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dag and en
* " Die dokter het ' muti ' op die seerplek gesmeer en die volgende dag was dit heeltemal gesond.
* 1998-Varje dag en fest ( with Kim Meurling ) ( illustrated by Per Åhlin ).
" The program's theme music is a version of the Swedish song " Ge mig en dag ", performed by Richard Dworsky on the piano.
* Duizend en één dag (" A Thousand and One Days ").
To the earlier romances of Schimmel belong: Bonaparte en zijn tijd (" Bonaparte and his Time ," 1853 ), De eerste dag eens nieuwen levens (" The First Day of a New Life ," 2 vols, 1855 ), Sproken en vertellingen (" Legends and Tales ," 1855 ), Een Haagsche joffer (" A Hague Damsel ," 1857 ), De Vooravond der revolutie (" The Eve of the Revolution ," 1866 ).
* 1976: Efter endnu en dag ( en: After Another Day )
* 1942: Vertelsels ( heruitgegeven in 1986 ) ( comprises: De goede helpers, Perlamoena, De juwelendiefstal, De uil, Prinses Orianda en het damhert, Jef soldaat, Sint-Nicolaas en de drie kinderen, De dag der dieren, Anne-Mie en Bruintje, Het visserke op de telloor, Onze-Lieve-Heer en de koei, De bende van de Onzichtbare Hand, Het verken als kluizenaar, Pitje Sprot, De nood van Sinterklaas, Het zegevierend haasje, Het verkske, Jan de kraai )
* " Day by Day, and with Each Passing Moment ", English version of " Blott en dag ", a Scandinavian hymn written by Lina Sandell, with music by Oscar Ahnfelt
* Gasolin ': Efter endnu en dag ( 1976 )
Agnetha promoted the album with a live performance of " Dom har glömt " and " Tack för en underbar, vanlig dag " on the Swedish Sommarnöjet TV show.
#" Tack för en underbar vanlig dag " ( from 1975 ' Elva kvinnor i ett hus )
# Tack för en underbar, vanlig dag

dag and ("
Danish, Norwegian, Swedish Onsdag, (" Ons-dag " = Odens / Odins dag / day ).
In the book " En helt vanlig dag på jobben " (" A completely ordinary day at work ") journalist Håvard Melnæs revealed that as Høiby had financial problems he never said no to any suggestions from Se og Hør.
Swedish-born Norwegian singer Elisabeth Andreasson covered the song in Swedish, as " Han pendlar varje dag " (" He commutes every day ") with the new lyrics by Olle Bergman, on her 1981 album Angel of the Morning.

dag and day
A precise English translation of this German-Nordic word does not actually exist, but " Meeting of the Realm " may serve as a literal translation, though perhaps " Diet of the Realm " would be more accurate ( dag literally means " day ", and is thus either cognate to the use of German tag for a Diet, or even a direct borrowing ; the former comes from Latin dies with the same meaning ).
Prior to 1983, the day was celebrated as Svenska flaggans dag ( Swedish flag day ).
The last day ( always a Monday ) is known as de dag van de lege portemonnees ( the day of the empty wallets ) alluding to the fact that many people have spent their last penny at the festival, and is by the people of Ghent seen as " their " day while the stream of visitors from other places ceases.
Dagobert is a male given name, from Old Frankish dag " day " ( cognate with Dagr ) and berath " bright ".
* Din egen dag er kort ( Your own day is short ), 1996
In Sweden, the country of its presumed origin, the cinnamon roll takes the name of kanelbulle ( literally: " cinnamon bun ") and October 4 has more recently started to be promoted as " kanelbullens dag " ( Cinnamon roll day ).
In Sweden " Kåldolmens dag " ( Day of the Cabbage Roll ) is celebrated on 30 November, the death day of Charles XII of Sweden with the purpose stated by its initiators to hail the multifaceted Swedish cultural heritage involving national symbols with immigrant background.
Iuno wrote the soundtrack for the movie Natalja, and for De zevende dag ( the 7th day ).
In Norway, Sweden and South Korea and some Latin American countries, a public holiday is typically referred to as " red day " ( rød dag, röd dag, 빨간 날 ), as it is printed in red in calendars.
Vanhojen tanssit or Wanhojen tanssit in Finnish ( English: " ball of the ( new ) seniors "), de äldstes dag in Swedish ( English: " day of the ( new ) seniors "), is a formal prom held in Finnish upper secondary schools ( lukio ) during the second year.
* Die dag toe Liewe Heksie se kop gedraai het ( The day when Dear little witch's head turned )

