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William and Grimes
Seven Republican senators – William Pitt Fessenden, Joseph S. Fowler, John B. Henderson, Lyman Trumbull, Peter G. Van Winkle and notably Senators Grimes and Ross played a decisive role ; purportedly disturbed by how the proceedings had been manipulated to give a one-sided presentation of the evidence, they voted against conviction, in defiance of their party and public opinion.
Guests included Edmund Bowyer, Thomas Grimes, William Gresham, Thomas Hunt and Jeremiah Turner.
Its historical position was much the same, as former editor William H. Grimes wrote in 1951:
* Academy Award for Best Art Direction ( Stephen B. Grimes and William Kiernan, nominees )
In 1994, William Grimes noted in the New York Times that RAA only took on non-profit commissions, however their position has changed in recent years as the firm has completed some corporate work, including the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Corning Museum of Glass.
" Some reviewers were dismissive of Human Smoke, the historian Noel Malcolm describing it as a " strangely childish book " and William Grimes as a " self-important, hand-wringing, moral mess of a book ".
Carroll, 60, died of a heart attack at his Manhattan home on September 11, 2009 .< ref name =" nytimes "> Grimes, William.
Major General William Grimes 1942 – 1944
* 1947: William H. Grimes, The Wall Street Journal, " for his distinguished editorial writing during the year.
The list of artists who have performed at the Vision Festival is long and varied, including David S. Ware, Sam Rivers, Frank Lowe, Daniel Carter, William Parker, Roy Campbell, Jr., Hamid Drake, Nicole Mitchell, Rob Brown, Kidd Jordan, Henry Grimes, Marc Ribot, Chad Taylor, Rashied Ali, Joe McPhee, Jason Kao Hwang, Jayne Cortez, Fred Anderson, Matthew Shipp, Billy Bang, Eddie Gale, Whit Dickey, Amiri Baraka, Roscoe Mitchell, Steve Lacy, DJ Spooky, Yo La Tengo, Cat Power and Louis Moholo, among others.
He has performed or recorded with Cecil Taylor, Sunny Murray, William Parker, Alan Silva, Butch and Wilber Morris, Raphe Malik, Steve Swell, Roy Campbell, Jr., Matthew Shipp, Marc Edwards, Jemeel Moondoc, William Hooker, Henry Grimes, Rashid Bakr, Hamid Drake among others.
Professor William Francis Grimes ( 31 October 1905 – 25 December 1988 ) was a Welsh archaeologist who devoted his career to the archaeology of London and the prehistory of Wales.
Tammy Grimes portrayed Hannah, Diana, and Gert ; George Grizzard portrayed William, Sidney, and Stu ; Barbara Barrie portrayed Millie and Beth ; and Jack Weston portrayed Marvin and Mort.
Senators William Pitt Fessenden, Joseph S. Fowler, James W. Grimes, John B. Henderson, Lyman Trumbull, Peter G. Van Winkle, and Edmund G. Ross of Kansas, who provided the decisive vote, defied their party and public opinion and voted against impeachment.
Later, he cleared land for William Grimes ( related to Alfred Foote ) on a hill near Sandy Creek and the property was named after him.
* Grimes, William.
He was a son of William Crawford and his wife Honora Grimes, who were Scots-Irish farmers.
Senators William Pitt Fessenden, Joseph S. Fowler, James W. Grimes, John B. Henderson, Lyman Trumbull, Peter G. Van Winkle, and Edmund G. Ross of Kansas, who provided the decisive vote, defied their party and public opinion and voted against impeachment.
Among them were Edward Winter, Eve McVeagh, Yeardley Smith, Dick Wilson, William Windom, James Karen, Kenneth Mars, Henry Jones, Kevin McCarthy, Geoffrey Lewis, Russell Johnson, McLean Stevenson, Dick Sargent, Jack Riley, Marcia Wallace, Estelle Harris, Tammy Grimes, Arnold Stang, Paul Dooley, Maddie Corman, John Michael Higgins, Jayne Meadows, Bob Arbogast, Weird Al Yankovic, John Moschitta, Jr., Wayne Knight, and Betty Buckley.
Hank Azaria provided the voice of Frank Grimes, and based some of the character's mannerisms on actor William H. Macy.
The Senate members were: William Fessenden ( R-ME ), James W. Grimes ( R-IA ), Jacob Howard ( R-MI ), George Henry Williams ( R-OR ), Ira Harris ( R-NY ), and Reverdy Johnson ( D-MD ).
* Grimes, William.
On 16 June 1920, she married Samuel William Woodford Grimes, an Englishman who had been born in Bangalore, India in 1880, who at the time was working as a clerk in the War Pensions Office in Southampton.
* Grimes, William.

William and Hayden
More recent Governors-General in this category include Lord Casey, Sir Paul Hasluck, Sir John Kerr, Sir Ninian Stephen, Bill Hayden and Sir William Deane.
Of the ten Australians appointed since 1965, Lord Casey, Sir Paul Hasluck and Bill Hayden were former federal parliamentarians ; Sir John Kerr was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales ; Sir Ninian Stephen and Sir William Deane were appointed from the bench of the High Court ; Sir Zelman Cowen was a vice-chancellor of the University of Queensland and constitutional lawyer ; Peter Hollingworth was the Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane ; and Major-General Michael Jeffery was a retired military officer and former Governor of Western Australia.
