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Wright and Bradford
The Cottingley Fairies appear in a series of five photographs taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, two young cousins who lived in Cottingley, near Bradford in England.
* Wright, Bradford ( 2003 ).
The young, flawed, and brooding antihero Spider-Man became the most widely imitated archetype in the superhero genre since the appearance of Superman and Batman .— Bradford W. Wright, Comic Book Nation: The transformation of Youth Culture in America 212 — Superman on the Couch by Danny Fingeroth 151
In the state legislature Ladera Heights is located in the 25th and 26th Senate Districts, represented by Democrats Curren D. Price, Jr. and Roderick Wright respectively, and in the 47th and 51st Assembly Districts, represented by Democrats Holly Mitchell and Steven Bradford respectively.
Wright was born near Ludlow, in Shropshire, descended from a Quaker family formerly living at Bradford, Yorkshire.
* Tony Wright – Vocals-born 6 May 1968, Bradford.
* James Wright ( rugby ) ( 1863 – 1932 ), rugby union footballer of the 1890s for England, and Bradford F. C.
He practiced sports, corporate, and immigration law with the firm Cohen, Swados, Wright, Hanifin, Bradford and Brett, including working on player contracts with Scotty Bowman, then the Sabres ' coach and general manager.
* Wright, Bradford W. ( 2001 ).
He missed four weeks out through injury, which coincided with the club's improvement in form under new manager Mark Wright, until he returned as a last-minute substitute against his former side Bradford City.
Doug Aitken, Kai Althoff, Mark Bradford, Vija Celmins, Phil Collins, Bruce Conner, Cao Fei, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Ryan Gander, Daniel Guzmán, Thomas Hirschhorn, Richard Hughes, Mike Kelley, Friedrich Kunath, Maria Lassnig, Sharon Lockhart, Mark Manders, Barry McGee, Mario Merz, Marisa Merz, Matthew Monahan, Rivane Neuenschwander, Manfred Pernice, Susan Philipsz, Noguchi Rika, Wilhelm Sasnal, Thomas Schütte, Ranjani Shettar, David Shrigley, Paul Sietsema, Rudolf Stingel, Katja Strunz, Paul Thek, Wolfgang Tillmans, Rosemarie Trockel, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Andro Wekua, Richard Wright, Haegue Yang

Wright and W
The two groups are Emanuel Maxwell, who published his results in Isotope Effect in the Superconductivity of Mercury and C. A. Reynolds, B. Serin, W. H. Wright, and L. B. Nesbitt who published their results 10 pages later in Superconductivity of Isotopes of Mercury.
* Libet, Benjamin, E. W. Wright, B. Feinstein, and D. K. Pearl, " Subjective Referral of the Timing for a Conscious Sensory Experience ", Brain, 194, pp. 191 – 221.
It was Grierson who coined the term " documentary " to describe a non-fiction film, and he produced the movement's most celebrated film of the 1930s, Night Mail ( 1936 ), written and directed by Basil Wright and Harry Watt, and incorporating the poem by W. H. Auden.
Other contemporary British film directors include Paul W. S. Anderson, Andrea Arnold, Richard Attenborough, Kenneth Branagh, Danny Boyle, Terence Davies, Mike Figgis, Terry Gilliam, Tom Hooper, Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, Sam Mendes, Alan Parker, Sally Potter, Lynne Ramsay, Guy Ritchie, Michael Winterbottom, Edgar Wright, Joe Wright and Matthew Vaughn.
Walter W. Wright.
The town was founded by merchant George W. Wright, who donated of land in February 1844, when the community was also designated the county seat.
The reverse Polish scheme was proposed in 1954 by Burks, Warren, and Wright and was independently reinvented by F. L. Bauer and E. W. Dijkstra in the early 1960s to reduce computer memory access and utilize the stack to evaluate expressions.
* 1976 William R. Farrand, Richard W. Redding, Milford H. Wolpoff, and Henry T. Wright, III ) An Archaeological Investigation on the Loboi Plain, Baringo District, Kenya.
In 1976, Ian D. W. Wright created the sport of racketball based on U. S. racquetball.
Early pioneers such as the Wright Brothers and J. W.
Horatio G. Wright, George W. Getty, and James B. Ricketts.
This is in part because research into the genetics of guinea pigs has lagged behind that of other rodents, although geneticists W. E. Castle and Sewall Wright made a number of contributions to this area of study, especially regarding coat color.
Sheen also developed an ongoing relationship with Wright State University, where he performed Love Letters as a benefit for scholarships in the Department of Theatre, Dance and Motion Pictures, and hosted a trip of donors to the set of The West Wing with the department's chair, W. Stuart McDowell, in September 2001.
It was Wright ( with two great historians, Lord Acton and F. W. Maitland ) who devised the plan for one of the most distinctive Cambridge contributions to publishing — the Cambridge Histories.
The twelfth-century Gesta Herewardi ( of unknown authorship ; first published by Thomas Wright in 1839 and translated by W. Sweeting for the 1895 edition ), says Hereward was eventually pardoned by William and lived the rest of his life in relative peace.
Charles W. Wright laid out the town in 1887.
In 1894, sawmill operator W. B. Wright opened the Yellow River Railroad between Crestview and Florala, Alabama via Auburn, Campton, and Laurel Hill.
On October 21, 1902, Governor William Wright Heard issued a proclamation declaring that Section 16, Township 4, North Range 10 West was incorporated as Hornbeck ; with W. M.
* Harold L. Wright Vice president, F. W. Woolworth Co.
The M. W. Wright was constructed in 1968, a steam powered vessel seventy feet from bow to stern and a width of 14ft, weighing in at nearly 43 tons.
Wright, J. B. Shamburger, and W. T.
1969-1971-Bedford High expands, adding the North and South wings, expansion of the vocational wing, and addition of the Robert W. Wright Natatorium.