dag and is
However, the term is not used for the parliaments of Norway and Denmark, which are called Stortinget and Folketinget respectively ( based on the Germanic þing instead of dag ).
The Condition ( ngang ) is the Basis of all ( kun gzhi )-- primordially pure ( ka dag ) and not generated by primary and instrumental causes.
This unicum of primordial purity ( ka dag ) and spontaneous accomplishment ( lhun grub ) is the Way of Being ( gnas lugs ) of the Pure-and-Perfect-Mind chub ( kyi ) sems.
The word dye is from Middle English deie and from Old English dag and dah.
In Dzogchen technical language, ' primordial purity ' ( Wylie: ka dag ), which is none other than the ' one taste ' ( ro gcig ) of the ' gnosis of commonality / egality '.

man and inte
But his departure from glam rock with the punk and hard rock inspired Va ska man ta livet av sig för när man ändå inte får höra snacket efteråt gained him much popularity and the album sold about 150 000 copies.
* 1977: Va ska man ta livet av sig för när man ändå inte får höra snacket efteråt

man and pizza
Director Rob Cohen makes a cameo appearance on the first race scene as a pizza delivery man.
The scene shifts back to the sexist man whose claims of Christina's lesbianism causes an entire crowd of women to attack him with baseball bats and the movie moves along, introducing Christina Walters, a successful interior designer and Courtney Rockcliffe ( Christina Applegate ) who is a divorce lawyer as they console their friend and roommate Jane ( Selma Blair ), who had recently broken up with her boyfriend Kevin, by taking her out to a dance club and cancel their plans to stay in for pizza.
American pizza delivery man Brian Douglas Wells was killed in 2003 by an explosive fastened to his neck, purportedly under duress from the maker of the bomb.
In addition, he appeared in the first episode of the 2002 series of the BBC's comedy-drama Linda Green, playing a pizza delivery man who ended up being something of a soulmate to the eponymous heroine.
* In " Jurassic Bark ", the seventh episode of the fourth season of animated comedy Futurama, Seymour-the adopted dog of Philip Fry, a man accidentally cryogenically frozen and revived in the far future-is revealed to have waited for the remaining years of his life outside the pizza delivery restaurant where Fry worked, vainly awaiting his master's return.
* Victor " Vic " Muskowitz ( Mush ): The pizza delivery man of East Gackle who is a good friend of Andy and Danny and he sometimes helps them with pranks.
He later appeared as a pizza delivery man in Smith's 2001 film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
He impresses Sharon by getting an honest job as a pizza delivery man.
While Bachman assumed that Durkee was just a pizza delivery man, Durkee was actually an accomplished musician and musical director for Bette Midler and Barry Manilow.
After graduating high school, Liefeld took life drawing classes at a local junior college, working odd jobs for about a year, including as a pizza delivery man and construction worker, while practicing his artwork, samples of which he would send to small comics publishers, as he was too intimidated to send them to the " Big Two " companies of Marvel and DC.
Julie's husband, pizza delivery man and archeology student.
During the call, he is interrupted by a pizza delivery man, who attempts to deliver a free pizza to him, but Stu turns him away.
As the police bring down the body, Stu identifies it as the pizza delivery man from earlier.
Stu gets medical treatment at a local ambulance ; as he does, a man with a briefcase ( Kiefer Sutherland ) passes by and says that he regrets killing the pizza deliverer and warns Stu that if his newfound honesty does not last, he will be hearing from him again.
The only lasting effect of my access to porn is a reflex giggle when the pizza delivery man knocks on my door.
These include " Slant Head " for conservative commentator Sean Hannity, " the Druggie " or " the Drugster " for Rush Limbaugh, " Shooter " for Vice President Dick Cheney, " Rotten Rudy " for former Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, " The Mittster " for Mitt Romney, and " the pizza man " for Herman Cain.
The first " tease " campaign had scenes like a pizza delivery man " beaming " onto a beach a few seconds after the order is placed.
Mr. Trick agrees, before going to answer the door and dragging the pizza delivery man in to eat.
Louis ends up exacerbating the situation when he kidnaps a pizza delivery man who sees him with the body.
James, Louis, and the pizza man end up leaving the apartment to follow Carl and Susan, but they are pulled over by the cops from earlier in the movie.

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