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William and Thaddeus
On March 5, 1868, the impeachment trial began in the Senate and lasted almost three months ; Reps. George S. Boutwell, Ben Butler and Thaddeus Stevens acted as managers ( prosecutors ) for the House and William M. Evarts, Benjamin R. Curtis and Attorney General Henry Stanberry served as Johnson's counsel ; Chief Justice Chase served as presiding judge.
* 1856 – Thaddeus William Harris, American naturalist ( b. 1795 )
* 1795 – Thaddeus William Harris, American naturalist ( d. 1856 )
* January 16 – Thaddeus William Harris, American naturalist ( b. 1795 )
* November 12 – Thaddeus William Harris, American naturalist ( d. 1856 )
mac daddy – machismo – macroorchidism – macrophilia – madonna-whore complex – maid of honor – maiden – maidenhead – maiesiophilia – maieusiophilia – mail-order bride – major vestibular glands – make-out slut – makeup – makeup sex-make a pass – mala badal – male – male chauvinism – male circumcision – male dominant sex position – male ejaculation – male gaze – male hermaphroditism – male lactation – male menopause – male Pill – male prostitute – male prostitution – male rape – male reproductive system ( human ) – maledom – maleness – mammae – mammal – mammary gland – mammary intercourse – manic-depressive hypersexuality – Thaddeus Mann – manual genital stimulation – manual-genital stimulation – marianismo – marital aid – marital arts – marital bed – marital rape – marital status – maritate – marriage – marriage banquet – marriage by abduction – marriage by capture – marriage ceremony – marriage contract – marriage guidance – marriage in South Korea – marriage license – marriage of convenience – marriage strike – marriage vows – marriageable age – Married Love – Mars Bar party – masculinity – masculinization – mask – mask fetishism – mask of pregnancy – masochism – masochist – massage – massage parlor – mastectomy – master – Masters and Johnson – William Masters and Virginia Johnson – W. H. Masters – William Howell Masters – mastopexy – masturband – masturbation – masturbation aid – masturbation fantasy – masturbilia – matchmaker – matriarchy – matrilinearity – matrilocal residence – matron of honor – Mattachine Society – Max Marcuse – May – December marriage – Mayer-Rokitansky syndrome – Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome – meat market ( sexuality ) – meatal advancement – meatal stenosis – meatal ulceration – meatitis – meatotomy – meatus – mechanism – mediastinum testis – medical fetishism – medical scene – medroxyprogesterone acetate – medulla of ovary – Meese Commission – megalopenis – melanotan II – melasma – melasma praegnans – membrana granulosa – membrum virile – men on the down-low ( DL ) – men who have sex with men – menarche – menopause – menstrual – menstrual cramp – menstrual cup – menstrual cycle – menstrual flow – menstrual taboo – menstruation – mental disorder – merkin – mesometrium – mesosalpinx – mesovarium – methyltestosterone – microorchidism – micropenis – microphallus – microphilia – mid-life crisis – mifepristone – mile high club-military fetishism – milk fetishism – mindfuck – minor vestibular glands – minotaur – misattribution of arousal – miscarriage – miscegenation – misogynist – misogyny – missionary position – mistress – misyar marriage – mittelschmerz – mixed wrestling – mixophilia – mixoscopia – mock execution – Modern Primitives – modern primitives – mole fetishism – Albert Moll – Molluscum contagiosum – John Money – Monilia – monilial vaginitis – monogamous relationship – monogamy – monopedomania – monorchism – mons pubis – mons veneris – morbid jealousy – morganatic marriage – Mormon marriage – Mormon view of marriage – morning gift – morning-after pill – morning-after-pill – morphophilia – mortality – morula – Mother Clap – motivation theories – mount – mourning clothing – MSM – mucinous tumor – mucopurulent cervicitis – mud wrestling – mujra ( courtesan ) – mukhannathun – muliebrity – Müllerian agenesis – Müllerian duct – Müllerian duct structures – Müllerian-inhibiting hormone – multipara – multiparous – multiphilia – multiple birth – multiple orgasm – multiple personality – multiple wedding – multiplexed paraphilia – mummification – Muslim marriage – Musée de l ' Érotisme – music fetish – mut ' a marriage – mutilation – mutta marriage – mutual masturbation – muxe – Mycoplasma hominis – myometrium – mysophilia – ménage à trois –
After competing at William Tennent, Cintron wrestled at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology a Junior College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Many, perhaps a majority, had been Whigs, such as William Seward, a leading presidential contender in 1860 and Lincoln's Secretary of State, Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania, and Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune, the leading radical newspaper.