Wright and .
No wonder Wright was enchanted -- no two better suited people ever met.
but the years that immediately followed were to be extraordinarily trying, both for Wright and his Montenegrin lady.
Even so, many of the things that happened to Wright and Olgivanna seem inordinately severe.
Reporters began to trail Miriam everywhere, and to encourage her to make appalling statements about Wright and his doings.
The distracted Miriam would agree to a settlement through her legal representative, then change her mind and make another attack on Wright as a person.
Cloud made an interesting statement in parting from his client: `` I wanted to be a lawyer, and Mrs. Wright wanted me to be an avenging angel.
Mrs. Wright is without funds.
But every time I suggested this to her, Mrs. Wright turned it down and demanded that I go out and punish Mr. Wright.
and during the unhappy time, Miriam often would charge that Wright and Olgivanna were misdemeanants against the public order of Wisconsin.
Yet somehow, when officers were prodded into visiting Taliesin to execute the warrants, they would find neither Wright nor Olgivanna at home.
To get an idea of the embarrassment and chagrin that was heaped upon Wright and Olgivanna, we should bear in mind that the raids were sometimes led by Miriam in person.
He said that Mr. Wright was not in, and so could not be arrested on something called a peace warrant that Miriam was waving in the air.
You are even uglier than Mr. Wright ''.
Then, after overtures to accept a settlement and go through with a divorce, Miriam gave a ghastly echo of Mrs. Micawber by suddenly stating, `` I will never leave Mr. Wright ''.
Under this kind of pressure, it is not surprising that Wright would make sweeping statements to the newspapers.
First, Wright said, he was choked by the smoke, which fortunately kept him from seeing the dreadful town.
Cried Wright, showing that automobiles were considered to be a danger as early as the 1920's.
`` This is a horrible way to live '', Wright went on.
`` Take a gigantic knife and sweep it over the Loop '', Wright said.
Little enough joy was afforded Wright in the spring of 1925, when another destructive fire broke out at Taliesin.
Wright set his loss at $200,000, a figure perhaps justified by the unique character of the house that had been ruined, and the faultless taste that had gone into the selection of the prints and other things that were destroyed.
In spite of the disaster, Wright completed during this period plans for the Lake Tahoe resort, in which he suggested the shapes of American Indian tepees -- a project of great and appropriate charm, that came to nothing.
While this was under consideration, dauntless as ever Wright set about the building of Taliesin 3.
As he made plans for the new Taliesin, Wright also got on paper his conception of a cathedral of steel and glass to house a congregation of all faiths, and the idea for a planetarium with a sloping ramp.

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