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two and more
But in our case -- and neither my wife nor I have extreme views on integration, nor are we given to emotional outbursts -- the situation has ruined one or two valued friendships and come close to wrecking several more.
The breakup of the Holy Roman Empire and the downfall of feudalism led, not more than two centuries ago, to the surge of nationalism.
We followed the asphalt road for a few miles and then swung off onto a smaller road which was nothing more than two tire marks on the earth.
Even two decades ago in Go Down, Moses Faulkner was looking to the more urban future with a glimmer of hope that through its youth and its new way of life the South might be reborn and the curse of slavery erased from its soil.
They differed in the balance they believed essential to the sovereignty of the citizen -- but the supreme sacrifice each made served to maintain a still more fundamental truth: That individual life, liberty and happiness depend on a right balance between the two -- and on the limitation of sovereignty, in all its aspects, which this involves.
Of these there are surely few that would be more rewarding discoveries than Verner Von Heidenstam, the Swedish poet and novelist who received the award in 1916 and whose centennial was celebrated two years ago.
With that act of Parliament the opponents of the stage won the day, and for more than two decades after that England had no legitimate public drama.
The turn of the century, or to be more precise, the two decades preceeding and following it, marks a great change in the history of early English scholarship.
Lewis was spending his mornings, with the help of two secretaries, on the galleys of that long novel, making considerable revisions, and the combination of hard work and hard frivolity exhausted him once more, so that he was compelled to spend three days in the Harbor Sanatorium in the last week of January.
To the newspapers he talked about his unquiet life, about his wish to be a newspaperman once more, about the prevalence of American slang in British speech, about the loquacity of the English and the impossibility of finding quiet in a railway carriage, about his plans to wander for two years `` unless stopped and made to write another book ''.
He was going to do one or two more films for cash and then chuck it all, leave Rome and its intellectual cliques and money-fed life, go back to Calabria.
Of course, some of the credit for the sale boost must be given to improvement in the weather and to the fact that Easter comes more than two weeks earlier than in 1960.
He said he had No. 2's enough to last two weeks more.
Desegregation is beginning in two more important Southern cities -- Dallas and Atlanta.
There's more specialization and a narrower purpose in two albums recently issued by Dover Publications.
and President Kennedy indicated there were one or two more than those reported.
there might even be two or more candidates for voters to choose from.
I put a lot more trust in my two legs than in the gun, because the most important thing I had learned about war was that you could run away and survive to talk about it.
The two in the bed knew each other as old people know the partners with whom they have shared the same bed for many years, and they needed to say no more.
As long as there were two human beings working together on the same project, there would be competition and you could no more escape it than you could expect to escape the grave.
( B ) to finance, for not more than two years beyond the end of said period, such grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and studies as may theretofore have been undertaken pursuant to this Act ; ;
The Secretary of the Interior shall submit a report of his findings, together with recommendations for an effective safety program for metal and nonmetallic mines ( excluding coal and lignite mines ) based upon such findings, to the Congress not more than two years after the date of enactment of this Act.
Whenever two or more standard broadcast stations operate simultaneously on the same or closely adjacent frequencies, each interferes to some extent with reception of the other.
By this standard, it is determined that where two stations operating on the same frequency are involved, objectionable interference from station A exists at any point within the service area of station B where station A's signal is of an intensity one-twentieth or more of the strength of station B's signal at that point.
A Junior who won two or more wins in the Open Class was eligible.

two and different
Though the four boys and two girls, the youngest nineteen years of age, the oldest twenty-four, came from varying backgrounds and had different professional and personal interests, there was surprising agreement among them.
Rather it is a division established by two absolutely different ways of thought with regard to man's life in society.
These ways are absolutely irreconcilable because they offer two different recipes for man's redemption from chaos.
However, by comparing the TV snatches, two different radio station re-runs, and the censored Los Angeles Times version, I found that the radio stations had edited out questions ( ABC removed the one regarding Laos ) or even a paragraph out of the middle of the President's answer.
We all seek the same thing through different ways -- an end to this long night of two thousand years of darkness and unspeakable abuses which will continue to plague us until the Star of David flies over Zion ''.
ICBMs have given us a capability which could be used in two different ways.
They are two good colts of different type.
New to the field is a duplex type butyrate laminate in which the two sheets of the laminate are of different color.
There are many grammatical misconstructions other than dangling modifiers and anatomicals which permit two different interpretations.
Figures 1 to 3 show photographic and schematic views of the test stand and of two different models of the anode holder.
To summarize the purpose of the Skeletal Maturity Chart: each contains two kinds of skeletal maturity norms which show two quite different methods of depicting developmental level of growth centers.
The two ratings yield a correlation of, which is not significantly different from zero ; ;
therefore, we have measured two different characteristics.
This can only be for one of two reasons: either the two are quite different and will require totally different theory ( and hence techniques ), or our existing theories are insufficiently general.
This second conclusion, independently arrived at by independent study of material from two pairs of language families as different and remote from one another as these four are, cannot be ignored.
He seems to use the term alienation in two different ways.
We can see the general characteristics of the earlier decade if we look at two poems of very different qualities: `` Revulsion '' ( 1866 ) and `` Neutral Tones '' ( 1867 ).
Carl Eduard Schmidt counted 1804 different lines repeated exactly in the two Homeric poems, and by increasing this figure so as to include lines repeated with very slight modifications he counted 2118 different lines used a total of 5612 times.
Table 1,, p. 394, shows a comparison of K factor ratings of a number of commercial insulating materials in common use, including two different types of rigid urethane foam.
The poem consisted of only two words, the word `` Wait '', repeated over and over at irregular intervals and with different inflections, and then the word `` Now ''!!

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