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Fort and de
Under the administration of Félix Éboué, France's first black colonial governor, a military column, commanded by Colonel Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque, and including two battalions of Sara troops, moved north from N ' Djamena ( then Fort Lamy ) to engage Axis forces in Libya, where, in partnership with the British Army's Long Range Desert Group, they captured Kufra.
There are historic forts at both ends of Copacabana beach ; Fort Copacabana, built in 1914, is at the south end by Posto Seis and Fort Duque de Caxias, built in 1779, at the north end.
** Fort of São João Baptista de Ajudá
Colonisation began in 1603, when the Portuguese Pero Coelho de Souza constructed the Fort of São Tiago and founded the settlement of Nova Lisboa ( New Lisbon ).
de: Fort William ( Highland )
On 17 March 1649 a French expedition of 203 men from Martinique, led by Jacques Dyel du Parquet who had been the Governor of Martinique on behalf of the Compagnie des Iles de l ' Amerique ( Company of the Isles of America ) since 1637, landed at St. Georges Harbour and constructed a fortified settlement, which they named Fort Annunciation.
In 1782, during the American Revolutionary War, a French squadron under Jean-François de Galaup, comte de La Pérouse captured and demolished York Factory and Prince of Wales Fort.
It was a deception ; Toussaint was seized and deported to France, where he died of pneumonia while imprisoned at Fort de Joux in the Jura Mountains in April 1803.
During the siege, on 8 February 1913, the Russian pilot N. de Sackoff, flying for the Greeks, became the first pilot ever shot down in combat, when his biplane was hit by ground fire following a bomb run on the walls of Fort Bizani.
* 1701 – Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac founds the trading post at Fort Pontchartrain, which later becomes the city of Detroit, Michigan.
D ' Esnambuc claimed Martinique for French King Louis XIII and the French " Compagnie des Îles de l ' Amérique " ( Company of the American Islands ), and established the first European settlement at Fort Saint-Pierre ( now St. Pierre ).
It features four ensembles of pitons ( volcanoes ) and mornes ( mountains ): the Piton Conil on the extreme North, which dominates the Dominica Channel ; Mount Pelée, an active volcano ; the Morne Jacob ; and the Pitons du Carbet, an ensemble of five extinct volcanoes covered with rainforest and dominating the Bay of Fort de France at.
They were later transferred, together with Anthony Faramus, to Fort de Romainville in Paris.
* June 29 – Seven Years ' War – Siege of Fort St Philip at Port Mahon: The British garrison in Minorca surrenders to the French after two months ' siege by Armand de Vignerot du Plessis.
* February – Soldiers at Fort Louis de la Mobile celebrate Mardi Gras in Mobile, starting the tradition for Mobile, Alabama.
* August 3 – August 9 – French and Indian War: A French army under Louis-Joseph de Montcalm forces the English to surrender Fort William Henry.
* June 8 – Haitian revolutionary Toussaint L ' Ouverture is seized by French troops and is imprisoned at the Fort de Joux.
* February – French settlers at Fort Louis de la Mobile celebrate Mardi Gras in Mobile ( Alabama ) by parading a large papier-mache ox head on a cart ( the first Mardi Gras parade in America ).
The original settlement of Fort Louis de la Mobile was relocated in 1711 to the head of Mobile Bay following a series of floods.
* Louis Juchereau de St. Denis establishes Fort St. Jean Baptiste at the site of present day Natchitoches, Louisiana ( the first permanent European settlement in the Louisiana Territory, after Biloxi ( 1699 ) and Mobile, Alabama ( 1702 ) were separated ).
* January 12 – In America, ships from Fort Maurepas arrive at Twenty-Seven Mile Bluff to build Fort Louis de la Mobile ( future Mobile, Alabama ) to become the capital of French Louisiana.

Fort and Brégançon
( The President also has the use of several other official residences, including the Château de Rambouillet, forty-five kilometres southwest of Paris, and the Fort de Brégançon near Marseille.

