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Other more recent political figures educated at Columbia include U. S President Barack Obama, Associate Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former U. S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former chairman of the U. S. Federal Reserve Bank Alan Greenspan, U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder, and U. S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr .. Dwight D. Eisenhower served as the thirteenth president of Columbia University from 1948 to 1953.
Other examples include the use of Cannabis with LSD, where the active chemicals in cannabis have been reported to enhance the hallucinatory experience of LSD ..
::: 1. 1. 1. 6 Other Airframe Components 1 .. n ( Specify )
Other ways to get to Oregon were: using the York Factory Express route across Canada, and down the Columbia River ; ships from Hawaii, San Francisco, or other ports that stopped in Oregon ; emigrants trailing up from California, etc .. All provided a trickle of emigrants, but they were soon overwhelmed in numbers by the emigrants coming over the Oregon Trail.
Much of the wealth on which the city of Manchester, and surrounding towns, was built in the late eighteenth century, and for much of the nineteenth century, was based on the processing of slave-picked cotton .. Other British cities also profited from the slave trade. Birmingham, the largest gun producing town in Britain at the time, supplied guns to be traded for slaves.
— see, for instance, Step-Saver Data Systems, Inc. v. Wyse Technology, Vault Corp. v. Quaid Software Ltd .. Other courts have determined that the shrinkwrap license agreement is valid and enforceable: see ProCD, Inc. v. Zeidenberg, Microsoft v. Harmony Computers, Novell v. Network Trade Center, and Ariz. Cartridge Remanufacturers Ass ' n v. Lexmark Int ' l, Inc. may have some bearing as well.
Other tones include Westminster Chimes ( commonly used for the testing of electronic sirens ), Whoop, Pulse, and Air Horn and fast wail ..
Some scholars such as S. F. Alatas have noted some parallels between Madrasahs and early European colleges and have thus inferred that the first universities in Europe were influenced by the Madrasahs in Islamic Spain and the Emirate of Sicily .. Other scholars such as George Makdisi, Toby Huff and Norman Daniel, however, have questioned this, citing the lack of evidence for an actual transmission from the Islamic world to Christian Europe and highlighting the differences in the structure, methodologies, procedures, curricula and legal status of the " Islamic college " ( madrasa ) versus the European university.
In The Spam Book: On Viruses, Porn and Other Anomalies From the Dark Side of Digital Culture, edited by Jussi Parikka and Tony D. Sampson, 125 – 40 .. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.
Police detained the two, who called their performance Two Naked Men Jump Into Tracey's Bed .. Other nominees included Steve Pippin and collaborative sibling duo Jane and Louise Wilson.
Other old guard practices emphasized discipline, honor, brotherhood, and respect, and are said to have promoted a stricter lifestyle, education, and intra-community privilege based on successive ranks or levels ..
Other important shopping centers built in the 1920s and early 1930s include Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, the Highland Park Village in Dallas, Texas ; River Oaks in Houston, Texas ; and Park and Shop in Washington, D. C ..
Historical image showing Gordon Isaacs, the first patient treated for retinoblastoma with linear accelerator radiation therapy ( in this case an electron beam ), in 1957, in the U. S .. Other patients had been treated by linac for other diseases since 1953.
The United Kingdom subsequently on July 24, 2002 granted Boeing a license for operating over its territory .. Other nations followed in granting operating licenses for the service.
Other founding members are Canada, Italy, South Africa, United Kingdom and U. S. A ..
In 2010-2011 she appeared on Broadway in the play Lombardi and received a nomination for the Tony Award, Featured Actress in a Play .. She appears in the play Other Desert Cities ( 2011 ) and won the Tony Award for Featured Actress in a Play for her role as Silda.
This would mean generating an additional 1330-1590GWh of power each year and releasing more than 140, 000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year .. Other forms of power plant compete in this market for reserve power such as gas turbines and diesel generators for the National Grid Reserve Service.
Other research has shown the effect the plants have on the health of office workers ..
** Other notable tenants include SenQ and Home Fix D. I. Y ..
Other globes are at the National Library of Austria and in the Globe Museum in Vienna, in the library of Stift Melk, as well as in Trier, Prague, Paris, London, Washington D. C .. Having been restored and completed, another 1688 terrestrial globe is displayed at the Southwest Collection / Special Collections Library of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.
Other psychic healers who claimed to channel for Dr. Fritz were Edson Queiroz and Rubens Farias Jr .. Popular today ( especially abroad ) is João de Faria, also known as João de Deus, a quack operating in Abadiânia, state of Goiás.
Other examples include the Sulba Sutras, which are some of the earliest texts on geometry ..
The programmes were produced by Jon Naismith .. Other actors have also featured in guest appearances, such as the 2004 Hogmanay special which featured guest appearances from " I'm sorry I haven't a clue " chairman Humphrey Lyttelton, as the Laird's butler Lyttelton, Today programme presenter Jim Naughtie ( as Mrs Naughtie's long-lost son ), Sandi Toksvig ( as Sandi Wedge, a very tall golf champion ) and Tim Brooke-Taylor and Colin Sell ( as themselves ).
Other speakers rose to condemn the Opposition: " The Central Committee must be pitiless-the Party must be purged .. the record of every member must be scrutinized ..." No one at the meeting mentioned the theory of fascist agents.

