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Warren and Farrell
* 1943 – Warren Farrell, American author
In 1999, masculist writer Warren Farrell compared the dehumanizing stereotyping of men to the dehumanization of the Vietnamese people as " gooks.
Warren Farrell has created a number of words and phrases, such as ' success object ', ' genetic celebrity ', ' pay paradox ', ' from role mate to soul mate ', ' death professions ', ' glass cellar ', ' financial womb ', ' the three-option woman and the no-option man ', ' men's ABC rights ', ' the disposable sex ', and most recently ' iSocial '.
* Warren Farrell Site
* Warren Farrell Profile Page at BigSpeak
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Recent critiques of feminist theory by Warren Farrell have given broader consideration to findings from a ten-year study of courtship by Buss.
Key theoretical contributions reconciling the relationship between masculist / feminist interpretation of gender studies include Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men by Dr Warren Farrell and James Sterba, and Gendering, Courtship and Pay Equality by Dr Rory Ridley-Duff.
* Warren Farrell
* Warren Farrell
In the United States, Warren Farrell heads a commission focused on the creation of a " White House Council on Boys and Men " as a counterpart to the " White House Council on Women and Girls " which was formed in March 2009.
Warren Farrell states that men in the United States pay more into social security, but in total women receive more in benefits, and that discrimination against men in insurance and pensions have gone unrecognized.
* The Myth of Male Power ( 2001 ), by Warren Farrell
What men's advocate Warren Farrell calls the " glass cellar of male disposability.
The TV movie was based more around modeling than the fashion industry, and featured Joan Collins, Daryl Hannah and Alexandra Paul in the roles that would be taken by Fairchild, Sheridan and Farrell in the series ( Jennifer Warren and Jeffrey Richman were the only two actors to appear in both the TV movie and the 1984 series ).
The retired senior judges are Noël Anketell Kramer, Inez Smith Reid, Vanessa Ruiz, Anice M. Wagner, Theodore R. Newman, William C. Pryor, John W. Kern, III, James A. Belson, Michael W. Farrell, John M. Ferren, Warren R. King, John M. Steadman, John A. Terry, Frank E. Schwelb and Frank Q. Nebeker.
More recently, a method called Cinematic Immersion has been developed by Warren Farrell in Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say.

Warren and vs
Comic books and graphic novels which feature vampires include Vampirella ( Warren Publishing, 1969 ), Morbius, the Living Vampire ( Marvel, 1971 ), Tomb of Dracula ( Marvel Comics, 1972 ), Blade ( Marvel, 1973 ), I ... Vampire ( DC Comics, 1981 ), Hellsing ( Shonen Gahosha, 1997 ), 30 Days of Night ( IDW Publishing, 2002 ), Chibi Vampire ( Monthly Dragon Age, 2003 ), Rosario + Vampire ( Monthly Shōnen Jump 2004 ), Vampire Knight ( LaLa, 2005 ), Blood Alone ( MediaWorks, 2005 ), Dracula vs. King Arthur ( Silent Devil Productions, 2005 ), Dance in the Vampire Bund ( Media Factory, 2006 ), Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures ( Dabel Brothers Productions / Marvel Comics, 2007 ), Half Dead ( Dabel Brothers Productions / Marvel Comics, 2007 ), Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight ( Dark Horse Comics, 2007 ), Nosferatu ( Viper Comics, 2010 ), and Twilight: The Graphic Novel ( 2010 ).
This was verified in Grand Jury Testimony involving the trial Arizona vs Warren Jeffs.
In the 1988 Cotton Bowl Classic game vs Notre Dame, a member of Sherrill's 12th Man Kickoff Team Warren Barhorst tackled Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown.
* God Debate: Sam Harris vs. Rick Warren Debate between Christian Rick Warren and atheist Sam Harris as reported by Newsweek ( April 9, 2007 ).

Warren and .
Such writers as William Faulkner and Robert Penn Warren have led the field of somewhat less important writers in a sort of post-bellum renaissance.
He is too deeply steeped in William Faulkner and Robert Penn Warren.
Robert Penn Warren puts it this way in `` Brother To Dragons '': `` The recognition of complicity is the beginning of innocence '', where innocence, I think, means about the same thing as redemption.
He and also Mr. Cowley and Mr. Warren have fallen to the temptation which besets many of us to read into our authors -- Nathaniel Hawthorne, for example, and Herman Melville -- protests against modernism, material progress, and science which are genuine protests of our own but may not have been theirs.
The countrywide success of `` Lazybones '' and `` And The Angels Sing '' could only lead to Hollywood, where, besides Harold Arlen, Mercer collaborated with Harry Warren, Jimmy Van Heusen, Richard Whiting, Walter Donaldson, Jerome Kern, and Arthur Schwartz.
with Harry Warren he did `` The Girl Friend Of The Whirling Dervish '', `` Jeepers Creepers '', and `` You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby ''.
Woodrow Wilson, with whom he began his years in Washington, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, FDR, with whom he managed a social revolution.
Smiling at his quixotic thoughts, Warren turned back from the opening and lit a cigarette before sitting down.
Pressing his cigarette out in the earth, Warren walked to the slit and scanned the jagged hills.
Warren and White each carried, in addition to their own weapons and ammo, a box of ammo for the ROK's machine gun.
Warren tried to shake off the jumble of his fears by looking at the sky.
Because they were new men and to be sure that they didn't get lost, Prevot had placed Warren and White in the center of the patrol as it filed out.
His eyes now fixed on White's solid figure, Warren could hear behind him the tread of another.
And with each sigh, like a whip in the hand of an expert, the grass stripped something from Warren.
Warren thought of all the men out that night who, like himself, had left their protective ridge and -- fear working at their guts -- picked their way into the area beyond.
White's arm went up and Warren raised his own.
Warren handed him the metal box and Prevot quietly disappeared down the line.
Lying in the grass behind the brush clump, Warren looked about.
Warren eased his rifle's safety off and gently, slowly sneaked another clip of ammunition from one of the cloth bandoleers that marked the upper part of his body with an Aj.
He and Warren had traveled together for four days.
That was the day that Pierre had told Warren about the Abbey of Solesmes.
Within two weeks Warren was ringing the bell at the abbey gate.
As examples at GE: Glen B. Warren, formerly manager of the Turbine Division, widely recognized as a turbine designer.
Negro parents have filed application for admission of additional children to schools in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, and Warren Counties.
J. Wheaton Smith, editor of the Warren Telegraph stated that `` the ends of justice must be satisfied, a solitary example must be set, in order that all those misnamed philantropists, who, actuated by a blind zeal, dare to instigate riot, treason, and murder, may heed it and shape their future course accordingly ''.

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