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Weil and David
** David Foster, Tom Keane and Cynthia Weil for " Through the Fire "
* David N. Weil, American economist known for his economics growth textbook and his reinterpretation of Malthus.
** St. Elmo's Fire – David Foster ; John Parr ; Billy Squier ; John Elefante ; Dino Elefante ; Jon Anderson ; Fee Waybill ; Steve Lukather ; Richard Marx ; Jay Graydon ; Steve Kipner ; Peter Beckett ; Cynthia Weil
Writers included Al Aronowitz, George Barkin, Ann Louis Barsach, Chip Berlet, Steve Bloom, Michael Bloomfield, Victor Bockris, William S. Burroughs, Mark Christensen, Ed Dwyer, Bruce Eisner, David Enders, Thomas King Forcade, Andrew Kowl, Bruce Jay Friedman, Josh Alan Friedman, Kinky Friedman, Steven Hager, Debbie “ Blondie ” Harry, J. Hoberman, Mark Jacobson, David Katz, Paul Krassner, Dean Latimer, Carlo McCormick, Barry Miles, Cookie Mueller, Glenn O ' Brien, Joey Ramone, Ron Rosenbaum, Jerry Rubin, Luc Sante, Larry “ Ratso ” Sloman, Terry Southern, Peter Stafford, Richard Stratton, Teun Voeten, Andy Warhol, Andrew Weil, Mike Wilmington, Robert Anton Wilson, and Frank Zappa.
* Weil, David N., “ The Economics of Population Aging ” in Mark R. Rosenzweig and Oded Stark, eds., Handbook of Population and Family Economics, New York: Elsevier, 1997, 967-1014.
* David N. Weil.
The Winterfilm Collective ( listed as Winterfilm, Inc. in the credits to the film Winter Soldier ) consisted of: Fred Aranow, Nancy Baker, Joe Bangert, Rhetta Barron, Robert Fiore, David Gillis, David Grubin, Jeff Holstein, Barbara Jarvis, Al Kaupas, Barbara Kopple, Mark Lenix, Michael Lesser, Nancy Miller, Lee Osborne, Lucy Massie Phenix, Roger Phenix, Benay Rubenstein, and Michael Weil.
Some well known wellness promoters are Deepak Chopra, Michael Roizen, Mehmet Oz, Don B. Ardell, John Travis, David F. Duncan, and Andrew Weil.
* " A Contribution to the Empirics of Economic Growth " ( 1992 ), by N. Gregory Mankiw, David Romer, and David N. Weil
His subjects have been Star Wars movies The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, Andrew Weil, Michael Moore, Ronald Reagan, Russell Crowe, Johnny Cash, The Matrix Reloaded, vegetarianism, yoga, The Blair Witch Project, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Steven Spielberg twice, Dreamworks, talk radio, the 1994 – 95 Major League Baseball strike, the campaign against smoking, Candice Bergen, the divorce of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, David Lynch, Pornography, Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner, Mississippi Burning, Disney, Fatal Attraction, Steve Martin, Platoon, The Hidden Treasure Trove, Sigourney Weaver, Molly Ringwald, NBC, Nastassja Kinski, the new idea of beauty, On Golden Pond, Nicholas Nickleby, and TV's Dallas.
* Songwriters: Kanye West, David Foster, Tom Keane, Cynthia Weil

Weil and N
The function obtained in this way is, remarkably, a cusp form of weight two and level N and is also an eigenform ( an eigenvector of all Hecke operators ); this is the Hasse – Weil conjecture, which follows from the modularity theorem.
The Institute has been the workplace of some of the most renowned thinkers in the world, including Albert Einstein, Paul Dirac, Kurt Gödel, Clifford Geertz, T. D. Lee and C. N. Yang, J. Robert Oppenheimer, John von Neumann, Freeman J. Dyson, Hassler Whitney, André Weil, Hermann Weyl, Harish-Chandra, Joan W. Scott, Frank Wilczek, Edward Witten, Albert O. Hirschman, Nima Arkani-Hamed, George F. Kennan, and Yve-Alain Bois.
* Brady, N. C. and Weil, R. R.

Weil and .
Weil identifies it as being `` rootless '', Guardini as being `` placeless '', Riesman as being `` lonely ''.
Ralph Snyderman and Andrew Weil state that " integrative medicine is not synonymous with complementary and alternative medicine.
André Weil (; 6 May 1906 – 6 August 1998 ) was an influential French mathematician of the 20th century, renowned for the breadth and quality of his research output, its influence on future work, and the elegance of his exposition.
The philosopher Simone Weil was his sister.
His only sibling was Simone Weil, a famous philosopher.
Weil studied in Paris, Rome and Göttingen and received his doctorate in 1928.
Weil was in Finland when World War II broke out ; he had been traveling in Scandinavia since April 1939.
Weil was mistakenly arrested in Finland at the outbreak of the Winter War suspected of spying ; however, accounts of his life having been at danger have been shown to be exaggerated.
Weil returned to France via Sweden and the United Kingdom, and was detained at Le Havre in January 1940.
In January 1941, Weil and his family sailed from Marseille to New York.
Mordell's theorem had an ad hoc proof ; Weil began the separation of the infinite descent argument into two types of structural approach, by means of height functions for sizing rational points, and by means of Galois cohomology, which was not to be clearly named as that for two more decades.
The so-called Weil conjectures were hugely influential from around 1950 ; they were later proved by Bernard Dwork, Alexander Grothendieck, Michael Artin, and Pierre Deligne, who completed the most difficult step in 1973.
The Weil conjecture on Tamagawa numbers proved resistant for many years.
He picked up another credited Weil conjecture, around 1967, which later under pressure from Serge Lang ( resp.
Taniyama – Weil conjecture ) based on a roughly formulated question of Taniyama at the 1955 Nikkō conference.
He discovered that the so-called Weil representation, previously introduced in quantum mechanics by Irving Segal and Shale, gave a contemporary framework for understanding the classical theory of quadratic forms.
Indian ( Hindu ) thought had great influence on Weil.
At Home with Andre and Simone Weil by Sylvie Weil, translated by Benjamin Ivry ; ISBN 978-0-8101-2704-3, Northwestern University Press, 2010.
* André Weil, by A. Borel, Bull. AMS 46 ( 2009 ), 661-666.
One of his most celebrated achievements is the discovery of the first arithmetic Weil cohomology theory: the ℓ-adic étale cohomology.
This key result opened the way for a proof of the Weil conjectures, ultimately completed by his student Pierre Deligne.
On the advice of Cartan and Weil, he moved to the University of Nancy where he wrote his dissertation under Laurent Schwartz in functional analysis, from 1950 to 1953.

Weil and 2008
* March 28 – Jack Weil, American entrepreneur ( died 2008 )
In 2008, AMO curated the exhibition ' Dubai Next ' at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, and was one of the editors on the book Al Manakh, which details the rapid transformation of the Gulf region.
However, it was not until Jack Weil ( 1901 – 2008 ) modified the design and put snaps on his iconic Western shirts that the term " snap " became commonplace and that snaps became a feature of much Western wear.
Following his re-election in 2008, Dupuis kept his Public Safety Minister portfolio while adding the Canadian Intergovernmental Affairs and Democratic Institutions Reform but gave up the Justice portfolio to newcomer Kathleen Weil.
In 2008 Dark directed the independent film Little Fish, Strange Pond, starring Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin, Callum Blue, Zach Galifianakis, Liza Weil, and Paul Adelstein, which was retitled to Frenemy for its December 2010 DVD release.

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