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Writing and William
Writing in 1872, church historian William Stephens said “ The Patriarch of the Eastern Rome appeals to the great bishops of the West, as the champions of an ecclesiastical discipline which he confesses himself unable to enforce, or to see any prospect of establishing.
Brian Moynahan, in his book God's Messenger: William Tyndale, Thomas More and the Writing of the English Bible, takes a similarly critical view of More, as does the American writer Michael Farris.
WarGames was nominated for three Academy Awards — Best Cinematography ( William A. Fraker ), Sound ( Michael J. Kohut, Carlos Delarios, Aaron Rochin, Willie D. Burton ), and Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen ( Lawrence Lasker, Walter F. Parkes ).
Writing in 2000, David Roffe argued that the inquest ( the survey ) and the construction of the book were two distinct exercises ; the latter being completed, if not started, by William II following his assumption of the English throne and quashing of the rebellion that followed and based on, though not consequent on, the findings of the inquest.
American William Rose wrote the screenplay, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay and won the BAFTA Award for Best British Screenplay.
It was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Supporting Role ( William Bendix ), Best Director, Best Picture and Best Writing, Original Screenplay.
* Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay ( William Rose )
Writing shortly before Geoffrey of Monmouth, William added much to the damnatio memoriae of Vortigern: " At this time Vortigern was King of Britain ; a man calculated neither for the field nor the council, but wholly given up to the lusts of the flesh, the slave of every vice: a character of insatiable avarice, ungovernable pride, and polluted by his lusts.
Writing in 2005, the New York Times language columnist William Safire attributed the term ( in its modern usage ) to conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan, who wrote on June 1, 2003: I have a new term for those on the fringes of the religious right who have used the Gospels to perpetuate their own aspirations for power, control and oppression: Christianists.
The school newspaper of the University of Kansas is University Daily Kansan, which placed first in the Intercollegiate Writing Competition of the prestigious William Randolph Hearst Writing Foundation competition, often called " The Pulitzers of College Journalism " in 2007.
* Academy Awards: Oscar, Best Cinematography, Black-and-White, Lionel Lindon ; Best Director, Robert Wise ; Best Film Editing, William Hornbeck ; Best Sound, Gordon E. Sawyer ( Samuel Goldwyn SSD ); Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.
Writing in a lyrical, flowing style that eschews excessive use of the comma and semicolon, recalling William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway in equal measure, Cormac McCarthy's body of work seizes on the literary traditions of several regions of the United States and spans multiple genres.
Writing for Allmusic, critic William Ruhlman wrote the album was " Al Kooper's finest work, an album on which he moves the folk-blues-rock amalgamation of the Blues Project into even wider pastures, taking in classical and jazz elements ( including strings and horns ), all without losing the pop essence that makes the hybrid work.
* Altman, William H. F. Altruism and the Art of Writing: Plato, Cicero, and Leo Strauss, Humanitas Spring-Fall, 2009
" Writing in 1880, William Edward Hall judged that " any sort of previous declaration therefore is an empty formality unless the enemy must be given time and opportunity to put himself in a state of defence, and it is needless to say that no one asserts such a quixotism to be obligatory.
* Jay Miller: Soldier of the Class War: The Life and Writing of William E. Trautmann, Wayne State University, 2000.
He was co-editor ( with William Bright ) of the book The World's Writing Systems ( 1996 ), and he introduced the terms abjad ( an " alphabet " with no vowel letters ) and abugida ( a system partly alphabetic, partly syllabic ) as modern linguistic terms for categories of scripts.
* 1996 editor ( with William Bright ): The World's Writing Systems.
* Covenant and Community: the Life and Writing of Pilgram Marpeck, by William Klassen
* Covenant and Community: the Life and Writing of Pilgram Marpeck, by William Klassen
Writing with J. Andrew Keith as Keith William Andrews.
* Writing Scotland: William McIlvanney: Writing Scotland, BBC Scotland