For the October 1948 Supreme Court Term, Frankfurter hired William Thaddeus Coleman as a law clerk, the first African American to serve as a Supreme Court law clerk.
Lincoln paid relatively little attention to this legislation as he focused on war issues, but he worked smoothly with powerful Congressional leaders such as Thaddeus Stevens ( on taxation and spending ), Charles Sumner ( on foreign affairs ), Lyman Trumbull ( on legal issues ), Justin Smith Morrill ( on land grants and tariffs ) and William Pitt Fessenden ( on finances ).
State funerals have been held in Washington D. C. for William Henry Harrison ( 1841 ), Zachary Taylor ( 1850 ), Abraham Lincoln ( 1865 ), Thaddeus Stevens ( 1868 ), James A. Garfield ( 1881 ), William McKinley ( 1901 ), Warren Harding ( 1920 ), the Unknown Soldier of World War I ( 1921 ), William Howard Taft ( 1930 ), John J. Pershing ( 1948 ), the Unknown Soldiers of World War II and the Korean War ( 1958 ), John F. Kennedy ( 1963 ), Douglas MacArthur ( 1964 ), Herbert Hoover ( 1964 ), Dwight D. Eisenhower ( 1969 ), Lyndon B. Johnson ( 1973 ), Ronald Reagan ( 2004 ), and Gerald Ford ( 2006-2007 ).
Pomeroy & Company was succeeded in 1844 by Livingston, Wells & Company, composed of Crawford Livingston, Henry Wells, William Fargo and Thaddeus Pomeroy.
# REDIRECT William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr.
Influential contemporary artists include Larry D. Alexander, Laylah Ali, Amalia Amaki, Emma Amos, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Dawoud Bey, Camille Billops, Mark Bradford, Edward Clark, Willie Cole, Robert Colescott, Louis Delsarte, David C. Driskell, Leonardo Drew, Mel Edwards, Ricardo Francis, Charles Gaines, Ellen Gallagher, Herbert Gentry, Sam Gilliam, David Hammons, Jerry Harris, Richard Hunt, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Katie S. Mallory, M. Scott Johnson, Rashid Johnson, Joe Lewis, Glenn Ligon, James Little, Al Loving, Kerry James Marshall, Eugene J. Martin, Richard Mayhew, Sam Middleton, Howard McCalebb, Charles McGill, Thaddeus Mosley, Sana Musasama, Senga Nengudi, Joe Overstreet, Martin Puryear, Adrian Piper, Howardena Pindell, Faith Ringgold, Gale Fulton Ross, Alison Saar, Betye Saar, Raymond Saunders, John T. Scott, Joyce Scott, Gary Simmons, Lorna Simpson, Renee Stout, Kara Walker, Carrie Mae Weems, Stanley Whitney, William T. Williams, John Wilson, Fred Wilson, Richard Yarde, and Purvis Young, Kehinde Wiley, Mickalene Thomas, Barkley Hendricks, Jeff Sonhouse, William Walker, Ellsworth Ausby, Che Baraka, Emmett Wigglesworth, Otto Neals, Dinga McCannon, Terry Dixon ( artist ), and many others.
Coleman's father, Flavia Colgan's step-grandfather, is William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr. ( former Secretary of Transportation under President Gerald Ford, the second African American to hold a cabinet post, and winner of a 1995 Presidential Medal of Freedom ).
Finally, William Riker of the USS Enterprise denies any claim to have known Quinn at all, until Q shows Riker that Quinn had helped his family in the past: As a soldier in the American Civil War, Quinn carried a wounded Union officer, Colonel Thaddeus Riker, back from the front lines to safety-ultimately ensuring Will Riker's existence in the future.
The couple had 9 children: 6 sons, including Alexander Brown Mott ( 1826-1889 ), Valentine Mott, Jr. ( 1822-1854 ), and Thaddeus P. Mott ; and 3 daughters, including Louisa Dunmore Mott, who in 1842 married the surgeon William Holme Van Buren.
He was assisted by Harold Tyler, a Chicago lawyer, and by Lieutenant William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr., who later became the chief defense counsel of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and United States Secretary of Transportation under President Gerald Ford.

William and Harris
Voice actors for the special included Barbara Harris, William Sloane Coffin, Jr., Jack Gilford and Will Jordan.
* 1870 – William Laurel Harris, American mural painter and writer ( d. 1924 )
The stars were Julie Harris, Walter Matthau and William Shatner.
