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basically and transformation
Golden age hip hop ( cited as either just the late ' 80s or the late 80s to early 90s ) was the time period where hip-hop lyricism went through its most drastic transformation – writer William Jelani Cobb says " in these golden years, a critical mass of mic prodigies were literally creating themselves and their art form at the same time " and Allmusic writes, " rhymers like PE's Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, and Rakim basically invented the complex wordplay and lyrical kung-fu of later hip-hop ”.
The country went through a transformation whereby means of production were transferred from private to public entities, and through nationalization of industry in 1955, the state basically controlled the economy in a similar fashion to the economy of the Soviet Union.
Realized absorptive capacity is made up of transformation capability on one hand that can be defined asa firm ’ s capability to develop and refines the routines that facilitate combining existing knowledge and the newly acquired and assimilated knowledge .” On the other hand realized absorptive capacity is also made of the exploitation capability of a firm which is basically the capacity of a firm to apply the newly acquired knowledge in product or services that it can get financial benefit from.
The result was the wholesale transformation of the population from " peasants ," basically ignorant of the wider nation, to Frenchmen.
" The song is sort of about transformation, so I took that in a nature kind of way, the way nature deals with transformation ," " It's basically about coming from a very poisoned place to an empowerment, a place of strength.

basically and deductive
Each of the six members, including their president, Berkeley's amateur sleuth Roger Sheringham, arrives at an altogether different solution as to the motive and the identity of the perpetrator, and also applies different methods of detection ( basically deductive or inductive or a combination of both ).

basically and offered
Also offered for a short period was the 3200, basically a modernised 2800 with the corporate grille.
He offered to build a cannon capable of such launches, basically an even larger version of the original HARP design.
Nikolai Rubinstein offered him a professorship at the Moscow Conservatory but he refused, stating that his musical knowledge was basically empirical and that he did not have enough knowledge of music theory to take on such a position.
Both Anita and her older sister Ann basically performed in any night club that offered them a chance to make a living.
This six was basically a bored out version of the Chevrolet-built 194 in³ six and offered as Pontiac exclusive.
The console offered by IBM slowed down program execution tremendously when it printed OCL commands, as it was basically a selectric typewriter.
The 1965 models were basically refreshed Dodge Polaras in the same B-body style offered in 1963 and 1964, riding on a 117 wheelbase.
Buick's engine – transmission practice was similar to that of GM's Chevrolet Division, which at that time only offered the two-speed Powerglide automatic with most of its engine offerings in full-sized vehicles, requiring buyers who preferred the similar three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic ( basically the same transmission under a different name ) to order one of the larger V8 engines.
The weapon system that Aérospatiale offered was basically a mini-short range wire guided antitank missile, the ACCP ( Anti Char Courte Portee ) which in French translates to Short Range Anti-tank Weapon System.
Because the 190c and 190Dc models were basically a W111 220b with a shorter front, they offered the same interior and luggage space as the W111 series but with smaller and more fuel efficient engines.
Eventually, 4WD was offered with the 1. 6 L variant, basically the same engine as found in the Suzuki Escudo, with power raised to.

basically and variation
The rules are basically the same as ice hockey, but one variation has an extra player on the ice called a " rover ".
Underneath the rapid arabesques, this variation is basically a sarabande.
* Suzie Chan: Charlie's third child and eldest daughter, this sweet and pretty teen is basically a variation on Daphne Blake.
* FPP ( Flexible Pixel Positioning ), basically a variation of the FLI mode, allows the placement of any line of a character-based graphic at any one y-position, allowing for effects like x-rotating logos, barrel-like effects or smooth stretching and waving over the whole screen.
* Cirulla: this Genoese variation is highly popular in Liguria and bordering zones ; it is basically a mixture of traditional scopa, " Scopa di quindici " and " Scopa d ' assi ", plus it awards additional points for the " Grande " ( Big One-5 points go to the player able to take all three figure cards of coins ), " Piccola " ( Small Ones-1 point awarded for each consecutive card of coins after the ace, note that's entirely possible for a player to get the " most coins " point but neither the Big One nor Small One bonus due to the opponent securing vital cards in the sequence ).
There are basically two rink sizes in use, although there is a great deal of variation in the dimensions of actual ice rinks.
According to religious scholar J. Gordon Melton, " It's basically a variation of the Gnostic myth about souls falling into matter and the encumbrances that come with that ".
Over time, there has been a lot of variation in the garnishes used in karedok and its taste, but it is still basically vegetables covered in peanut seasoning.
The cause for " wow "- effects on a warped disc is basically the same ; a variation in the linear velocity of the stylus relative to the disc.

