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Virgil and Carrington
* Jones, Virgil Carrington.

Virgil and Jones
There was no room for the new Avery unit in Schlesinger's small studio, so Avery, Jones, and fellow animators Bob Clampett, Virgil Ross, and Sid Sutherland were moved into a small adjacent building they dubbed " Termite Terrace ".
They were soon joined by animators Chuck Jones, Virgil Ross, and Sid Sutherland, and worked virtually without interference on their new, groundbreaking style of humor for the next year.
Covers were by Paul Blaisdell, Hannes Bok, Virgil Finlay, Robert Gibson Jones, Harold McCauley, James B.
* Virgil Jones
When the WWF introduced Mike Jones as Ted DiBiase's bodyguard, Bobby Heenan suggested to name the character Virgil as an inside joke on Dusty's real name.
Michael " Mike " Jones ( born June 13, 1962 ) is an American professional wrestler, who most recently performed for World Wrestling Entertainment under the ring name Virgil, where he appeared on its Raw brand as Ted DiBiase, Jr .' s personal assistant.
On November 28, 2008, Jones returned to the ring as " Virgil " and wrestled for Next Era Wrestling in Lockport, NY, in a tag match with Patrick O ' Malley, defeating Ryot and Superbeast.
On July 2, 2009, Jones returned to the ring, once again, in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, as Virgil, this time for Ultimate Championship Wrestling ( UCW ).
On the May 17, 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Jones returned to WWE reprising his Virgil bodyguard character, this time with Ted DiBiase, Jr.
Jones as Virgil in 2010.
Brian McLaren ( foreground ) and Tony Jones, Yale Theological Conversation, Yale Divinity School, February 2006 ; Photograph: Virgil Vaduva
Brandi as The Patriot in a wrestling match against Mike Jones ( wrestler ) | Virgil in 2009.
Oscar Peterson Trio w / Hank Jones & Clint Eastwood, Dianne Reeves, The Yellowjackets, Oscar Peterson, Bonnie Raitt, Hank Jones, the Charles Lloyd Quartet, Dave Brubeck, McCoy Tyner with Bobby Hutcherson, Roy Hargrove, Robert Lowery, Virgil Thrasher, Hank Jones with vocalist Roberta Gambarini, youthful piano phenom Eldar Djangirov, Ben Monder's Trio, and Tierney Sutton with her all star trio, anchored by pianist Christian Jacob, and more

