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see and On
On this trip to the South he wants, above all else, to sniff the effluvium of backwoods-and-sand-hill subhumanity and to see at least one barn burn at midnight ''.
On Sundays he would walk miles into the campagna to visit with them, and in particular to see their horses.
On the contrary, if this be an apocalyptic era as is commonly said, we see it as an era of opportunity.
On February 17, Russell and Cook were sent to the Pena Flor community on the Vermejo to see about renting out ranches the company had purchased.
On the other side of the ledger is the fact that he did see his niece and the woman with whom she was staying.
On the second landing he paused to look for Docherty, didn't see him, and accepted a glass of champagne.
On my way out I told her, `` If you should eh just happen to see your husband, get him to give himself up.
On January 2 366 the Alemanni yet again crossed the frozen Rhine in large numbers, to invade the Gallic provinces, this time being defeated by Valentinian ( see Battle of Solicinium ).
On May 28, 585 BC, during the Battle of Halys fought against Cyaxares, king of Media, a solar eclipse took place ( see also Thales ); hostilities were suspended, peace concluded, and the Halys fixed as the boundary between the two kingdoms.
On the basis of these traditions, the churches in question often claim to have inherited specific authority, doctrines and / or practices on the authority of their founding apostle ( s ), which is understood to be continued by the bishops of the see ( seat ) or throne of the church that each founded and whose original leader he was.
On an anemometer with four cups it is easy to see that since the cups are arranged symmetrically on the end of the arms, the wind always has the hollow of one cup presented to it and is blowing on the back of the cup on the opposite end of the cross.
On 7 September 1940, Bulgaria succeeded in negotiating a recovery of Southern Dobruja with the Treaty of Craiova ( see Second Vienna Award ).
On the converse, regions of a genome that need to separate frequently — for example, the promoter regions for often-transcribed genes — are comparatively GC-poor ( for example, see TATA box ).
On April 1970, US President Nixon announced to the American public that US and South Vietnamese ground forces had entered Cambodia in a campaign aimed at destroying NVA base areas in Cambodia ( see Cambodian Incursion ).
On a clear day, it is possible to see both the Caribbean and the Pacific from the peak.
A player wishing to play craps without being the shooter should approach the craps table and first check to see if the dealer's " On " button is on any of the point numbers.
( On Peirce and process metaphysics, see Lowe 1964.
On the back she wrote " It is funny, I never used to see them in Africa.
On 4 February 2008 an Israeli woman was killed and 38 others injured in the town by a Palestinian suicide bomber ( see Dimona bombing ).
On the other hand, it is not immediately clear how to physically see, touch or measure the goodness of a novel or the rightness of an action.
On either the second Monday or Tuesday of Pascha, after a memorial service people bring blessed eggs to the cemetery and bring the joyous paschal greeting, " Christ has risen ", to their beloved departed ( see Radonitza ).
On the same day that some of the concert footage was being filmed, an IRA bomb killed eleven people at a Remembrance Day ceremony in Enniskillen ( see Remembrance Day Bombing ).
On his last journey to Jerusalem, the apostle landed at Miletus and, summoning together the elders of the church from Ephesus, delivered to them a farewell charge, expecting to see them no more.
On the latter Jacob Grimm does not make a direct association to the elves, but other researchers see a possible connection to the shining light elves of Old Norse.
On very poor soils, and especially where fire is a recurrent phenomenon, woody savannas develop ( see ' sparse trees and parkland ').

see and Formally
Formally ( see quote from Lewis, below ), it can also occur between nonallelic regions of the genome as well as regions of the genome that are not transcribed.

see and Propositions
Here ( introduced by Proposition 22, and continuing in Propositions 25-35 ) are developed several of the features and irregularities of the orbital motion of the Moon ( see Lunar theory -- Newton ), especially the variation.
In the Seventeenth Letter, Pascal took again the problem of the efficacious grace and of the " de facto vs de juris " debate concerning the inclusion, or not, of the 5 Propositions condemned by the Pope in the Cum Occasione papal bull, in Jansenius's work ( see Formulary controversy for details ).

see and Principia
The Principia is one of the main inspirations of the movement against ethical naturalism ( see ethical non-naturalism ) and is partly responsible for the twentieth-century concern with meta-ethics.
In a revised conclusion to the Principia ( see General Scholium ), Newton used his expression that became famous, Hypotheses non fingo (" I contrive no hypotheses ").
The opening sections of the ' Principia ' contain, in revised and extended form, nearly all of the content of Newton's 1684 tract ' De motu ...' ( see article De motu corporum in gyrum which summarises the topics and indicates where they reappear in the ' Principia ').
* The set of Gödel numbers of arithmetic proofs described in Kurt Gödel's paper " On formally undecidable propositions of Principia Mathematica and related systems I "; see Gödel's incompleteness theorems.
The work done last spring ( 1913 ) makes it plain ( see illustration ) that the Principia fronted — in normal fashion — the main street of the fort ( gravel laid on cobbles ) running from the north to the south gate.

see and Related
That four large fires took place, all on the same day, all on the shores of Lake Michigan ( see Related Events ), suggests a common root cause.
If you click on " Related changes " at the side of this page, you will see a list of the most recent changes in articles to which this page links.
Related to this work is the isolation of a previously unknown link between gravity theory and quantum mechanics in lower dimensions ( see quantum gravity and references therein ).
Related to autoencoders is the NeuroScale algorithm, which uses stress functions inspired by multidimensional scaling and Sammon mappings ( see below ) to learn a non-linear mapping from the high dimensional to the embedded space.
* Ether-a-go-go, a potassium channel of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, see human Ether-à-go-go Related Gene
Related types are listed next to each other ; see RLM aircraft designation system for an explanation.
* Forgent Networks JPEG Related Patent ( see Forgent Networks )
Moreover, the syntax of the pa can be extended to formal systems other than 2 and sentential logic, resulting in boundary mathematics ( see Related Work below ).
C. S. Peirce came to a related insight in the 1890s ; see Related Work.
They initially differ on approaches to treatment, but come to respect and end up in love with each other ( see more about Kem below under " Related Characters: Romantic ")
This is both for the diagnosis of individual patients ( to see whether the patient's experience fits any pre-existing classification ), or for the creation of diagnostic systems ( such as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems ) which define exactly which signs and symptoms should make up a diagnosis, and how experiences and behaviours should be grouped in particular diagnoses ( e. g. clinical depression, paraphrenia, paranoia, schizophrenia ).
On July 31, 2004, a Warsaw Uprising Museum was opened in Warsaw ( see Related links for recent news reports on this event ).
* Sleep Disordered Breathing ( Sleep Related Breathing Disorder ), see Sleep and breathing
* Respiratory Event Related Arousals, see Respiratory Disturbance Index
* Charles Willeford Omnibus page in dedicated section of No Exit Press website — see " Related Links " on the right-hand side for several essays on the author
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