Previous Hopwood winners include Brett Ellen Block, Max Apple, Lorna Beers, Sven Birkerts, John Malcolm Brinnin, John Ciardi, Tom Clark, Lyn Coffin, Cid Corman, Christopher Paul Curtis, Mary Gaitskill, Robert Hayden, Garrett Hongo, Lawrence Joseph, Jane Kenyon, Laura Kasischke, Elizabeth Kostova, Arthur Miller, Howard Moss, Davi Napoleon, Frank O ' Hara, Marge Piercy, William Craig Rice, Ari Roth, Davy Rothbart, Betty Smith, Ron Sproat, Keith Waldrop, Rosmarie Waldrop, Edmund White, Nancy Willard, Beth Tanenhaus Winsten, and Maritta Wolff.
In the work of diverse theorists such as William James ( 1842 – 1910 ), Michel Foucault ( 1926 – 1984 ) and Hayden White, important critiques of hierarchical epistemology are advanced.
While still professor of philosophy at Michigan, Dewey and his junior colleagues, James Hayden Tufts and George Herbert Mead, together with his student James Rowland Angell, all influenced strongly by the recent publication of William James ' Principles of Psychology ( 1890 ), began to reformulate psychology, emphasizing the social environment on the activity of mind and behaviour rather than the physiological psychology of Wundt and his followers.
* July 21 – August 26 – First ever photographs of Yellowstone National Park region taken by the photographer William Henry Jackson during the Hayden Geological Survey of 1871.
Led by U. S. Army Captain William F. Raynolds and guided by mountain man Jim Bridger, it included naturalist F. V. Hayden, who later led other expeditions to the region.
* Members of Sturges's unofficial " stock company " of character actors who appear in Sullivan's Travels include George Anderson, Al Bridge, Chester Conklin, Jimmy Conlin, William Demarest, Robert Dudley, Byron Foulger, Robert Greig, Harry Hayden, Esther Howard, Arthur Hoyt, J. Farrell MacDonald, Torben Meyer, Charles R. Moore, Frank Moran, Jack Norton, Franklin Pangborn, Emory Parnell, Victor Potel, Dewey Robinson, Harry Rosenthal, Julius Tannen and Robert Warwick.
Director Sam Peckinpah considered many actors for the Pike Bishop role ; Lee Marvin, Burt Lancaster, James Stewart, Charlton Heston, Gregory Peck, Sterling Hayden, Richard Boone and Robert Mitchum were all considered before William Holden was cast.
* Uncredited cast members include Eddie Acuff, Murray Alper, Ward Bond, Walter Brooke, Georgia Carroll, Glen Cavender, Spencer Charters, Wallis Clark, William B. Davidson, Ann Doran, Tom Dugan, Bill Edwards, Frank Faylen, Pat Flaherty, James Flavin, William Forrest, William Gillespie, Joe Gray, Creighton Hale, John Hamilton, Harry Hayden, Stuart Holmes, William Hopper, Eddie Kane, Fred Kelsey, Vera Lewis, Audrey Long, Hank Mann, Frank Mayo, Lon McCallister, Edward McWade, George Meeker, Dolores Moran, Charles Morton, Jack Mower, Paul Panzer, Francis Pierlot, Clinton Rosemond, Syd Saylor, Frank Sully, Dick Wessel, Leo White and Dave Willock.
Original name: Hartford-founded in 1829, when the town incorporated in 1864 it was renamed English for William Hayden English, an Indiana politician of the day.
* A DECLARATION FROM THE Poor oppressed People OF ENGLAND, DIRECTED To all that call themselves, or are called Lords of Manors, through this NATION ... Gerrard Winstanley, John Coulton, John Palmer, Thomas Star, Samuel Webb, John Hayman, Thomas Edcer, William Hogrill, Daniel Weeden, Richard Wheeler, Nathaniel Yates, William Clifford, John Harrison, Thomas Hayden, James Hall.
William George " Bill " Hayden AC
no: William George Hayden
Appearing in McGinty are: George Anderson, Jimmy Conlin, William Demarest, Byron Foulger, Harry Hayden, Esther Howard, Arthur Hoyt, George Melford, Charles R. Moore, Frank Moran, Emory Parnell, Victor Potel, Dewey Robinson, Harry Rosenthal and Robert Warwick.
Eaton predeceased his wife Eliza ( née Sikes, Danielson ), his stepson, Timothy Danielson and a stepdaughter, and five other children-three daughters ; Eliza ( married Goodwin ), Charlotte ( married Sprague ) and Almira ( married Hayden ) and two sons ; William Sikes and Nathaniel Johnson.
* Artist and photographer William Henry Jackson participates in the Hayden Survey of the Western United States, producing maps of Chaco Canyon, but no photographs due to technical problems.
The Memoir, as it usually known, was not published in Clark's lifetime ; although used by historians in the 19th century, it was not published in its entirety until 1896, in William Hayden English's Conquest of the Northwest.
* English, William Hayden.
Because the British ceded the entire Old Northwest Territory to the United States in the 1783 Treaty of Paris, some historians, including William Hayden English, credit Clark with nearly doubling the size of the original Thirteen Colonies by seizing control of the Illinois country during the war.
The bill was introduced by William Hayden English ( 1822 – 1896 ), a Democratic representative in Congress from 1853 to 1861.

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