Virgil and published
Virgil published his pastoral Eclogues ; the Georgics, perhaps the most beautiful poem ever written about country life ; and the Aeneid, an epic poem describing the events that led to the creation of Rome.
Perhaps the outstanding example was John Dryden's English version of the poems of Virgil, published in 1697.
In addition Hermann Broch's The Death of Virgil was published in 1945 and Thomas Mann's Doctor Faustus in 1947.
Petrarch revived the work and letters of the ancient Roman Senate | Roman Senator Cicero | Marcus Tullius CiceroPetrarch also published many volumes of his letters, including a few written to his long-dead friends from history such as Cicero and Virgil.
The biographical tradition asserts that Virgil began the hexameter Eclogues ( or Bucolics ) in 42 BC and it is thought that the collection was published around 39 – 38 BC, although this is controversial.
The manuscript was finally laid aside for the translation, and the Eneids of Virgil was published in November 1875.
On February 2, Virgil and Wyatt resigned from their positions as Deputy U. S. Marshals in a letter published in The Daily Epitaph, though Dake refused Wyatt's resignation.
In 1563 in Frankfurt, a German bilingual translation by Johann Posthius was published, featuring the woodcuts of renowned German engraver Virgil Solis.
His career as a critic was always more illustrious, and he published editions of classical poets such as Virgil as well as English poets including John Dryden.
In 1866 Conington published his most famous work, the translation of the Aeneid of Virgil into the octosyllabic metre of Sir Walter Scott.
He also published editions of Virgil ( 1785 ), Plautus ( 1788 ) and Terence ( 1797 ).
The account was published as a pamphlet called " A History of the Detection, Conviction, Life And Designs of John A. Murel, The Great Western Land Pirate ; Together With his System of Villany and Plan of Exciting a Negro Rebellion, and a Catalogue of the Names of Four Hundred and Forty Five of His Mystic Clan Fellows and Followers and Their Efforts for the Destruction of Mr. Virgil A. Stewart, The Young Man Who Detected Him, To Which is Added Biographical Sketch of Mr. Virgil A.
But because Wyatt outlived Virgil and due to a creative biography, Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal published two years after Wyatt's death, Wyatt became famous and the subject of various movies, television shows, biographies and works of fiction.
In 1966 he published The Paris Diary of Ned Rorem, which, with his later diaries, has brought him some notoriety, as he is honest about his and others ' sexuality, describing his relationships with Leonard Bernstein, Noël Coward, Samuel Barber, and Virgil Thomson, and outing several others ( Aldrich and Wotherspoon, eds., 2001 ).
Its most distinguished representative was Jean de Vales, of Montech, who made excellent translations from Virgil and Persius, and wrote a brilliant burlesque of the former in the manner of Scarron ( Virgile deguisat, 1648 ; only four books published ).
We shall not go far wrong if we include in the list Hyacinthe Morel ( 1756 – 1829 ), of Avignon, whose collection of poems, Lou Saboulet, has been republished by Frédéric Mistral ; Louis Aubanel ( 178 ~- 1842 ), of Nîmes, the successful translator of Anacreon's Odes ; Auguste Tandon, the troubadour of Montpellier, who wrote Fables, contes et autres pièces en vers ( 1800 ); Fabre d ' Olivet, the versatile littérateur who in 1803 published Le Troubadour: Poésies occitaniques, which, in order to secure their success, he gave out as the work of some medieval poet Diou-loufet ( 1771 – 1840 ), who wrote a didactic poem, in the manner of Virgil, relating to silkworm-breeding ( Leis magnans ); Jacques Azais ( 1778 – 1856 ), author of satires, fables, & c .; d ' Astros ( 1780 – 1863 ), a writer of fables in La Fontaine's manner ; Castil-Blaze, who found time, amidst his musical pursuits, to compose Provençal poems, intended to be set to music ; the Marquis de Fare-Alais ( 1791 – 1846 ), author of some light satirical tales ( Las Castagnados ).
In 1472 he published a folio edition of Virgil in Venice.
The Big Time was published originally in two parts in Galaxy Magazines March and April 1958 issues, illustrated by Virgil Finlay.
He then published a few dramas and books of poems, which had limited success ; his reputation rests upon his translations of the Oberon of Wieland, the Georgics of Virgil, and the Iliad and Odyssey by Homer.
Dryden's translation of Virgil, executed between 1693 and 1696, was published by Tonson in July 1697 by subscription.
Varius Rufus, a close friend of Virgil and the man who published the Aeneid after Virgil's death, had Epicurean tastes, as did Horace and his patron Maecenas.
The work on Georgics was launched when agriculture had become a science and Varro had already published his Res rusticae, on which Virgil relied as a source — a fact already recognized by the commentator Servius.
He also published works on Virgil, the Latin poets, the Icelandic sagas, Shakespeare and the sayings of Jesus.

Virgil and 1944
** Lucullus Virgil McWhorter, American farmer and frontiersman ( d. 1944 )
* The Eclogues and the Georgics of Virgil ( 1944 ) translator

