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Who's and Who
The first productive period came when he was considering poetry as a vocation, before he had decided to write fiction for a living ( in his note for Who's Who he wrote that he `` wrote verses 1865 - 1868 ; ;
" Marquis Who's Who TM.
Marquis Who's Who, 2009.
Who's Who in Greek Mythology.
Chicago: Marquis Who's Who, 1963.
( 1999 ): The Simon & Schuster Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures: A Visual Who's Who of Prehistoric Life.
In guidance issued by Who's Who published by A & C Black, it is noted that in the context of the UK, " not all qualified medical practitioner hold the ( M. D.
Lock also wrote a character guide entitled Who's Who in EastEnders ( ISBN 978-0-563-55178-2 ) in 2000, examining main characters from the first fifteen years of the show.
Chicago: Marquis Who's Who, 1967.
* Biographies and biographical profiles ( e. g. Who's Who )
" Son of Golden Turkey Awards also listed a " Who's Who in the World of Bad Movies " at the end of its awards presentations.
* The Jewish Baseball Hall of Fame: a Who's Who of Baseball Stars, Erwin Lynn, Shapolsky Publishers, 1986, ISBN 0-933503-17-2
A variant of this story combines " Who's " and " your ", such as in " Who ' sh yer ' ma ?".
She is mentioned, along with a brief biography, in RFC 1336, Who's Who in the Internet ( 1992 ).
Who's Who in Lesbian and Gay Writing.
While working for the insurance company, Peel filed card programs for an early IBM 1410 computer ( which led to his entry in Who's Who noting him as a former computer programmer ), and he got his first radio job, albeit unpaid, working for WRR ( AM ) in Dallas.
* KAIFU, Toshiki International Who's Who.
* Who's Who in the Theatre ( various editions ) for both Lindsay Anderson's CV and the Playbill listings
* The Montreal Protocol Who's Who
The Who's 1971 song " Baba O ' Riley " was named in part after Meher Baba, and on his first solo album, Who Came First, Townshend recorded the Jim Reeves song " There's A Heartache Following Me ," saying that it was Meher Baba's favorite song.
" Who's Who in Gay and Lesbian History from Antiquity to World War II.
Updated editions are usually published as needed, in some cases annually ( e. g. Whitaker's Almanack, Who's Who.
* Who's Who in the Nanospace
* Who's Who in the Nanospace
A much more comprehensive list of inhabitants between 1815-1821 is provided by Chaplin, Arnold, A St Helena's Who's Who or a Directory of the Island During the Captivity of Napoleon, published by the author in 1914.

Who's and American
`` The root question in American politics is always: Who's the Man to See??
" Though it had little impact on the American charts, The Who's mod anthem presaged a more cerebral mix of musical ferocity and rebellious posture that characterized much early British punk rock: John Reed describes The Clash's emergence as a " tight ball of energy with both an image and rhetoric reminiscent of a young Pete Townshend — speed obsession, pop-art clothing, art school ambition ".
The Who's early promotional material tagged them as producing " maximum rhythm and blues ", but by about 1966 they moved from attempting to emulate American R & B to producing songs that reflected the Mod lifestyle.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner was included on AFI's list of the 100 greatest American movies, while Captains Courageous featured on their list of America's most inspiring movies.
For the American publication, Fraser created a fictional entry for Flashman in the 1909 edition of Who's Who.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is a 1967 American drama film starring Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepburn, and featuring Hepburn's niece Katharine Houghton.
The Jordans ' participation in Look Who's Laughing was set up in the Fibber McGee & Molly episode " Amusement Park " ( 6 / 17 / 41 ), in which Gale Gordon played an RKO pictures representative who followed the McGees around the amusement park and chose the McGees as a representative American couple to star in a movie with Edger Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.
( Though there is no actual evidence of this when watching the original broadcasts, part of The Who's performance appeared on UK screens with the sound directly from Wembley, but with the video feed taken from the American feed after the video footage had been passed via satellite, converted from PAL to NTSC and vice versa, back to the UK, leading to the video feed of this performance being delayed behind the audio feed by around 3 seconds on the UK TV feed.
* A brief historical account of American Socialists ' history — Sections taken from The Red Network ; A " Who's Who " and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots by Elizabeth Dilling, Fourth Printing-January 1935
His cover version of The Guess Who's hit " American Woman " won him another Grammy at the Grammy Awards of 2000 and helped The Guess Who's song reach a new audience.
In Britain, Motown's records were released on various labels: at first London ( only the Miracles ' " Shop Around "/" Who's Lovin ' You " and " Ain't It Baby "), then Fontana (" Please Mr. Postman " by the Marvelettes was one of four ), Oriole American (" Fingertips " by Little Stevie Wonder was one of many ), EMI's Stateside (" Where Did Our Love Go " by the Supremes and " My Guy " by Mary Wells were Motown's first British top-20 hits ), and finally EMI's Tamla-Motown (" Stop!
The Who's early promotional material tagged them as producing " maximum rhythm and blues ", but by about 1966 they moved from attempting to emulate American R & B to producing songs that reflected the Mod lifestyle.
Earlier edition published as The Biographical Encyclopaedia and Who's Who of the American Theatre
" Peace Sells " () is a song by the American thrash metal band Megadeth from the 1986 album Peace Sells ... but Who's Buying ?, written by Dave Mustaine.
" ( or on some American issues, " The Guess Who's "); meanwhile, on their first two albums, the band was credited as both " Guess Who?
Daniel John " Danny " Pintauro ( born January 6, 1976 ) is an American actor best known for his role on the popular American sitcom Who's the Boss?
" Who's That Girl " is a song by American singer-songwriter Madonna from the soundtrack album Who's That Girl of the motion picture of same name.
) degree in 1981, where she was accepted into the Who's Who Among American Universities and Colleges.
Katherine Marie Helmond ( born July 5, 1929, Galveston, Texas ) is an American film, theater and television actress, who portrayed Emily Dickinson on Meeting of Minds, as well as fictional characters, for which she is best-known, such as Jessica Tate on Soap, Mona Robinson on Who's the Boss ?, Doris Sherman on Coach, and Lois Whelan on Everybody Loves Raymond, as well as " Jacqueline " in The Lorax and Mrs. Lowry in Brazil.
In 1983, she studied at the American Film Institute's Directing Workshop, and went on to direct four episodes of the television series Benson, as well as one episode of Who's the Boss?
In the enormously expanded wealthy society of the Gilded Age, the American institution of a Social Register filled a newly perceived void, one that was being served in the United Kingdom by Who's Who, which, since 1849, had identified public figures in Parliament and the professions as well as aristocrats and gentry, and by Burke's Peerage, which had appeared for the first time in 1826 to identify the members of the peerage of the United Kingdom and the baronets.
* Who's Who in American Art, 1985 – present

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