Two enhancements to G. 711 have been published: G. 711. 0 utilizes lossless data compression to reduce the bandwidth usage and G. 711. 1 increases audio quality by increasing bandwidth.
Two other pieces were included on Airwaves a collection of audio pieces by artists.
Two of these SCSI buses were used to store video data, and the third to store audio.
Two audio recordings exist of Gershwin performing an abridged version of the work with Whiteman's orchestra: an acoustic recording made June 10, 1924, released on two sides of Victor 55225 and running 8: 59 ( this recording includes the original clarinetist, Ross Gorman, playing the glissando ) and an electrical recording made April 21, 1927, released on both sides of Victor 35822 and running 9: 01 ( about half the length of the complete work ).
Horrocks's voiceovers have been used on Chicken Run ( 2000 ), Christmas Carol: The Movie ( 2001 ), Corpse Bride ( 2005 ), Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties ( 2006 ) and Tinker Bell ( 2008 ) ( in which she was Fairy Mary ; she reprises the role in the Tinker Bell sequels ), and on radio as Fenchurch in the audio adaptation of Douglas Adams ' science fiction series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for BBC Radio 4.
Two DAB channels continued to be available as DVB audio services.
Special features include ; Two audio commentaries one featuring Lee and producer-screenwriter James Schamus and one featuring Elmes, sound designer Drew Kunin, and production designer Mark Friedberg ; a new video interview with star Jeffrey Wright, and a booklet featuring essays by critic Godfrey Cheshire and Edward E. Leslie, author of The Devil Knows How to Ride: the true story of William Clarke Quantrill and his Confederate Raiders.
Special features include ; Two audio commentaries, one featuring Lee and producer-screenwriter James Schamus, and one featuring Elmes, sound designer Drew Kunin, and production designer Mark Friedberg ; a new video interview with star Jeffrey Wright ; and a booklet featuring essays by the critic Godfrey Cheshire and Edward E Leslie, author of The devil knows how to ride: the true story of William Clarke Quantrill and his confederate raiders.
* 1962 – Jerry Murad's Harmonicats ( US ) from album Stereo Party Volume Two ( 1962 ) audio
Two shows were documented, one on video and one on audio, in the form of Live.
Two short clips from Jailhouse Blues was shown on a 1961 DuPont Show of the Week broadcast, and this has served as the source of the widely circulated clips and audio from the film since.
* Ishi in Two Worlds, talk at UC Berkeley ( online audio recording )
There was no music and the audio was replaced with an automated female voice rendition of the speaking clock, played on the right audio channel, and a steady 1 kHz tone on the left audio channel on BBC One, and a steady 0. 44 kHz on BBC Two.

Two and lectures
Two lectures on theologynetwork. org
Two teams of mathematicians around 2000 finally finished their efforts to write down a complete proof, based mostly on Thurston's lectures given in the early 1980s in Princeton.
* August 25 – September 5 – Darmstädter Ferienkurse held in Darmstadt, with lectures by Włodzimierz Kotoński, György Ligeti, Andrzej Markowski, Yoritsune Matsudaira, Werner Meyer-Eppler, Luigi Nono, Henri Pousseur, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Bo Wallner, and world premieres of Claude Baillif's Mouvements pour deux, Sylvano Bussotti's Piano Pieces for David Tudor, Cornelius Cardew's Two Books of Study for Pianists and Piano Piece 1959, Niccolo Castiglioni's Cangiati per pianoforte, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati's Interpolation: Mobile pour flûte, Mauricio Kagel's Transición II, Angelo Paccagnini's Canti brevi: secondo libro, and Stockhausen's Zyklus.
Two chairs are reserved for foreign scholars who are invited to give lectures.
Two books bearing exactly these titles appeared in 1843 and 1844, and contained, as was usual with Quinet, the substance of his lectures.
Two consolidations of five older lectures have been published.
Two plenary lectures are given during the conference, at the beginning of the day on Friday and Saturday.
" Two lectures in Systematics: The Journal of the Institute for the Comparative Study of History, Philosophy and the Sciences, Vol.
Two years later, he attended the College of Philadelphia, studying medicine under Dr. Thomas Shippen, and attended Dr. Benjamin Rush's lectures in 1785.
Two formal lectures and several informal lectures were given to the enlisted men by commanding officers, but follow-up confirmation of retained knowledge did not take place.
He traveled extensively throughout Europe and Central America delivering lectures on medical subjects, and in 1887 published Two Years in Europe.
Two years later he was deputed to complete a course of lectures on metallurgy at the Bergakademie in place of W. A. Lampadius ( 1772 – 1842 ), whom he subsequently succeeded as professor.
Two short related books, originally given as lectures, are also in print: Aspects of British Black History and The Politics of Windrush.
* Two lectures to the Amsterdam Drawing society on the facial angle ( 1770 )

