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Sydney and Coal
This development is one of the factors which led to large-scale industrial development in the Sydney Coal Field of eastern Cape Breton County.
By the early twentieth century Sydney became home to one of the world's largest steel plants, fed by the numerous coal mines in the area under the ownership of the Dominion Coal Company.
The Sydney Coal Railway connects a bulk coal unloading pier in Whitney Pier with the Lingan Generating Station in Lingan.
The first members to graduate from the new Coal Valley High School were Ruth Schroeder, Evelyn Martin, Mary Kepple, Florence Robinson, Raymond Johnson, Harlan Raub, Robert Anderson, Sydney Bradford and Francis Creger.
In 1878, his father remarried to Ellen L. Spencer and moved the family to Sydney, Nova Scotia on the island of Cape Breton when he took over the Sydney and Louisbourg Coal and Railway Company Limited.
* Sydney Coal Railway
The GMA reorganized its mines on the north side of Sydney Harbour in 1900 as the Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Company ( SCOTIA ).
Hawker-Siddley's DOSCO subsidiary announced in 1965 that its mines had only 15 years of production left and concluded that opening new underground mines in the Sydney Coal Field would be too expensive.
William Whitney had a well known older brother, industrialist Henry Melville Whitney ( 1839 – 1923 ), president of the Metropolitan Steamship Company, founder of the West End Street Railway Company of Boston, and later founder of the Dominion Coal Company and Dominion Iron and Steel Company in Sydney, Nova Scotia on Cape Breton Island.
Whitney joined his brother Henry in organizing the Dominion Coal Company Ltd. in 1893, and the Dominion Iron and Steel Company Ltd. in 1899, to exploit the mineral resources of the Sydney district of Cape Breton Island.
Two Sydney Coal Railway EMD GP38-2 | GP38-2 locomotives leave the Lingan Generating Station after unloading coal in Nova Scotia.
The steel mill at Sydney and the iron mine at Bell Island were owned by the Dominion Steel and Coal Company ( DOSCO ), which at one point was one of the largest private employers in Canada.
The line interchanges with the Sydney Coal Railway ( SCR ), formerly the Devco Railway, at Sydney, and with CN at Truro.
* Sydney Coal Railway ( former Devco Railway ), operates between Sydney, Nova Scotia and New Waterford, Nova Scotia and Glace Bay, Nova Scotia on Cape Breton Island, railway trackage is owned by Nova Scotia Power Corporation, operation was subcontracted to SCFQ )
On the same date, Logistec Corporation announced that it was purchasing the Sydney Coal Railway ( SCR ) from the Quebec Railway Corporation.
Mining of the Sydney Coal Field can be traced as far back as 1720 when French soldiers from Fortress of Louisbourg pried coal from exposed seams along the coast near Port Morien.
Between 1858-1870, the GMA opened 19 underground mines in the Sydney Coal Field, with most production destined for export to the northeastern United States.
In addition to the GMA, many independently owned collieries opened in the Sydney Coal Field after 1858, including several US-financed operations at New Victoria, Bridgeport, and Reserve Mines.
Large-scale industrialization came to the Sydney Coal Field when two large conglomerates were formed in the 1890s: the Dominion Coal Company, or DOMCO ( in 1893 ), and the Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Company, or SCOTIA ( in 1900 ).