Accompanied by William Harris the German marines marched around the island and returned with the twelve chiefs, the white settlers and the Gilbertese missionary.
Michigan Territory governor, Lewis Cass ( 1813 – 1831 ) As a result, Tiffin employed surveyor William Harris to survey not the Ordinance Line, but the line as described in the Ohio Constitution of 1802.
* Gladstone, New Mexico, an unincorporated community in Union County in the northeast part of the state, was named in his honor in 1880 by English emigrant William Harris.
The IWW's first organizers included William D. (" Big Bill ") Haywood, Daniel De Leon, Eugene V. Debs, Thomas J Hagerty, Lucy Parsons, " Mother " Mary Harris Jones, Frank Bohn, William Trautmann, Vincent Saint John, Ralph Chaplin, and many others.
William Snow Harris is credited with the invention of this instrument, which was further improved by Lord Kelvin.
Cantatas were also composed by Mark Alburger, Erik Bergman, Carlos Chávez, Osvald Chlubna, Peter Maxwell Davies, Norman Dello Joio, Lukas Foss, Roy Harris, Arthur Honegger, Alan Hovhaness, Dmitry Kabalevsky, Libby Larsen, Peter Mennin, Dimitri Nicolau, Krzysztof Penderecki, Daniel Pinkham, Earl Robinson, Ned Rorem, William Schuman, Roger Sessions, Siegfried Strohbach, Michael Tippett, and Kurt Weill.
* Harris, William V., Dreams and Еxperience in Classical Antiquity ( Cambridge, Mass.
The 18th century also saw the Welsh Methodist revival, led by Daniel Rowland, Howell Harris and William Williams Pantycelyn.
These include The Reivers by William Faulkner ( 1962 ), September, September by Shelby Foote ( 1977 ), The Old Forest and Other Stories by Peter Taylor ( 1985 ), the Pulitzer Prize-winning A Summons to Memphis by Peter Taylor ( 1986 ), The Firm ( 1991 ) and The Client ( 1993 ), both by John Grisham, Memphis Afternoons: a Memoir by James Conaway ( 1993 ), " Plague of Dreamers " by Steve Stern ( 1997 ) Cassina Gambrel Was Missing by William Watkins ( 1999 ), The Guardian by Beecher Smith ( 1999 ), " We are Billion-Year-Old Carbon " by Corey Mesler ( 2005 ), The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris, and The Architect by James Williamson ( 2007 ).
** Deep Souths: Delta, Piedmont, and the Sea Island Society in the Age of Segregation by J. William Harris
In 1987, the Arnold Schoenberg Institute in Los Angeles commissioned the settings of the remaining twenty-nine poems that Schoenberg had neglected, using his original scoring ( Sprechstimme optional ), by sixteen American composers: Milton Babbitt, Leslie Bassett, Susan Morton Blaustein, Paul Cooper, Miriam Gideon, John Harbison, Donald Harris, Richard Hoffmann, Karl Kohn, William Kraft, Ursula Mamlok, Steve Mosco, Marc Neikrug, Mel Powell, Roger Reynolds, and Leonard Rosenman.
The first " Trades School " in the UK was Stanley Technical Trades School ( now Harris Academy South Norwood ) which was designed, built and set up by William Stanley.
Attending the Convention of 1833 as representative for Nacogdoches, Houston emerged as a supporter of William Harris Wharton and his brother, who promoted independence from Mexico, the more radical position of the American settlers and Tejanos in Texas.
* Dearest Munx: The Letters of Christina Stead and William J. Blake, edited by Margaret Harris ( 2006 ) ISBN 0-522-85173-8
J. H. Allen, Richard Reader Harris, Lawrence Graeme Allan Roberts, ‎ Edward Faraday Odlum, William Gordon Mackendrick, William Henry Fasken, Charles Marston, Elizabeth Oke Gordon, F. F. Bosworth, Alexander James Ferris, William Bond, Frank Sandford, Samuel Thornton, David Davidson, Errol Manners and Charles Fox Parham.

William and Epitaphs
* Transcript of Epitaphs in Woburn First and Second Burial Grounds, Compiled by William Richard Cutter, Edward Francis Johnson, published 1890, page 56, item 267.

William and From
The American part of the evening consisted of Paul Creston's Dance Overture, William Schuman's `` Chester '' From `` New England Triptych '' and two works of Wallingford Riegger, Dance Rhythms, Op. 58, and a Romanza For Strings, Op. 56A.