basically and on
but basically that pace depends on changes in the supply of resources and in the human attitudes, political institutions, and social structure which each society must generate.
Although he pointed out that mandatory legislation impinging on home rule is basically distasteful, he added that the vital interest in election results transcended county lines.
The technique of reality confusion -- the use of paradox and riddles to shake the mind's grip on reality -- originated with fourth and third century B.C. Chinese Quietism: the koan is not basically a new device.
All states have now chosen to introduce legislation that basically mirrors COAG's recommendations on " fresh and compelling " evidence.
Another term which is commonly associated to Swap is Swaption which is basically an option on the forward Swap.
It was to have the same dimensions on the field, include a new Green Monster, basically be a replica of the current park, but be modernized to replace some of the old features of Fenway Park.
To which his response was: " There are a number of imperfections in the new South Africa where I would have hoped that things would be better, but on balance I think we have basically achieved what we set out to achieve.
A GUT model basically consists of a gauge group which is a compact Lie group, a connection form for that Lie group, a Yang-Mills action for that connection given by an invariant symmetric bilinear form over its Lie algebra ( which is specified by a coupling constant for each factor ), a Higgs sector consisting of a number of scalar fields taking on values within real / complex representations of the Lie group and chiral Weyl fermions taking on values within a complex rep of the Lie group.
The Belgic invasion was on a much larger scale than the Parisian settlement, however the continuity of pottery style demonstrates clearly that the native population basically remained in place under new rulers.
Under the protocol signed on 7 May 1832 between Bavaria and the protecting Powers, and basically dealing with the way in which the Regency was to be managed until Otto reached his majority ( while also concluding the second Greek loan, for a sum of £ 2, 400, 000 sterling ), Greece was defined as an independent kingdom, with the Arta-Volos line as its northern frontier.
In the United States " freethought was a basically anti-christian, anti-clerical movement, whose purpose was to make the individual politically and spiritually free to decide for himself on religious matters.
The away uniforms are still basically black pants and numbers on a white jersey, but they now have a little more teal overall ; it is the only accent color.
On December 17, Wizards president Robb Heineman provided an update on the stadium situation published on team official website and blog, basically identifying the Kansas City, Kansas, location as final, pending the signature of the final agreements.
These models are basically based on Samara technology with a new body and fuel injection engines as standard features, though carburated versions have also been available up until 2001.
Still, as late as 1949, the Lewis Committee lamented in its report on the state of education at MIT that " the Institute is widely conceived as basically a vocational school ", a " partly unjustified " perception the committee sought to change.
On ships and aircraft machine guns are usually mounted on a pintle mount – basically a steel post that is connected to the frame.
It described the world now breaking down " into basically two camps — the imperialist and antidemocratic camp on the one hand, and the antiimperialist and democratic camp on the other ".
Sales of the 6501 basically stopped, and the lawsuit would drag on for many years before MOS was eventually forced to pay $ 200, 000 USD in fines.
This is based on the assumption that laws around the world are basically similar in their treatment of marriage as a co-partnership.
On the tropical world of Lalonde, the newest colony in the Confederation, a group of Involuntary Transportees ' Ivets ' from Earth ( it becomes clear that the basic sentence for basically every convicted person on Earth is transportation, as its population is far too large to sustain prisoners ) is made to work while voluntary colonists set out to make a new life for themselves-some eager, some forced to come along with their families.
Unlike Aquinas ' preponderant view on the salvation of the soul from original sin, Locke believed man comes into this world with a mind that is basically a tabula rasa.

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