Sydney and Field
* Slater P, Slater P and Slater R ( 1995 ) The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds, Landowne Publishing Pty Ltd, Sydney, NSW, Australia, p50, ISBN 0-947116-99-0
Absence of Malice is a 1981 American drama film starring Paul Newman, Sally Field, and Bob Balaban, directed by Sydney Pollack.
The 2006 Sydney Biennale featured Gormley's Asian Field, an installation of 180, 000 small clay figurines crafted by 350 Chinese villagers in five days from 100 tons of red clay.
In mid-1968 the club moved permanently to Endeavour Field at Woolooware, thus becoming the only club in Sydney to own their own ground.
* December 2004: It was discovered that Marion Jones, 5-time medalist of Track & Field at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, may have been on several banned steroids and hormones when she competed.
Cheltenham, colloquially known as ' The Ham ', takes its name from a house built by William Chorley, a Sydney tailor and men ’ s outfitter, who acquired the land when it was released from the Field of Mars Reserve.
Field Hockey at the 2000 Summer Olympics was held at the Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre.
Birds of Australia: Photographic Field Guide Sydney: Reed New Holland, 2002.
* 26 February – First day of the Australian Track & Field Championships for the 2003 – 2004 season, which are held at the Sydney Olympic Park in Homebush.
North Ryde has many beautiful parks and reserves, including North Ryde Common, and the adjacent Lane Cove National Park, the Field of Mars Reserve, and access to the Great North Walk and the Lane Cove River, once home to the famous Fairyland picnic grounds, when boatloads of people would come up the river from Sydney for the regular Saturday Dances.
* 24 February – First day of the Australian Track & Field Championships for the 1999 – 2000 season, which are held at the Stadium Australia in Sydney.
The firm enjoys a dominant role in the design of sporting stadiums and arenas, including such globally prominent facilities as the new Yankee Stadium in New York, Wembley Stadium in London, Stadium Australia in Sydney, Wimbledon Centre Court, Minneapolis ' Target Field, San Francisco's AT & T Park, Chicago's United Center arena, Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh's Heinz Field, Houston's Reliant Stadium, Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, the renovation of Chicago's Wrigley Field, University of Phoenix Stadium, the renovation of Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg for the 2010 World Cup, London's 2012 Olympic Stadium, Miami's Sun Life Stadium, Ascot Racecourse, New York's Citi Field, Benfica's Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and the O2 Arenas in London, Berlin, and Dublin.
Marks Field ( Sydney Athletic Field ), Moore Park
Her theatre credits include :" Speaking in tongues " for the State theatre of South Australia ( 2011 ); " Stockholm " for The Sydney Theatre Company ( 2010 );" Saturn's Return " For the Sydney Theatre Company ( 2010 ); Othello for the Bell Shakespeare Company ( 2007 ); The Shape of Things for the Sydney Theatre Company ( STC ) co-starring Brendan Cowell ( Jan 2003 ); The Cosmonaut's Last Message to the Woman He Once Loved in the Former Soviet Union at Belvoir St. Theatre ( Feb – Mar 2002 ); playing the junkie muse to Robyn Nevin's artist in the STC production of Old Masters ( Oct – Nov 2001 ); The Recruit ( Jan 2000 ) also featuring John Howard, Christopher Stollery, Conrad Coleby, Genevieve Lemon, Drew Forsythe, and Brendan Cowell ; and her breakthrough performance in La Dispute ( May 2000 ) also starring Rose Byrne, David Field, Rhondda Findleton and Justine Saunders.
The Dayton, Ohio Hamvention, the International DX Convention, the HAM RADIO event in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club Field Day near Sydney in Australia are events where manufacturers most commonly introduce new products to the amateur radio marketplace.
* 4 March – First day of the Australian Track & Field Championships for the 2004 – 2005 season, which are held at the Sydney Olympic Park in Homebush.

Sydney and southeastern
Their distribution extends to coastal streams in southeastern Australia from Adelaide and Kangaroo Island in South Australia, through coastal Victoria including Wilsons Promontory, Tasmania, Flinders and King Islands and up the New South Wales coast to around Sydney, as well as New Zealand including the Chatham, Auckland and Campbell Islands.

Sydney and part
Also as part of international relations, the governor receives letters of credence and of recall from foreign consul-generals appointed to Sydney.
Granville has a major college of Technical and Further Education, which is part of the South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE.
In Sydney, the production was also part of the Berlin Sydney festival, in association with the exhibition The Mad Square: Modernity in German Art 1910 – 3 at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
The New England University College was founded as part of the University of Sydney in 1938, and separated to become the University of New England in 1954.
The Orange Agricultural College ( OAC ) was originally transferred to the University of New England under the Act, but then transferred to the University of Sydney in 1994, as part of the reforms to the University of New England undertaken by the University of New England Act 1993 and the Southern Cross University Act 1993.
The site DesBarres chose for the new settlement was along the Southwest Arm of Sydney Harbour, a drowned valley of the Sydney River, which forms part of Spanish Bay.
The colony was disbanded and merged with neighbouring Nova Scotia as part of the British government's desire to develop the abundant coal fields surrounding Sydney Harbour ; the leases being held by the Duke of York.
Sydney's economy was a significant part of Industrial Cape Breton with its steel plant and harbour and railway connections adjoining the coal mining towns of Glace Bay, New Waterford, Sydney Mines and Reserve Mines.
Sydney suffered an economic decline for several decades in the later part of the 20th century as local coal and steel industries underwent significant changes.
It was originally part of the commercial port of Sydney, including the Darling Harbour Railway Goods Yard.
Davies took over the part after Basil Sydney, who appeared as Maigret in the original transmitted pilot, proved unavailable due to ill-health.
Sport is an important part of the culture in Sydney.
That summer, Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway traveled to Sydney, Australia to be part of the second Olympic " dream team " that would eventually win the gold medal, making them the first two Heat players to ever win Olympic gold medals.
A Guinness Book of Records largest donut made up of 90, 000 individual donuts was set in Sydney in 2007 as part of a celebration for the release of The Simpsons Movie.
* Almudena Cid, rhythmic gymnast now retired, 8 times national champion, she took part at 4 olympic finals at Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, also she took part in 9 world championships and 12 European championships.
In 1999 Farrell was given the part of veterinarian Jim Hansen, the father of the lead character Dr. Sydney Hansen, portrayed by Melina Kanakaredes, on the NBC-TV melodrama series Providence.
This would continue to become an integral part of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.
Mardi Gras still receives significant public support and the event now receives some limited government funding which should go towards ensuring that it remains a part of Sydney culture for some time.
Structurally, the Blue Mountains are part of the greater Sydney Basin.
It has lots of aircraft passing overhead on their way from Sydney to Adelaide, is part of the Lachlan Fold system and is Wiradjuri country.
It lies 129 kilometres northwest of Sydney, and forms part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

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