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landscape and plan
It was a rival plan by gardener and landscape architect Peter Joseph Lenné ( 1789 – 1866 ), drawn up in 1826, that went ahead in 1828 but with modifications.
The master plan was developed by Cooper, Robertson & Partners and Robert A. M. Stern, and the extensive landscape, parks, trails and pathways were designed by the San Francisco firm EDAW ( now AECOM ).
In 2002, the National Capital Planning Commission invited several prominent landscape architects to submit proposals for the redesign of Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House, with the intention that the security measures would be woven into an overall plan for the precinct and a more welcoming public space might be created.
Marion Mahony recommended to von Holst that he hire Griffin to develop a landscape plan for the area surrounding the three houses on Milliken Place for which Wright had been hired in Decatur, Illinois.
Many German states are obliged by law to produce a landscape plan ( Landschaftsplan ) as part of their urban planning, though these plans vary somewhat from place to place.
R. G. Conzen remarked of Ludlow " Its composite medieval town plan and a history of eight and a half centuries with several periods of considerable importance have endowed its Old Town with an historically well-stratified and richly textured landscape.
The plan was to use tanks in support of infantry from the 47th ( 1 / 2nd London ) Division, but the wood was an impassable landscape of shattered stumps and shell holes, and only one tank managed to penetrate any distance.
The plan included in its wide ranging remit: population changes, employment, housing, pollution, transport, roads, the central area, growth and development areas, urban open spaces and the urban landscape, public services and utilities and planning standards.
The landscape architect can conceive the overall concept and prepare the master plan, from which detailed design drawings and technical specifications are prepared.
A new site landscape plan is also being prepared, which involves planting replacement trees and creating additional recreational green space on the grounds of the new residence.
The town plan was created by town planner and landscape architect George F. Young, who also created the plan for nearby Davis Islands ( Tampa ) and McClelland Park ( Sarasota ), among others.
Hinckley hired Robert Morris Copeland, a noted Boston landscape architect, to develop a master plan for a suburban park community which became known as the Borough of Ridley Park.
One group worked on the landscape plan of the town in relation to planting native species of trees and plants, creating a city park, putting in new sidewalks and outdoor lighting.
The original development plan included environmental design principles espoused by Ian McHarg, a distinguished landscape architect, teacher and author of the seminal work Design With Nature.
Daniel Marot and Desgotz's Het Loo garden does not dominate the landscape as Louis ' German imitators do, though in his idealized plan ( engraving, left ), Desgotz extends the axis.
During the early 1850s, architect and horticulturist Andrew Jackson Downing designed a landscape plan for the Mall.
The year after the College's founding, the English landscape gardener William Carvill was hired to design the plan for the campus.
In 1901, a group of students and alumni formed the Campus Club to help preserve the campus landscape after discovering Carvill ’ s original plan.
After the destruction of the central College Hall in 1914, the college adopted a master plan developed by Central Park landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., Arthur Shurcliff, and Ralph Adams Cram in 1921 and expanded into several new buildings.
The original master plan for Wellesley's campus landscape was developed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., Arthur Shurcliff, and Ralph Adams Cram in 1921.
According to the designers, this plan was intended to restore and recapture the original landscape character of the campus that had been partially lost as the campus evolved through the 20th century.
The Elbridge Elementary School Elbridge Elementary School now on the site of the former MUnro Academynow occupies the site which The Architectural Instructor Journal called " an open landscape ... surrounded by trees, which with the irregularity of the plan and outline of the structure itself, contribute to its picturesque effect.
The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation began in 2006 to implement the master plan developed by landscape architecture firm Field Operations to transform Fresh Kills Landfill into Freshkills Park.
The park's original plan was the work of the landscape architect Charles H. Miller, chief gardener of Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and designer of the American Centennial Exposition grounds.

landscape and for
The road leading south along the river was shaded with old trees, and in the moonlight the silvery landscape was like a setting for trolls and wood gods rather than the Hudson River Valley of his boyhood memories.
The roar of Palmer's gallery as he sank a thrilling putt would roll out across the parklike landscape of Augusta, only to be answered moments later by the roar of Player's gallery for a similar triumph.
Polo's travels took him across such a diverse human landscape and his accounts of the peoples he met as he journeyed were so detailed that they earned for Polo the name " the father of modern anthropology.
The main buildings at Pueblo Bonito, for example, are arranged according to this direction and probably served as central places for ceremonial journeys across the landscape.
The terms architect and architecture are also used in the disciplines of landscape architecture, naval architecture and often information technology ( for example a software architect ).
Typical landscape for the Antarctic Peninsula area, with fjords, high coastal mountains and islands.
These included some for the Triumphs of Maximilian, where he followed the overall style presumably set by Hans Burgkmair, although he was able to escape somewhat from this in his depictions of the more disorderly baggage-train, still coming through a mountain landscape.
Cuyp probably first encountered a painting by van Goyen in 1640 when van Goyen was, as Stephen Reiss points out “ at the height of powers .” This is noticeable in the comparison between two of Cuyp ’ s landscape paintings inscribed 1639 where no properly formed style is apparent and the landscape backgrounds he painted two years later for two of his father ’ s group portraits that are distinctly van Goyenesque.
As has been mentioned and as will be explained in depth below, there are pieces where Aelbert provided the landscape background for his father ’ s portraits.
A phenomenal number of paintings are ascribed to him, some of which are likely to be by other masters of the golden landscape, such as Abraham Calraet ( 1642 – 1722 ), whose initials A. C. may be mistaken for Cuyp's.
There were two styles dominating the Dutch hip hop landscape: Extince, known for his easy flows, catchy songs and funky tunes, while hardcore performers like Westklan and Osdorp Posse found their own niche group of fans.
These 390 square kilometres of limestone-covered landscape is also known for its underground caverns.
Helen Beatrix Potter ( 28 July 186622 December 1943 ) was an English author, illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist best known for her imaginative children ’ s books featuring animals such as those in The Tale of Peter Rabbit which celebrated the British landscape and country life.
Steven Weinberg and a number of string theorists ( see string landscape ) have used this as evidence for the anthropic principle, which suggests that the cosmological constant is so small because life ( and thus physicists, to make observations ) cannot exist in a universe with a large cosmological constant, but many people find this an unsatisfying explanation.
At the western edge of Cambridge, the cemetery is well known as the first garden cemetery, for its distinguished inhabitants, for its superb landscaping ( the oldest planned landscape in the country ), and as a first-rate arboretum.
Despite Connecticut's relatively small size, it features wide regional variations in its landscape ; for example, in the northwestern Litchfield Hills, it features rolling mountains and horse farms, whereas in the southeastern New London County, it features beaches and maritime activities.
The house was close enough to the local schools for the children to attend and the surrounding landscape offered many suitable motifs for Monet's work.
Samaria Gorge is a World Biosphere Reserve and Richtis Gorge is protected for its landscape diversity.
The term " trap ", used in geology for such rock formations, is derived from the Swedish word for stairs and refers to the step-like hills forming the landscape of the region.
In addition to significantly reducing wind erosion, windbreaks provide many other benefits such as improved microclimates for crops ( which are sheltered from the dehydrating and otherwise damaging effects of wind ), habitat for beneficial bird species, carbon sequestration, and aesthetic improvements to the agricultural landscape.

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