Two and about
( Two years ago the photography editor of Vogue Magazine titled his article about Steichen, `` The World's Greatest Photographer ''.
Two members of the panel later told in court about receiving telephone calls at their homes from anonymous persons expressing interest in the trial.
Two days before he was taken sick, Cousin Elec was out worrying about what too much rain might do to his sweetpeas, and Cousin Elec had always preserved in the top drawer of his secretary a mother-of-pearl paper knife which Theresa had coveted as a child and which he had promised she could have when he died.
Two species are described in the literature: A. ramidus, which lived about 4. 4 million years ago during the early Pliocene, and A. kadabba, dated to approximately 5. 6 million years ago ( late Miocene ).
Two miles northwest is Loch Chon, at 90m above the sea, long, and about half a mile broad.
Two poems in the Poetic Edda and two books in the Prose Edda provide information about the bridge:
Two rail lines exist, both originating in Phnom Penh and totaling about 612 kilometers of metre gauge single track.
Two broad and correlated themes run in bicycle activism: one is about advocating the bicycle as an alternative mode of transport, and the other is about the creation of conditions to permit and / or encourage bicycle use, both for utility and recreational cycling.
Part Two of Don Quixote is often regarded as the birth of modern literature, as it explores the concept of a character understanding that he is being written about.
Two were libel suits, one against Day and her publishers over comments she made about Rosenthal in her book in which he sought damages.
Two of the hotels sold in 1970 for about $ 7 million, and their estimated worth in 1986 was $ 50 million.
Two mysteries remain about the poem: whether anyone or anyplace was the real-life Casey and Mudville, and, if so, their actual identities.
Two special anniversary books have been written about the show ; EastEnders: The First 10 Years: A Celebration ( ISBN 978-0-563-37057-4 ) by Colin Brake in 1995 and EastEnders: 20 Years in Albert Square ( ISBN 978-0-563-52165-5 ) by Rupert Smith in 2005.
Two lines of an otherwise lost poem about the god, Heimdalargaldr, survive.
Two interesting experiments were devised by Newton to demonstrate how these forces could be discovered, thereby revealing to an observer that they were not in an inertial frame: the example of the tension in the cord linking two spheres rotating about their center of gravity, and the example of the curvature of the surface of water in a rotating bucket.
Two brothers, Jabez Carter Hornblower and Jonathan Hornblower Jnr also started to build engines about the same time.
Two dwarf species, named Orcinus nanus and Orcinus glacialis, were described during the 1980s by Soviet researchers, but most cetacean researchers are skeptical about their status, and linking these directly to the types described below is difficult.
Two main problems cited were that significant portions of the samples come from prison populations and male prostitutes, and that people who volunteer to be interviewed about taboo subject are likely to suffer from the problem of self-selection.
Two marriages between women were recorded in Cheshire, England, in 1707 ( between Hannah Wright and Anne Gaskill ) and 1708 ( between Ane Norton and Alice Pickford ) with no comment about both parties being female.
Two further programmes followed on European painters ; Michael Palin and the Ladies Who Loved Matisse ( 2004 ) and Michael Palin and the Mystery of Hammershøi ( 2005 ), about the French artist Henri Matisse and Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi respectively.
According to Stephen Suleyman Schwartz, in his book " The Two Faces of Islam ", “ some say that during this vagabondage Ibn Abdul Wahhab came into contact with certain Englishmen who encouraged him to personal ambition as well as to a critical attitude about Islam .” Specifically, Mir ’ at al Harramin, a Turkish work by Ayyub Sabri Pasha, written in 1888, states that in Basra, Abdul Wahhab had come into contact with a British spy by the name of Hempher, who “ inspired in him the tricks and lies that he had learned from the British Ministry of the Commonwealth .”
Two nearby detectives held the crowd back as a third detective, Don Rolker, approached Davis from behind and beat him about the head.
Two weeks after Soviet armies had entered the Baltic states, Berlin requested Finland to permit the transit of German troops, followed five weeks thereafter by Hitler's issuance of a secret directive " to take up the Russian problem, to think about war preparations ," a war whose objective would include establishment of a Baltic confederation.

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