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William and Wright
At Harvard, he began lifelong friendships with Francis Ellingwood Abbot, Chauncey Wright, and William James.
His father, William Carey Wright ( 1825 1904 ), was a locally admired orator, music teacher, occasional lawyer, and itinerant minister.
William Wright had met and married Anna Lloyd Jones ( 1838 / 39 1923 ), a county school teacher, the previous year when he was employed as the superintendent of schools for Richland County.
Originally from Massachusetts, William Wright had been a Baptist minister, but he later joined his wife's family in the Unitarian faith.
The Wright family struggled financially in Weymouth and returned to Spring Green, Wisconsin, where the supportive Lloyd Jones clan could help William find employment.
William left Wisconsin after the divorce and Wright claimed he never saw his father again.
The script on a monument at Boğazköy by a " People of Hattusas " discovered by William Wright in 1884 was found to match peculiar hieroglyphic scripts from Aleppo and Hamath in Northern Syria.
* William Aldis Wright Vice Master Trinity College 1888-1914
Notable Unitarians include Béla Bartók the 20th century composer, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Theodore Parker in theology and ministry, Charles Darwin, Joseph Priestley and Linus Pauling in science, George Boole in mathematics, Susan B. Anthony, John Locke in civil government, and Florence Nightingale in humanitarianism and social justice, Charles Dickens, John Bowring and Samuel Taylor Coleridge in literature, Frank Lloyd Wright in arts, Josiah Wedgwood in industry, Thomas Starr King in ministry and politics, and Charles William Eliot in education.
On 1 July 1832, Jardine, Matheson and Company, a partnership, between William Jardine, James Matheson as senior partners, and Hollingworth Magniac, Alexander Matheson, Jardine's nephew Andrew Johnstone, Matheson's nephew Hugh Matheson, John Abel Smith, and Henry Wright, as the first partners, was formed in China, taking the Chinese name ' Ewo ' ( 怡和 ) pronounced " Yee-Wo " and meaning ' Happy Harmony '.
From left, clockwise: The Wright brothers achieve the first manned flight by airplane, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina | Kitty Hawk in 1903 ; U. S. President William McKinley is William McKinley assassination | assassinated in 1901 by Leon Czolgosz at the Pan-American Exposition ; An 1906 San Francisco earthquake | earthquake on the San Andreas Fault destroys much of San Francisco, killing at least 3, 000 in 1906 ; United States | America gains control over the Philippines in 1902, after the Philippine American War ; Rock being moved to construct the Panama Canal ; Admiral Heihachiro Togo | Togo before the Battle of Tsushima in 1905, part of the Russo-Japanese War, leading to Japanese victory and their establishment as a great power.
* 1976 William R. Farrand, Richard W. Redding, Milford H. Wolpoff, and Henry T. Wright, III ) An Archaeological Investigation on the Loboi Plain, Baringo District, Kenya.
Tracy finally achieved some success by joining forces with the notable stock manager William H. Wright in the spring of 1924.
In addition to Sullivan, influential architects identified with the Prairie School include George Grant Elmslie, George Washington Maher, William Gray Purcell, William Drummond and most importantly, Frank Lloyd Wright.
* William Valentine Wright, creator of Wright's Coal Tar Soap, died September 1877.
William McCrea-appeared on public platforms with LVF leaders, including Billy Wright.
William Stephen " Billy " Wright ( 7 July 1960 27 December 1997 ) was a prominent Ulster loyalist during the period of violent ethno-political conflict known as " The Troubles ".
William Stephen " Billy " Wright, named after his grandfather, was born in Wolverhampton, England on 7 July 1960 to David Wright and Sarah McKinley, Protestants from Northern Ireland.
Wright built a log cabin nearby on a tract of land first granted to George Beale by William Penn in 1699, and stayed for more than a year.
In 1729, after Wright had petitioned William Penn ’ s son to create a new county, the provincial government took land from Chester County to establish Lancaster County, the fourth county in Pennsylvania.
Morris County is probably named for William Wright Morris, an early judge and planter from Henderson.
Many notable legislators from across the country such as Senator Ted Kennedy, Speaker of the House Tip O ' Neill, and House Majority Leader Jim Wright and Congressman William H. Natcher among others came to his funeral which was held in Hindman, Kentucky at the Morton Combs Athletic Complex on the campus of Knott County Central High School.