From there, his body was taken to the home of Colonel William Inge, which had been his headquarters in Corinth.
From him it has descended continuously, through fifteen individuals, the title being increased to an Earldom in 1784 ; and in 1876 William Nevill 5th Earl ( b. 1826 ), ( d. 1915 ) an indefatigable and powerful supporter of the Tory Party, was created 1st Marquess of Abergavenny.
From 1852 onwards, Disraeli's career would also be marked by his often intense rivalry with William Ewart Gladstone, who eventually rose to become leader of the Liberal Party.
Nelson publicly encouraged this close bond with his officers and on 29 September 1798 described them as " We few, we happy few, we band of brothers ", echoing William Shakespeare's play Henry V. From this grew the notion of the Nelsonic Band of Brothers, a cadre of high-quality naval officers that served with Nelson for the remainder of his life.
* Albright, William F. From the Stone Age to Christianity.
* Muir, William, Annals of the Early Caliphate: From Original Sources, Smith, Elder & co., London, 1883
From 1697 to 1698 he defended the right of King William III to a standing army during disarmament after the Treaty of Ryswick ( 1697 ) had ended the Nine Years ' War ( 1688 – 97 ).
From William B. Greeley's, The Relation of Geography to Timber Supply, Economic Geography, 1925, vol.
From 1891 to 1896, William Morris ' Kelmscott Press published books that are some of the most significant of the graphic design products of the Arts and Crafts movement, and made a very lucrative business of creating books of great stylistic refinement and selling them to the wealthy for a premium.
From the mid-1760s a range of Neoclassical modes were fashionable, associated with the British architects Robert Adam, James Gibbs, Sir William Chambers, James Wyatt, George Dance the Younger, Henry Holland and Sir John Soane.
From 1640, Brandenburg-Prussia had started to rise under the Great Elector, Frederick William.
From 1713 to 1740, King Frederick William I, also known as the " Soldier King ", established a highly centralized, militarized state with a heavily rural population of about three million ( compared to the nine million in Austria ).
From that point, there were various factions pressing for his Protestant daughter Mary and her husband, Prince William III of Orange, to replace him in what became known as the Glorious Revolution.
From around 1810 to 1840, the best-known Shakespearean performances in the United States were tours by leading London actors — including George Frederick Cooke, Junius Brutus Booth, Edmund Kean, William Charles Macready, and Charles Kemble.
However, Michael Montgomery, in From Ulster to America: The Scotch-Irish Heritage of American English, states " In Ulster in recent years it has sometimes been supposed that it was coined to refer to followers of King William III and brought to America by early Ulster emigrants …, but this derivation is almost certainly incorrect … In America hillbilly was first attested only in 1898, which suggests a later, independent development.
From his peers he developed a taste for counterculture: he and his friends would steal the records and books of their older siblings – William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Mothers of Invention.
* Dever, William, " Who Were the Early Israelites and Where Did They Come From?
From this time his scientific studies dropped off, but he was a profound influence on the American branches of his two fields, teaching decades worth of future prominent scientists, including Alpheus Hyatt, David Starr Jordan, Joel Asaph Allen, Joseph Le Conte, Ernest Ingersoll, William James, Nathaniel Shaler, Samuel Hubbard Scudder, Alpheus Packard, and his son Alexander Agassiz, among others.
* Pevsner, Nikolaus, Pioneers of Modern Design: From William Morris to Walter Gropius ( New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2005, ISBN 0-300-10571-1 ).
In From Kant to Hilbert: A Source Book in the Foundations of Mathematics, 2 vols, Ewald, William B., ed., Oxford University Press: 787 – 832.
From May 1684, the King's illegitimate son, James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, lived in the Netherlands, where he was fêted by William and Mary.
The action begins when a young couple, Bob ( William Bates ) and Shirley ( sexploitation actress Pat Barrington, billed as Pat Barringer ) survive a car crash only to find themselves tied to posts in a misty cemetery where they are forced to watch dead spirits dance for the Emperor of the Night played by Criswell ( best known for Plan 9 From Outer Space ).
* Chambliss, Julian and William Svitavsky, " From Pulp Hero to Superhero: Culture, Race, and Identity in AmericanPopular Culture, 1900-1940 ," Studies in American Culture 30 ( 1 ) ( October 2008 )
From the late 16th through the 18th century, punk was a common, coarse synonym for prostitute ; William Shakespeare used it with that meaning in The Merry Wives of Windsor ( 1602 ) and Measure for Measure ( 1623 ).

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