Virgil and ),
In an invention of Virgil ( Aeneid VI ), Daedalus flies to Cumae and founds his temple there, rather than in Sicily ; long afterwards Aeneas confronts the sculpted golden doors of the temple.
Virgil, probably working from an Alexandrian source, recognized three: Alecto (" unnameable " who appeared in Virgil's Aeneid ), Megaera (" grudging "), and Tisiphone (" vengeful destruction ").
His prose works on various subjects – Prometheus, dialogues like Symposium ( a banquet at which Virgil, Horace and Messalla were present ), De cultu suo ( on his manner of life ) and a poem In Octaviam (" Against Octavia ") of which the content is unclear-were ridiculed by Augustus, Seneca and Quintilian for their strange style, the use of rare words and awkward transpositions.
The Minotaur ( infamia di Creti, " infamy of Crete "), appears briefly in Dante's Inferno, in Canto 12 ( l. 12-13, 16-21 ), where Dante and Virgil find themselves picking their way among boulders dislodged on the slope, and preparing to enter into the Seventh Circle.
Pasiphaë appeared in Virgil's Eclogue VI ( 45 – 60 ), in Silenus ' list of suitable mythological subjects, on which Virgil lingers in such detail that he gives the sixteen-line episode the weight of a brief inset myth.
In 2010, former Republican Representative Virgil Goode ( VA-5 ), later the 2012 nominee for president, accepted an appointment to the National Executive Committee of the Constitution Party.
Publius Vergilius Maro ( October 15, 70 BC – September 21, 19 BC ), usually called Virgil or Vergil in English, was an ancient Roman poet of the Augustan period.
Sometime after the publication of the Eclogues ( probably before 37 BC ), Virgil became part of the circle of Maecenas, Octavian's capable agent d ' affaires who sought to counter sympathy for Antony among the leading families by rallying Roman literary figures to Octavian's side.
Virgil worked on the Aeneid during the last ten years of his life ( 29 – 19 BC ), commissioned, according to Propertius, by Augustus.
Dante, Homer and Virgil in Raphael Sanzio | Raphael's The Parnassus | Parnassus fresco ( 1511 ), in which the Western canon is visualised
Other notables included Karl Urban in a variety of roles such as Cupid and Caesar, Hudson Leick as Xena's nemesis Callisto ( Leick also played a body-switched Xena in the episode Intimate Stranger ), Claire Stansfield as the evil shamaness Alti ; and a number of trusted friends – Jennifer Sky as feisty sidekick Amarice, Bruce Campbell as Autolycus King of Thieves, Robert Trebor as dodgy entrepreneur Salmoneus, William Gregory Lee as the warrior-poet Virgil and Tim Omundson as the spiritual healer Eli.
Virgil Ivan Grissom ( April 3, 1926 – January 27, 1967 ), ( Lt Col, USAF ), better known as Gus Grissom, was one of the original NASA Project Mercury astronauts and a United States Air Force pilot.
Despite the polished and complex nature of the Aeneid ( legend stating that Virgil wrote only three lines of the poem each day ), the number of half-complete lines and the abrupt ending are generally seen as evidence that Virgil died before he could finish the work.
Some claim that Virgil meant to change them before he died, while others find that the location of the two passages, at the very end of the so-called Volume I ( Books 1 – 6, the Odyssey ), and Volume II ( Books 7 – 12, the Iliad ), and their short length, which contrasts with the lengthy nature of the poem, are evidence that Virgil placed them purposefully there.
He also wrote books of literary criticism, in particular Wordsworth ( 1881 ) and Essays, Classical and Modern ( in two volumes, 1883 ), which included a highly-regarded essay on Virgil.
The designer of the platform, Dr. Lindsey Brigman ( Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio ), insists on accompanying the SEAL team, even though her estranged husband, Virgil " Bud " Brigman ( Ed Harris ), is currently serving as the platform's foreman.
Mantua's most famous ancient citizen is the poet Publius Vergilius Maro, Virgil ( Mantua me genuit ), who was born near the city in 70 B. C.
* Virgil ( 70 BCE – 19 BCE ), a classical Roman poet.
Berlioz appears to have been innately Romantic, this characteristic manifesting itself in his love affairs, adoration of great romantic literature, and his weeping at passages by Virgil ( by age twelve he had learned to read Virgil in Latin and translate it into French under his father's tutelage ), Shakespeare, and Beethoven.

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