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Some Related Sentences

*" and Whatever
*" Whatever Makes Our Love Grow " ( 1987 )
*" Que Sera Sera ( Whatever Will Be Will Be )" 7 " & 12 "( 1988 )
*" Whatever the extent of its deficiency, lessen it still further to that very extent ; and also set up the square ( of the deficiency )".
*" Whatever, Whenever, Whoever " ( 1957 )
*" Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
*" Whatever you do, do it well.
*" Whatever Lola Wants " ( Lola Gets ), a song from the Broadway musical, Damn Yankees
*" Whatever the agenda, the research has to be scientific.
*" Banjo " & " Whatever Happened To Felix Cole "-VHS video single ( Shangri-La Records 1995 )
*" Raggamuffin Man " / " Martha ( Whatever Happened )" ( 1973 ) Concord CON 027
*" Whatever Happened to ` Fascism '?
*" Pointless Relationship " for Australian singer Tammin Sursok's album, Whatever Will Be.
*" Whatever the Case May Be " ( 1x12 with Jennifer M. Johnson )
*" Whatever Happened, Happened " ( 5x11 with Carlton Cuse )
*" Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.
*" Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love " ( 1993 ) No. 21 UK
*" Blast from the Past ", episode 5 of the 2nd season of Veronica Mars, along with " Whatever It Takes ".
*" Whatever it is you say I am, I am not.
*" Whatever the poets pretend, it is plain they give immortality to none but themselves ; it is Homer and Virgil we reverence and admire, not Achilles or Aeneas.
*" Whatever It Takes "-Lifehouse

*" and may
*" A father should never prefer one child above another ; the example of Joseph shows what evil results may follow therefrom ".
*" The Almighty has not created the universe that we may have opportunities to satisfy our greed, envy and ambition.
*" Zi Gong asked, saying, " Is there one word that may serve as a rule of practice for all one's life?
*" Homo -" prefix may be used in organic chemistry trivial names to indicate next higher straight chain homolog i. e. one noncyclic carbon more ( and similarly " dihomo -" meaning two noncyclic carbon more ), and is opposite of the prefix " Nor -" which usually means one noncyclic carbon less.
*" Sport taekwondo " has developed in the decades since the 1950s and may have a somewhat different focus, especially in terms of its emphasis on speed and competition ( as in Olympic sparring ).
*" To show as much as may be at a glance, the whole belly for instance, and afterwards to subdivide the parts according to their positions and relations.
*" Response " is necessarily defined by the assessed security requirements of an individual system and may cover the range from simple upgrade of protections to notification of legal authorities, counter-attacks, and the like.
*" Moreover, as America becomes an increasingly multi-cultural society, it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat.
*" I think on the domestic front, there's one issue that is dear to my heart because it is related to foreign policy, though it may not strike you as necessary as the most important.
*" The time may come when a greatly expanded Cyc will underlie countless software applications.
*" It shall be lawful for His Most Gracious Majesty by His Royal Proclamation under the Great Seal of the Realm, issued within six months after the passing of this Act, to make such alteration in the style and titles at present appertaining to the Crown as to His Majesty may seem fit ";
*" jadi "-happened, succeeded ( derived from the Malay word ' jadi ', and may sometimes mean ' so ' as in, " Jadi?
*" I sense an older male figure in your life, who wants you to know whilst you may have had disagreements in your life, he still loved you.
*" The flaming star, which, when turned upside down, is the sign of the goat of Black Magic, whose head may be drawn in the star, the two horns at the top, the ears to the right and left, the beard at the bottom.
*" A rose tree may be a rose tree may be a rosy rose tree if watered.
*" Ancient history " generally, and may be used of any historical period before the Middle Ages
*" Border checks " means the checks carried out at border crossing points, to ensure that persons, including their means of transport and the objects in their possession, may be authorised to enter the territory [...] or authorised to leave it ( Article 2 sec.
*" What the Devil ", ( 1942 ), about two motorists menaced by a truck whose driver they cannot see, may have later inspired Steven Spielberg's TV movie Duel, adapted by Richard Matheson from his own short story.
*" Underwater " may appear as a possible computer-translation misrendering of Unterwasser, a village in Switzerland
An elite unit that produces a Leader ( see Combat ) may be renamed by the player and is thereafter designated as an " Elite *" unit ( rather than merely " Elite "); however, this has no effect on the unit's competency in battle.
*" Among some talk of you and me " may be a reference to Quatrain 32 of Edward FitzGerald's first translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (" There was a Door to which I found no Key / There was a Veil past which I could not see / Some little Talk awhile of ME and THEE / There seemed-and then no more of THEE and ME.
*" There is a recognized abstract principle, however, that may be taken as a postulate for testing whether particular state legislation in the absence of action by Congress is beyond state power.
*" Common virus may contribute to obesity in some people, new study shows " at Biology News Net

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