Fort and southeastern
The state's Maritime College in Fort Schuyler ( on the southeastern shore ) houses the Maritime Industry Museum.
The earliest known inhabitants of the southeastern and central Ohio region were the Hopewell, Adena, and Fort Ancient Native Americans, of whom little evidence survived, beyond the burial and ceremonial mounds built throughout the Ohio and Mississippi valleys.
US negotiations with Black Kettle and other Cheyenne favoring peace resulted in the Treaty of Fort Wise: it established a small reservation for the Cheyenne in southeastern Colorado in exchange for the territory agreed to in the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851.
* 1911 The Fort Worth and Rio Grande Railway is completed across the southeastern corner of the county.
Everman is an incorporated residential community on the southern edge of Fort Worth near Interstate 820 in southeastern Tarrant County.
It was used for transportation across the river by Fort Colville military personnel, U. S. Army surveyors, and miners traveling to western Montana and southeastern British Columbia.
In 1713, France set about constructing Port Dauphin and a limited naval support base at the former site of Fort Ste-Anne ; however, the winter icing conditions of the harbour led the French to choose another harbour on the extreme southeastern part of Île Royale.
In 1954, Lavender published Bent's Fort, a major historic landmark of the American West on the upper Arkansas River in present-day southeastern Colorado.
* Fort Schuyler, constructed 1833-56, at the tip of Throggs Neck ( a narrow spit of land in the southeastern portion of the
* P. c. nigracapillus is a resident in northern Quebec ( Fort Chimo, Whale River, and George River ), throughout Labrador, and in southeastern Quebec ( Mingan and Blanc Sablon ).
An attempt was made to resolve conflicts by negotiation of the Treaty of Fort Wise which established a reservation in southeastern Colorado, but the settlement was not agreed to by all of the roving warriors, particularly the Dog Soldiers.
Fort Hall was established by Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth, an inventor and businessman from Boston, Massachusetts, as a trading post on the Snake River in the eastern Oregon Country, part of southeastern Idaho in the present-day United States.
The Fort Ross trading post was established and run by the Hudson's Bay Company at the southeastern end of the island from 1937-1948.
In 1843, Whitman traveled east, and on his return he helped lead the first large group of wagon trains west from Fort Hall, in southeastern Idaho.
Sitka spruce is native to the west coast of North America, with its northwestern limit on Kodiak Island, Alaska, and its southeastern limit near Fort Bragg in northern California ( Griffin & Critchfield 1972 ).
The U. S. Army 2nd Recruiting Brigade, headquartered at Fort Gillem, directs the efforts of nine recruiting battalions located throughout the southeastern United States.
US 421 begins at Fort Fisher and heads through North Carolina's southeastern beaches to Wilmington.
Fort Ancient is a name for a Native American culture that flourished from 1000-1750 CE among a people who predominantly inhabited land along the Ohio River in areas of modern-day southern Ohio, northern Kentucky, southeastern Indiana and western West Virginia.
Fort Amherst, in Medway, South East England, was constructed in 1756 at the southern end of the Brompton lines of defence to protect the southeastern approaches to Chatham Dockyard and the River Medway against a French invasion.
Fort Sill, home of the U. S. Army Field Artillery School, occupies a large portion of the southeastern end of the mountains.
down-river from Fort Atkinson, primarily in southwestern Jefferson County, although small portions of the lake extend into southeastern Dane and northern Rock counties.
Fort Dummer was a British fort built in 1724 during Dummer's War by the colonial militia of the Province of Massachusetts Bay under the command of Lieutenant Timothy Dwight in what is now the Town of Brattleboro in southeastern Vermont.
Major General Robert E. Lee in charge of Virginia ( soon to be Confederate ) forces, which already were in league with the Confederacy, responded to the growing Union threat from Fort Monroe by sending Colonel John Bankhead Magruder for the purposes of defending the southeastern area of the Peninsula and pushing Union forces back to the fort.

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