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Typhoon and Lagoon
** Typhoon Lagoon
* Typhoon Lagoon Surf Challenge ( Specialty-USA )
Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is home to the world's largest outdoor wave pool.
In 2009, the park hosted approximately 1. 89 million guests, ranking it the second-most visited water park in the world, behind its sister park, Typhoon Lagoon.
No service is provided between Downtown Disney and other attractions, except Typhoon Lagoon which lies on the same route.
It was much smaller than the resort's other two water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, with the latter nearly four times the size of River Country.
# REDIRECT Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
Typhoon Lagoon is a water park located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States.
In 2008, Typhoon Lagoon admitted approximately 2. 06 million visitors, currently making it the most visited water park in the world.
Typhoon Lagoon closes for about two months each year for annual refurbishments, beginning mid-fall.
Of the major parks at Disney World, Typhoon Lagoon is the only one that lies within the city limits of Lake Buena Vista.
It is in the most hidden part of the park and features the newest attraction at Typhoon Lagoon.
* Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool: Wave pool, which alternates on a 90-Minute surf ( 6 foot high ) waves / 30-Minute bobbing waves cycle.
* Typhoon Lagoon
Typhoon Lagoon
Typhoon Lagoon
es: Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
fr: Typhoon Lagoon
nl: Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
The resort expanded with the opening of Epcot in 1982, Disney-MGM Studios ( now Disney's Hollywood Studios ) and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon in 1989, Disney's Blizzard Beach in 1995, Disney's Animal Kingdom in 1998, Downtown Disney retail, dining, and entertainment complex, 8 golf courses, and 18 new resort hotels.
* Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
The second water park at Walt Disney World, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon opens on June 1.
# REDIRECT Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
Several of the coaches are also still in existence, used as ticket booths at Typhoon Lagoon and Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney.

Typhoon and include
Notable examples include the Focke-Wulf FW 190, Hawker Typhoon and Republic P-47 Thunderbolt.
Pieces in this new style include Qing feng nian ( Celebrating the Harvest, Zhao Yuzhai, 1955 ), Zhan tai feng ( Fighting the Typhoon, Wang Changyuan, 1965 ) and the guzheng concerto " Miluo River Fantasia " ( Li Huanzhi, 1984 ).
Recent additions include Eurofighter Typhoon DA4, one of seven Typhoon development aircraft, which was gifted to the museum by the Ministry of Defence in 2008 and went on display in June 2009. Notable civil aircraft include the Duxford Aviation Society's Concorde and Comet described above.
Shipping companies owned include: Conwick Investment Ltd ; Far East Hydrofoil Company Ltd ; Hongkong Macao Hydrofoil Company Ltd ; Sunrise Field Ltd ; Tai Tak Hing Shipping Company Ltd ( this was the company, then independent, that owned the steamship ferry Fat Shan, which sank off Lantau in Typhoon Rose in 1971 with the loss of 88 lives, en route from Macau ); Wealth Trump Ltd ; Shun Tak-China Travel Macau Ferries Ltd ( formerly known as Hong Kong-Macau New World First Ferry Services ( Macau ) Ltd ); Companhia de Serviços de Ferry STCT ( Macau ) ( formerly known as New Ferry-Transporte Maritimo de Passageiros ( Macau ))
Discontinued aircraft include the Typhoon 3D sport plane, Super Decathlon, Bf-109, Fw-190, Cessna 210, Citabria, Etomic Vapor slow flyer and Slo-V slow flyer.
The game's opponents include the Soviet Alfa, and Akula-class nuclear-powered attack submarines, which often guard Typhoon or Delta-class ballistic missile submarines.
All models in the current FPV FG range are based on the Australian Ford FG Falcon and include the 6-cylinder F6 sedan, F6 Ute ( the former Typhoon and Tornado names having been retired ) and F6 E sedan, the V8 powered GS Sedan and Ute and the V8 engined GT, GT-P and GT E sedans.
Student activities and groups include Associated Student Body, Chorus, Class elected officers, Seminar Representatives, Drama, Far East Activity Council events, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Future Educators of America, Band, MCJROTC, Model United Nations, Intellectual Cultural Society, Chess Club, Ryukyuan American Tomodachi Organization, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, School Newspaper ( The Typhoon ), Science & Humanities Symposium, Student-2-Student, Yearbook ( Torii ), and International Thespian Society.

Typhoon and Shark
* Akula ( Акула ), a Typhoon class submarine also known as " Shark "
* Typhoon Tilly ’ s: Located near the “ Shark Reef ”.

Typhoon and Beach
Adventure, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-la Woods, Sunshine Beach, Typhoon Bay, Playa Maya Water Park and Happy Times.

Typhoon and Storm
Storm Shadow will be integrated with the Eurofighter Typhoon as part of the Phase 2 Enhancement ( P2E ) in 2014, and it will be fitted to the F-35 Lightning II once that aircraft comes into service.
* Tropical Storm Alex ( 1998 ) ( 19W ), a weak tropical storm that formed to the east of the Philippines before it was absorbed by the more powerful Typhoon Zeb ; Japan Meteorological Agency analyzed it as a tropical depression, not as a tropical storm
A disturbance to the southwest of Guam developed into Tropical Storm Roger on October 3, and later on the same day the tropical disturbance which would later become Typhoon Tip developed to the south of Pohnpei.
The Columbus Day Storm of 1962 ( also known as the Big Blow, and originally as Typhoon Freda ) was an extratropical cyclone that struck the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States on October 12, 1962.
* Tropical Storm Carmen ( 1983 ) ( 06W, Etang ), formed about 370 km east of Vietnam ; moved toward the Luzon Strait ; eventually absorbed into Typhoon Abby ( Diding )
* 1962's Typhoon Freda-after becoming extratropical, this storm did significant damage to Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia as the Columbus Day Storm of 1962
Severe Tropical Storm Parma and Typhoon Melor on October 6, 2009.
In September 1994, Typhoon Pat and Tropical Storm Ruth completed a full orbit around their centroid before collapsing into a single cyclone.
In August 1997, Typhoon Amber absorbed Tropical Storm Cass over Eastern China, after both storms made landfall, on August 30.
In July 2011, Typhoon Ma-on absorbed Tropical Storm Tokage.
Storm | Heavy storm brought by Typhoon Sanvu in Hong Kong
Within 24 hours it was upgraded to Tropical Storm Talim and the next day became a Typhoon.
The Joint Typhoon Warning Center initiated a warning for it at 0000 UTC the same day, and was upgraded to Tropical Storm Longwang six hours later.
* 1986's Tropical Storm Georgette ( T8611, 11E )-Traveled from Eastern Pacific to Western Pacific and became Typhoon Georgette.
* 1998's Tropical Storm Waldo ( T9808, 13W )-disrupted by Typhoon Vicki, hit Japan with minimal impact.
Storm 2 went on to come second place in the grand final against Typhoon 2 on a judge's decision.
The depression gradually intensified and was upgraded to Tropical Storm 21W by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center ( JTWC ) early on August 27 when located about 590 km ( 365 mi ) east of Guam ; however, in post-season analysis, the JTWC declassified 21W as a tropical storm.
Tropical Storm Merbok added to the misery caused by Typhoon Muifa / Unding in the Philippines, killing 31 people and injuring 187 others.

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