.. and criteria
Often, the criteria had moral bases, such as in the case of Pierre de La Primaudaye's L ' Académie française and Guillaume Telin's Bref sommaire des sept vertus & c .. Encyclopaedists encountered several problems with this approach, including how to decide what to omit as unnecessary, how to structure knowledge that resisted structure ( often simply as a consequence of the sheer amount of material that deserved inclusion ), and how to cope with the influx of newly discovered knowledge and the effects that it had on prior structures.
Public and subsidized differ only in their ownership, all other aspects of funding, admission criteria, cost to the individuals are all regulated by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services ..
Smaller events were also held in Canada, South Africa, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and the U. K .. Qualification criteria for these events varied and were controlled by each of the sanctioning bodies.
* Inconsistency-The unwillingness to apply the same decision criteria in similar situations ..
It is the only tea and coffee brand to have received ethical accreditation from the Ethical Company Organisation, achieving No 1 ranking and top marks in all categories across Fairtrade, human, animal welfare and environmental criteria .. As well as coffee, Cafédirect has a hot beverage range that includes 100 % Fairtrade tea and hot chocolate.

.. and are
Germany and Norway are the countries that showed the most division and conflict between scholars focusing on domestic socio-cultural issues and scholars focusing on " other " societies ..
The Pakistani, Irani and international aid agencies are said to have coined the term ..
The main sources for gem material are Brazil and the U. S .. Australia, France, Germany, Namibia, Norway, and Spain have also produced gem quality amblygonite.
Alcohol sales are also banned during many holidays or election periods ..
The majority of the population is French, but there are sizable groups of Italians, Spaniards ( Up to 20 % of the Bordeaux population claim some degree of Spanish heritage ), Portuguese, Turks, Germans and North Africans ..
There are about a million British prints including more than 20, 000 satires and outstanding collections of works by William Blake and Thomas Bewick ..
For example, high glycine concentration disrupts temperature and blood pressure control, and high CSF pH causes dizziness and syncope .. To use Davson's term, the CSF has a " sink action " by which the various substances formed in the nervous tissue during its metabolic activity diffuse rapidly into the CSF and are thus removed into the bloodstream as CSF is absorbed.
The seeds are viable for three to 10 years ..
Ciba Geigy DDT ; " Destroys parasites such as fleas, lice, ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, flies, etc .. Néocide Sprinkle caches of vermin and the places where there are insects and their places of passage.
Most parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are used in science for spectroscopic and other probing interactions, as ways to study and characterize matter ..
Fulham started playing at their current ground Craven Cottage in 1896, their first game against now defunct rivals Minerva F. C .. Fulham are the oldest established club in southern England currently playing professional football, though there are many non-league sides like Cray Wanderers which are several decades older.
Paradoxically the " negative " connotations are now becoming associated with " positive " connotations-with the resurgence of gin, upmarket bars now frequently refer to " mother's ruin ", " gin palaces ", where printed copies of Hogarth paintings may sometimes be found ..
Container gardening is concerned with growing plants in containers that are placed above the ground ..
Purists generally avoid referring to these systems as high fidelity, though some are capable of very good quality sound reproduction ..
Invocations and prayers are only permissible when they are directed towards the supreme God ..
There are statistics available that show who the top contributors have been, by RFC publication ..
These types of lamps are still in use today in areas of the world without electricity, because they give a much better light than a simple wick-type lamp does ..
Most bound morphemes in English are affixes, particularly prefixes and suffixes, examples of suffixes are: tion, ation, ible, ing etc ..
In meiosis II, an equational division similar to mitosis will occur whereby the sister chromatids are finally split, creating a total of 4 haploid cells ( 23 chromosomes, N )-two from each daughter cell from the first division ..
The Awakening Councils or " concerned citizens " are emerging to defend their neighborhoods against insurgents of every kind, functioning as a form of vigilante " militia " similar to the model of militia in the U. S ..

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