Writing and Irish
John Cage's Roaratorio: an Irish circus on Finnegans Wake combines a collage of sounds mentioned in Finnegans Wake, with Irish jigs and Cage reading his Writing for the Second Time through Finnegans Wake, one of a series of five writings based on the Wake.
Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Ed West has asserted that Kathy Beirne's story is " largely invented " according to Kathy's Real Story, a book by Hermann Kelly, a Derry born journalist on the Irish Daily Mail and former editor of The Irish Catholic.
Journalist Bruce Arnold, chief critic of the Irish Independent, argued that " Writing, for example, is not really served at all by the archaic institution for conferring honours on artists, known as Aosdána, which really does little to help the other arts either.
Writing in The Irish Times, John G. O ' Dwyer summed up the situation as follows: " Trails often tiptoed timidly through the countryside, offering extended stretches of boringly unsafe road topped with boot burning bitumen.
Writing in Irish now encompasses a broad range of subjects and genres, with more attention being directed to younger readers.
* James Hardiman, Ancient Irish Deeds and Writing, chiefly relating to Landed Property, from the twelfth to the seventeenth century.
In a discussion with the Irish critic and writer Terence de Vere White she said: " Writing, for me, is a search for God.
Other notable projects included the page New Irish Writing for the Irish Press, which provided a forum for aspiring Irish authors, publishing most of the most important names in Irish fiction, many for the first time, including Dermot Bolger, Ita Daly, Anne Enright, Neil Jordan, Claire Keegan, John McGahern, Bernard MacLaverty, Eilis Ni Dhuibhne, Joseph O ' Connor, Colm Tóibín and William Wall.
A facsimile of the 1886 edition of Castle Daly ... appeared in Volume 5 of Irish Women's Writing, 1838-1888.
* Declan Kiberd: " Elizabeth Bowen: The Dandy in Revolt " in Éibhear Walshe: Sex, Nation and Dissent in Irish Writing ( 1997 )
Writing in 1846, Larcom remarks that the ' large ' and ' small ' acres had no fixed ratio between them and that there were various other kinds of acre in use in Ireland, for example: the Irish acre ; English acre ; Cunningham acre ; plantation acre and statute acre.
Writing in The New York Times, Charles Poore reported that Bradbury " writes in a style that seems to have been nourished on the poets and fabulists of the Irish Literary Renaissance ," praising him as being " wonderfully adept at getting to the heart of his story without talking all day long about it and around it.
Writing for the Irish Independent, Irish journalist Kevin Myers has criticised the craic spelling as being " pseudo-Gaelic " and a " bogus neologism ".
Writing of him in 1973, Irish historian Francis John Byrne stated his belief that:
* Radner, Joan N., " Writing history: Early Irish historiography and the significance of form ", Celtica, volume 23, pp. 312 – 325.
Writing in 1921 the Irish historian, Fr.
* Anne C. Fogarty: " The Ear of the Other: Dissident Voices in Kate O ' Brien's As Music and Splendor and Mary Dorcey's A Noise From the Woodshed " in Éibhear Walshe ( editor ): Sex, Nation and Dissent in Irish Writing ( 1997 )
* Irish Writers on Writing featuring Kate O ' Brien.

Writing and ",
* " Language, Writing and Alphabet: An Interview with Christophe Rico ", Damqātum 3 ( 2007 )
Artist depiction of " Saint Paul Writing His Epistles ", 16th century ( Blaffer Foundation Collection, Houston, Texas ).
Writing for the Chicago Reader, Jonathan Rosenbaum called the film " generic " and " standard issue ", stating that the audience shouldn't " expect to remember it ten minutes later ".
Writing in 1585, he noted some word similarities between Sanskrit and Italian ( these included devaḥ / dio " God ", sarpaḥ / serpe " serpent ", sapta / sette " seven ", aṣṭa / otto " eight ", nava / nove " nine ").
* Hammond, Matthew H., " Ethnicity and Writing of Medieval Scottish History ", in The Scottish Historical Review, Vol.
" Writing upon parchment and papyrus among the Babylonians and the Assyrians ", in Journal of the American Oriental Society 48, pp 109 – 135.
Writing during the time of Augustus, Virgil has his hero give a first-person account of the fall of Troy in the second of the Aeneid's twelve books ; the Trojan Horse, which does not appear in " The Iliad ", became legendary from Virgil's account.
Writing to the Christians of Smyrna, in about AD 106, Saint Ignatius warned them to " stand aloof from such heretics ", because, among other reasons, " they abstain from the Eucharist and from prayer, because they confess not the Eucharist to be the flesh of our Savior Jesus Christ, which suffered for our sins, and which the Father, of His goodness, raised up again.
Writing in A Bridge of Dreams: A Poetics of " The Tale of Genji ", Shirane mentions that 1014 is generally accepted as the date of Murasaki Shikibu's death and 973 as the date of her birth, making her 41 when she died.
* Janick Bergeron, " Writing Testbenches: Functional Verification of HDL Models ", 2000, ISBN 0-7923-7766-4.
Writing in 1933, art historian Bryson Burroughs, who at that time attributed to Hubert the Crucifixion and Last Judgement diptych and whom he describes as " the fountainhead of northern painting ", suggests he did the underdrawing for the Ghent Altarpiece with Jan painting in after his brother's death.
SoftICE / W ( for Windows ) was developed in the 1990s, and was instrumental in the Writing of " Undocumented Windows ", by Andrew Schulman, David Maxey and Matt Pietrek.
" In another essay in Writing and Difference entitled " Violence and Metaphysics: An Essay on the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas ", the roots of another major theme in Derrida's thought emerges: the Other as opposed to the Same " Deconstructive analysis deprives the present of its prestige and exposes it to something tout autre, " wholly other ," beyond what is foreseeable from the present, beyond the horizon of the " same ".
Writing a lipogram may be a trivial task for uncommon letters like " Z ", " J ", " Q ", or " X ", but it is much more difficult for common letters like " E ", " T " or " A ".
Writing about a study that seemed to undermine the deterrence effect, a death penalty proponent wrote, " The research didn't cover a long enough period of time ", while an opponent's comment on the same study said, " No strong evidence to contradict the researchers has been presented ".
< blockquote class =" toccolours " style =" text-align: left ; width: 28 %; float: left ; margin: 10px 10px 5px 5px ; padding: 10px ; display: table ;"> Into the Music: " The album's last four songs, " Angelou ", " And the Healing Has Begun ", and " It's All in the Game / You Know What They're Writing About " are a veritable tour-de-force with Morrison summoning every vocal trick at his disposal from " Angelou's climactic shouts to the sexually-charged, half-mumbled monologue in " And the Healing Has Begun " to the barely audible whisper that is the album's final sound.

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