William and orientalist
* William Marsden ( orientalist ) ( 1754 1836 ), English orientalist
* Annette Akroyd ( 1842-1929 ), English orientalist and reformer ; wife of Henry Beveridge, mother of William Beveridge ( economist )
A close friend of the orientalist Sir William Jones ( 1746 1794 ), Shore edited a memoir of Jones's life in 1804, containing many of Jones's letters.
The pioneering English orientalist Sir William Jones re-used Vida's character Caïssa in 1763 in his own poem Caïssa written in Latin hexameters.
William Robertson Smith ( 8 November 1846 31 March 1894 ) was a Scottish orientalist, Old Testament scholar, professor of divinity, and minister of the Free Church of Scotland.
* William Yates ( 1792 1845 ), Baptist missionary and orientalist.
American author and orientalist William Elliot Griffis dedicated his book America in the East to Stevens, who, Griffis wrote, " believing that the lives and property of American citizens abroad ought to be as well protected as if they were at home, acting according to his faith.
* William Burckhardt Barker ( 1810 1856 ), orientalist
Farrer married twice, first in 1854 to Frances Erskine ( 1825 1870 ), daughter of the historian and orientalist William Erskine ( 1773 1852 ) and his wife Maitland Mackintosh daughter of James Mackintosh by his first wife.
It was first translated into English by John Leyden and William Erskine as Memoirs of Zehir-Ed-Din Muhammed Baber: Emperor of Hindustan and later by the British orientalist scholar Annette Susannah Beveridge ( née Akroyd, 1842-1929 ).
Myanma is the written, literary name of the country, while Bama is the spoken name of the country .< ref name = Yule > According to the Scottish orientalist Henry Yule ( Hobson-Jobson: A Glossary of Colloquial Anglo-Indian Words and Phrases, and of Kindred Terms, Etymological, Historical, Geographical and discursive, London, 1886 ( new edition edited by William Crooke, London, 1903 ), p. 131 ) the term Myanma, for example, comes from Mran-mâ, the national name of the Burmese people, which is pronounced Bam-mâ by Burmeses themselves, except when speaking in formal or emphatic way.
William Marsden DCL FRS ( 16 November 1754 6 October 1836 ) was an English orientalist, linguist, numismatist and pioneer in the scientific study of Indonesia.
Sir William Ouseley ( 1769-September, 1842 ), was a British orientalist.
Edward William West ( 1824-1905 ), usually styled E. W. West, was a scholarly English engineer, orientalist, and translator of Zoroastrian texts.

William and 1830
In November 1830, he and William Lloyd Garrison founded what he later called a " preliminary Anti-Slavery Society ", though he differed from Garrison as a nonresistant.
Portrait of Mrs. Elizabeth Cook by William Henderson, dated 1830.
Image: PhiladelphiaPresidentsHouse. jpg | Washington's Residence, High Street, Philadelphia, 1830 lithograph by William L. Breton.
When the southern provinces of the newly formed kingdom seceded in 1830 ( Belgian Revolution ), the Dutch garrison in Maastricht remained loyal to the Dutch king, William I of the Netherlands, even when most of the inhabitants of the town and the surrounding area sided with the Belgian revolutionaries.
The last group of refugees to immigrate to Masuria were the Russian Philipons in 1830, when King Frederick William III of Prussia granted them asylum.
Rossini's opera William Tell ( 1829 ) marked the onset of the Romantic Opera, using the central national myth unifying Switzerland ; and in Brussels, a riot ( August 1830 ) after an opera that set a doomed romance against a background of foreign oppression ( Auber's La Muette de Portici ) sparked the Belgian Revolution of 1830-1831, the first successful revolution in the model of Romantic nationalism.
* 1830 William P. Frye, American politician ( d. 1911 )
* 1830 William Babcock Hazen, American general ( d. 1887 )
* 1830 William Sprague, American politician, 27th Governor of Rhode Island ( d. 1915 )
* 1830 William Hazlitt, English philosopher, writer, and critic ( b. 1778 )
His brother William IV ruled ( 1830 37 ), but was little involved in politics.
* August 8 William P. Frye, U. S. Senator ( b. 1830 )
* September 11 William Sprague IV, America politician from Rhode Island ( b. 1830 )
* April 25 William Backhouse Astor, Jr., American businessman ( b. 1830 )
* April 10 William Hazlitt, English essayist ( d. 1830 )
William Wells is commemorated in the naming of Wells Street, a north-south street and part of the original 1830 58-block plat of Chicago, while Nathan Heald is commemorated in the naming of Heald Square.
William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, PC, FRS ( 15 March 1779 24 November 1848 ) was a British Whig statesman who served as Home Secretary ( 1830 1834 ) and Prime Minister ( 1834 and 1835 1841 ).
" In 1830, William Sublette brought the first wagons carrying his trading goods up the Platte, North Platte, and Sweetwater River ( Wyoming ) before crossing over South Pass to a fur trade rendezvous on the Green River near the future town of Big Piney, Wyoming.
* William Badger ( shipbuilder ) ( 1752 1830 ), American shipbuilder in Kittery, Maine
In 1828 Josiah Mason improved a cheap, efficient slip-in nib in Birmingham, England, which could be added to a fountain pen and in 1830, with the invention of a new machine, William Joseph Gillott, William Mitchell and James Stephen Perry devised a way to mass manufacture robust, cheap steel pen nibs.
Henry Courtney Selous | H. C. Selous ' illustration of Sly and the Hostess in the Induction ; from The Plays of William Shakespeare: The Comedies, edited by Charles Cowden Clarke and Mary Cowden Clarke ( 1830 )
In 1830 William Smith suggested that all dahlia species could be divided into two groups for color, red-tinged and purple-tinged ( 92 ).
On 24 August 1815 William — since 16 March King William I of the Netherlands — having proclaimed himself King of the larger United Netherlands six days earlier, issued the first version of the current constitution, the Grondwet voor het Koningrijk der Nederlanden or Loi fondamentale du Royaume des Pays-Bas, establishing the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, now expanding his realm with the territory of the present state of Belgium, which would again secede from it in 1830.

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