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superb and Writing
Writing in the early 16th century, the founder of the Mughal dynasty, Babur, mentioned that “ the pomegranates and apricots are superb .... the game in Margilan is good ; white deer may be found nearby.

superb and Switzerland
Most of these were likewise the property of the museum, but a few – I remember one superb Rembrandt sketch – appeared to have come from Switzerland.

superb and 1862
In 1862 the publisher Cadart tried to initiate a portfolio of lithographs by various artists which was not successful, but included several superb prints by Manet.

superb and H
" Historian Donald described the speech as a " superb political move for an unannounced candidate, to appear in one rival's ( William H. Seward ) own state at an event sponsored by the second rival's ( Salmon P. Chase ) loyalists, while not mentioning either by name during its delivery.
The other two were among the best in Scott's career: Village Tale ( 1935 ), " a touching, still-obscure melodrama about small-town gossip and hypocrisy " directed by John Cromwell, and She ( 1935 ), a superb adventure-fantasy adapted from H. Rider Haggard's 1886 novel.
* Pierre Benoit's classic L ' Atlantide ( 1919 ) was a superb variation on a theme introduced by H. Rider Haggard in She, and told the story of two French Officers who find the last city of Atlantis in the midst of the Sahara, and fall in love with its beautiful queen, Antinea.
Although the designer of the bank, King's partner William H. Wilcox, is relatively unknown, the building is a superb example of the French Second Empire style.
" Salvador H. Laurel was a superb scholar at Yale.

superb and .
The lad's once superb body was a mass of scars and welts.
They comprise a great variety of scene and interest: grim episodes of war, idyllic interludes, superb canvases of world-shaking events, and delightfully humorous sketches of odd characters.
Gustaf Vasa is a superb example, and Charles 10,, the conqueror of Denmark, hardly less so.
Some forms of capitalism do indeed work -- superb organizations, a credit to any society.
But having lived with the disc for some time now, I find the performance less exciting than either Schnabel's or Fleisher's ( whose superb performance with the Budapest Quartet has still to be recorded ) and a good deal less filled with humor than Curzon's.
Wander past the three superb Columns of Apollo by the arches of the theatre.
This time the orchestra gave him some superb support fired by response to his own high mood.
It has all been done in superb style, and the result is a show which deserves the support of every person hereabouts who enjoys good musical theater.
The superb intellectual and spiritual vitality of William James was never more evident than in his letters.
Miss Hardwick speaks of his `` superb gift for intellectual friendship '', and it is certainly a joy to see the intellectual life lived so free from either academic aridity or passionate dogmatism.
Miss Garland is not only one of the great singers of our time but she is one of the superb showmen.
The Jazz Three displayed their sound musicianship, not only in their own chosen set, but as the emergency accompanists for Al Minns & Leon James, the superb jazz dancers who have now been Newport performers for three successive years, gradually moving up from a morning seminar on the evolution of the blues to a spot on the evening program.
Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota have many superb stretches of color which reach their height from the last few days of September well into October, especially in their northern sections, e.g., Wisconsin's Vilas County whose Colorama celebration is Sept. 29-Oct. 8.
The village has superb views over the River Severn and Newport to the south.
* Telecom New Zealand — Operated an AMPS / TDMA network in New Zealand from 1987 until 2007 throughout the whole country and the network was renowned for its superb coverage, In 2000 Telecom announced that they would discontinue the AMPS network within 5 years ( 2005 ) to give customers an opportunity to transition to the CDMA2000 and later 1XRTT technologies that replaced it.
" The review went on to state that " The heart of the production, in both senses, is Judi Dench's superb Desiree Armfeldt ... Her husky-voiced rendering of " Send in the Clowns " is the most moving I've ever heard.
Bede's monastery had access to a superb library which included works by Eusebius and Orosius among many others.
Its superb genetic amenability and relatively large size have provided the powerful tools required to investigate a bacterium from all possible aspects.
They featured superb instrumental work from fiddlers Joe Holley and Louis Tierney, steel guitarists Noel Boggs and Herb Remington, guitarists Eldon Shamblin and Junior Barnard and electric mandolinist-fiddler Tiny Moore.
At the western edge of Cambridge, the cemetery is well known as the first garden cemetery, for its distinguished inhabitants, for its superb landscaping ( the oldest planned landscape in the country ), and as a first-rate arboretum.
The demonstration showed that it is possible by using digital optical recording and playback to reproduce audio signals with superb stereo quality.
File: Biston betularia. png | Peppered Moth caterpillars are superb twig mimics on birch ( left ) and willow ( right ) branches

superb and C
UK magazine C & VG gave the ST and Amiga versions scores of 94 and 96 %, respectively, praising graphics, sound and gameplay and calling it " utterly superb ".
" Major Richard W. ( Dick ) Dowling C. S. A., 1837-1867 Born Knock, Tuam ; Settled Houston Texas, 1857 ; Outstanding business and civic leader ; Joined Irish Davis Guards in American Civil War ; With 47 men foiled Invasion of Texas by 5000 federal troops at Sabine Pass, 8 Sept 1863, a feat of superb gunnery ; formed first oil company in Texas ; Died aged 30 of yellow fever.

superb and stated
Jeff Minter described the controller itself as “ superb ,” while Chris Walsh of Argonaut Games stated that “ Polygon based games like Starglider 2 are going to be easy to program.
Time Magazine called the film " superb " while Variety stated that " Hitchcock deftly etches his small-town characters and homey surroundings ".
In past media interviews, prior to the Queen's visit, President McAleese had stated on several occasions that the highlight of her presidency to date was the opening ceremony of the 2003 Special Olympics World Games which she describes as " a time when Ireland was at its superb best ".
The game's sound and music were described as " well above the norm " and " superb ", and one reviewer stated that his only complaint about the music was that " there wasn't enough of it ".
Edge stated that, " Taito's Rainbow Islands has all the ingredients for a superb videogame – incentives, copious rewards and bonuses, and intelligent bosses ".
In fact, in summing up Spruance's performance in the battle, Morison stated " Fletcher did well, but Spruance's performance was superb.
Motor Trend stated the " road isolation and vibrational dampening is superb " in its test of a 1972 Gran Torino Brougham 4-door.
" Game Fan stated " In addition to the superb animation, the game sounds awesome ... Its dirt bikes actually sound like the real thing -- none of that high-pitched tin squeal you'll find in other sub-par racers.
His Wisden obituary stated: " In two or three seasons by his insistence on fielding and on attacking cricket and by his own superb example he raised Sussex from being nothing in particular to one of the biggest draws in England.
Clinton's acknowledgment section stated: " This book may not have taken a village to write, but it certainly took a superb team ...

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